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Quiet Man, Mystery Jets, The Pigeon Detectives, Lucy Rose, British Sea Power, Little Comets, Coasts, Eagulls, Honeyblood, Smoke Fairies, Doe, Black Honey, Tellison, Crows, Kagoule, The Big Moon, Fever, Danny Wright, Crazy Arm, Wizard Sleeve, Kraken, Youth Club, Tigercub, JOHN, Gang, Sleepwalker, Freak, Dead Rabbits, INHEAVEN, Get Inuit, Demob Happy, Arrows of Love, Busty And The Bass, The Amazons, LITTLE GIANTS, GLASS (OFFICIAL), Bad Breeding, Kassassin Street, Black Foxxes, The Showhawk Duo, Dream Wife, Hannah Lou Clark, Sacha, Frauds, Charlotte Carpenter, NGOD, Wyldest, Teenage Caveman, Indigo Child, The Response, Tangerines, Baba Naga, The Night Owls, Saint Agnes, The Horseflies, The Boy I Used to Be, Shit Present, Happy Accidents, Tibet, Fizzy Blood, Hunck, Lucy Kitchen, Personal Best, Tempesst, Bel Esprit, Palm Honey, Adam Ficek, Forever Cult, Bear Trade, Virgin Kids, Blackfoot Circle, Belligerence, Lice, Noyo Mathis, Kamikaze Test Pilots, OhBoy!, Isla, Lonely The Brave (UK), Honey Moon, Annabel Allum, Networks, Seething Akira, The Day of the Rabblement, October Drift, Chrissy Barnacle, Science Of Eight Limbs, Bear & the Woods, Me and the Moon, The Vulgarians, The Diamond Age, You're Smiling Now But We'll All Turn Into Demons, Husky Loops, Just Millie, Zegema Beach, Strange Cages, Is Bliss, Me and Him, Happy Meal Ltd., Vulcan, Loa Loa, Willowen, Daniel Eagle, Lst, Number 9, The Novellas, The Brandy Thieves, Paddy Taylor, The Bayonettes, Kamikaze Girls, Kelly Kemp, Lower Slaughter, Tom Martin, DAMN BEATS, Classically Handsome Brutes, Eat Fast, Brahma-Loka, Xaviers, Battery Hens, Breathe Panel, Hummune, The Au Revoirs, Veludo Planes, Melt Dunes, Jack Francis, Wax Machine, Foxer, Clayton Strange, The Dead Freights, The Dry Lunch Club, Lewis Smith, Brain Queen, Slick Minded Individuals, Fugitive Orchestra, Zenthetix, King Nun, WTVR, Cassava, Shoot the Duke, Jesse Wyldes and the Stallions, Bea Munro, Red Seals, Drug Store Romeos, Eyes To The Skies, The V2's, Vyk Non, Remedy Sounds, Sigma Falls, Minque, Destroy The Fleet, The Gillies, Four Folds Law, Ollie Goodwin, Violet Mud, Mimra, The Cosmic Forces, Mint Gun Club, emptifish, Temples Of Youth, Phantom Runners (UK), Gravel Rash, Bo Sonics, Sister Ray (UK), Arcade Hearts, Watchdogs Of Farron, Stert, Bully Bones, New Architects, Sad Palace, Para Luz, Sink Or Soar, Archie Langley, Rumi So Yo, Danny Wright & His Imaginary Friends, Devin-Jade, Asylum UK, Sahara Snow, Jalou, Spaff Tits, Hang Dai, Nouis Boi, Aviv and the Eunuch Horn, Nu Rhetoric, George Reagan, The Plucking Missfits and Show Home
Unknown venue, Portsmouth, UK

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