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Reverb lovin' Brooklynites and darlings of the indie scene for 2010, The Drums return to the UK to play Reading and Leeds. Founding members Jonathan Pierce and Jacob Graham first dabbled in electro with their former groups Goat Explosion and Elkland, joining forces with drummer Connor Hanwick and guitarist Adam Kessler to become The Drums in 2008. Their escapist indie pop made them the most hyped band of the season and they'll add some much anticipated sunshine to the lineup at Reading and Leeds when they take to the NME/Radio 1 Stage.

Set List

  • 1.It Will All End In Tears
  • 2.Best Friend
  • 3.Submarine
  • 4.I Felt Stupid
  • 5.Book of Stories
  • 6.Make You Mine
  • 7.Don't Be A Jerk
  • 8.Me and the Moon
  • 9.I Need Fun In My Life
  • 10.Forever And Ever

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NME/Radio 1 Stage

Sunday 29 / Reading

Saturday 28 / Leeds

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The Drums

There’s an ominous grey clouding these songs’ sunny skies.

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