BBC - Elbow - BBC Glastonbury Festival - 2011

Steve Lamacq

16:00 – 19:00 // In the studio next is Marc Riley

Wed 22nd June – Sun 26th June 2011

Worthy Farm, Pilton


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Open Arms for Broken Hearts

No longer the seldom seen kids of the British music scene, 2008's Mercury Prize has thrust Guy Garvey and his Elbow cohorts firmly into the spotlight. Mammoth album sales and even bigger live shows followed as the Manchester group rode on a rocket of critical and commercial success that has continued through the release of this year's Build a Rocket, Boys!

Glastonbury holds fond memories for the band, who recorded Grace Under Pressure here with the help of the festival faithful in 2002. They arrived in 2011 in time to celebrate their 20th birthday as a band, and Mr Garvey duly led one of the biggest choruses of the weekend as the Saturday sun set on the Pyramid Stage.

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  • 1.

    The Birds

  • 2.

    The Bones Of You

  • 3.


  • 4.

    Neat Little Rows

  • 5.

    Grounds For Divorce

  • 6.

    The Loneliness Of A Tower Crane

  • 7.

    Lippy Kids

  • 8.

    Weather To Fly

  • 9.

    Open Arms

  • 10.

    One Day Like This

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Elbow at Glastonbury 2011

The Guardian 25 June

This performance is not just the highlight of this year's festival so far but one of the all-time greats.


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    Comment number 1.

    What a birthday present! Been an Elbow fan since "Asleep in the Back". Listen to Guy's programme every Sunday, as well. Can't wait to hear them again live. Saw Elbow last summer for the first time at All Points West (New York festival). Couldn't stop singing. Will be up front and center for their New York date at Terminal 5 in September.

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    Comment number 2.

    The most adventurous musicians to come out of the UK since the Beatles imho. A super bunch of guys.

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    Comment number 3.

    Without doubt whilst a lot of the sets are probably technically good, these guys actually enthuse and get into the audience.I never thought "Seldom seen kid" would be beaten. I was wrong after hearing the anthemic "The birds".

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    Comment number 4.

    I've managed to see all the set list last night via BBC3, BBC2 and the red button service, but haven't seen "Weather to Fly" - is it available? Would love to have seen the whole set list all together in once place on the TV, Elbow blew Coldplay away :)

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    Comment number 5.

    Please post Lippy Kids!

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    Comment number 6.

    been there (finally!!), got the t-shirt :) - the most amazing show on Earth!!, without a doubt! - Coldplay and elbow b2b, sublime - 50th birthday present to die for!! - both bands peaked that night, I can die a happy man ;)....thank you Michael Eavis, thank you Cold Play, thank you Elbow - OMFG!!!!, why?, why the hell not??? - lovely people, lovely place :):):):) (even the mud was lovely ;) )

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    Comment number 7.

    Elbow were just simply magnificent. Standing there with my 17 year old son next to me in the evening sun is something i will always remember, just amazing!

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    Comment number 8.

    Agree with Minerva69, the Elbow set was more enjoyable than Coldplay, conspicuously lacking any pretentiousness, just very good, original inventive and thoughtful music.
    WHAT was Chris Martin thinking when he told the audience that although we hadn't heard half the stuff they were playing "one day they would be our favourites", an attitude that almost defines arrogance!

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    Comment number 9.

    I remember being at this festival, at this gig

    They were just incredible; I was with friends who cried at the emotion

    I refused to see any other bands that day, knowing they would not be as good as the gig I had just seen

    They should have headlined in my opinion; Just Fantastic


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