BBC - Kool & The Gang - BBC Glastonbury Festival - 2011

Steve Lamacq

16:00 – 19:00 // In the studio next is Marc Riley

Wed 22nd June – Sun 26th June 2011

Worthy Farm, Pilton

Kool & The Gang

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Guaranteed to Make You Move

They’ve been going since 1964, keeping the world moving with their blend of soul, funk and r’n’b. With over 70 million album sales the chances are you will know some of their songs, especially mega hits Don't Stop Till You Get Enough and Get Down On It.

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  • 1.

    Give It Up

  • 2.

    Steppin Out

  • 3.

    Don't Stop Til You Get Enough

  • 4.


  • 5.


  • 6.


  • 7.


  • 8.


  • 9.

    Too Hot

  • 10.

    Hollywood Swinging

  • 11.

    Jungle Boogie

  • 12.

    Funky Stuff

  • 13.

    Open Sesame

  • 14.

    Summer Madness

  • 15.


  • 16.

    Take My Heart

  • 17.

    Let's Go Dancin'

  • 18.

    Ladies Night

  • 19.

    Get Down On It

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    Comment number 1.

    I cannot believe I'm the first to comment about Kool and The Gang. For me, they were easily the best band at Glastonbury. I really enjoyed their performance.

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    Comment number 2.

    I was at the Kool ATG gig and I have seen the Beyonce gig on TV. As a festival finale there was simply no contest. One performance was an exhilarating Celebration party befitting The Greatest Music Festival in the world. The other was a very expensive publicity set which pandered to the BBC and media obsession with celebrity. Cool Kool was simply banging and the audience partied from the first number to the last.

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    Comment number 3.

    Hated 'Emergency' but love Kool and the Gang. Man what is all that BS about 'do you love Rock n Roll?'
    Kool ATG are far too legendry to have to pander to a rock audience, especially headlining the West Holts stage. One very small disappointment Mr Ronald J within a blinding set.Thank goodness they are still 'Kool' enough to sing out to 'all the ladies' and deliver brass enhanced perfect love songs like 'Joanna'! So good, Kool and The Gang finally performed Glastonbury. Oh yeh and 'Cherish' just wants to make you cry with happiness.

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    Comment number 4.

    For what was the best performance of the weekend Kool and the gang get no publicity. When are these so called trendy music journalists and DJ'S going to stop pandering to groups who can't even hold a note never mind put on a great show.

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    Comment number 5.

    Judging by the (utterly dire) press coverage of Glasto there is little evidence that few, if any, of the so called music journalists never got out of the press tent or winnebago's or perhaps even London. Hence the bland gig reports devoid of any evidence they were anywhere near the actual gig they purport to be reviewing. Sadly, this is a reflection of a celebrity obsessed society and media moguls making money by reporting exactly what their reader want to hear.... but which bears little or no reflection to what actually happened. All that glistened was apparently Beyonce,.. of course it was 'Fools Gold' to those of at Kool ATG.

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    Comment number 6.

    A fantastic set - still going strong! They might have got a little tired by the end of their set, but somewhat understandable....really took me away watching them.
    What is this lazy journalism? Kool and the Gangs first release wasn't until the album "Kool and the Gang" in 1969, "Don't stop til you get enough" wasn't one their "mega hits" and the BBC seem to have forgotten that they played "Celebrate" at the end of their set (I know that this is apparently a songkick error but still amazed this was overlooked). Who does their coverage ?!?!?!?!!? If this is the quality of the journalists they've got in stock they should give me a call.....

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    Comment number 7.

    Noticing that the Coldplay set was being shown tonight on BBC4 I remembered that I'd not seen the Kool and The Gang set apart from the few minutes that I caught on the night (although trying to record as much as I could to catch up). I am amazed and very disappointed that there is merely a short montage of less than two minutes! Why is this? Is the band preventing the BBC from giving them good publicity or is it the BBC still in its Mantovani mode denying us any decent soul and funk.
    The set list is attractive including classics from before Joe Public in the UK had heard of them (eg Funky Stuff and Jungle Boogie - would have been even better had they included Funky Man, Chocolate Buttermilk and KATG) so why not do us a favour - what small clips they did show makes it all the more annoying that the UK didn't get chance to see their musical expertise. As for the comments on Beyonce, they show a lack of knowledge - it was in fact exceptionally good but is a long way removed from the raw funk of say Kool's Funky Man - and far better than much of the dross that did get far too much airtime. The lushing over by some of the presenters, however, was embarrassing.


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