Bass-heavy riffage from Belfast

From the first show in 2004, it was clear that this band were not going to compromise. They played louder and more viscerally than any of their contemporaries in the bourgeoning Irish music scene and BBC Radio Ulster were raving about them from the very start, naming one of their tunes single of the year two years running. Like Sonic Youth, Mclusky and The Jesus Lizard before them, LaFaro have a raucous and relentless sound. They've played all over the country and have supported a host of big guns already. Trust us, you'll kick yourself if you miss them at Reading and Leeds.

Set List

  • 1.Leningrad
  • 2.Mr. Heskey
  • 3.The Ballad of Burnt Dave
  • 4.Tuppeny Nudger
  • 5.Chopper is a Tout
  • 6.Cold Dog Soup

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BBC Introducing stage

Sunday 29 / Reading

Saturday 28 / Leeds

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A great live band, but with limited audience potential beyond a hardened few.

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Last Tracks

Played on the BBC

Tupenny Nudger
Radio ulster | Across the Line 16/08/2010
Ballad of Burnt Dave
Radio ulster | Across the Line I Am Fighter
The Ballad of Burnt Dave
Radio 1 | BBC Introducing in N Ireland with Rory McConnell Acoustic Glasgowbury

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