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1. Building anticipation

Yes, that's not one, not two, but THREE dancing-lady emojis on Zara's tweet before her set. And believe us, she danced enough for three people. Lana, typically, was a little more understated and enigmatic. But then, that's what we love about her, right?

2. Getting the crowd hyped

Opening the Main Stage on the festival's first day, Zara took on the task of getting the early doors crowd moving, and she took it on hard. We had clapalongs, ladies vs fellas, left side vs right side, and all before 1pm. Start as you mean to go on, right? As the lady herself says, "PUT YO HANDS UP!", and watch Zara's full set here.

3. Emotional fans!

Zara's followers were extreeeeemely excited. But swoonsome is what Lana Del Rey does best, and lo, did her fans duly swoon.

4. Instagram face

Zara really knows how to work those flawless Swedish angles. Work. It. Gurl.

5. Pure romance

Even without The Weeknd's help, Lust for Life was almost too much. Those bells! Those classic girl-group "doo-wop" and "shadoop" backing vocals! The full moon and the Hollywood sign, and dancing and blue skies forever! Run away with us, Lana. 💘

6. Insane stagecraft

Lana definitely had the edge in the lighting department, but then, that's a little unfair, given that Zara played in the noon sun (and rain). But our Scandinavian powerhouse didn't let that stop her, or her MASSIVE CONFETTI CANNONS. Full marks for kapow.

7. Effortlessness and effort... to the max!

Floating light as a feather in her Mad Men dress... why can't life always be as deliciously airy as Lana makes it look? Zara and her dancers, meanwhile, were all about effort TO THE MAX. We're exhausted just watching them, but it's definitely a happy exhausted.

8. Music unites us all

Zara dedicated Symphony, her collaboration with Clean Bandit, to the victims of the Manchester Arena bombing, reminding the crowd that "music unites us all".

9. Dropping some big news

Lana let the crowd know she'd be coming back to the UK soon for a full tour in support of her forthcoming album Lust for Life (due out 21 July). As you can imagine, the Lanatics were pretty chill about her announcement.

10. Fashion moves

We loved Zara's super-casual cat-embroidered denim jacket, cycling shorts and white t-shirt getup (and OMG those pink motorcycle boots, made for stompin'). Lana, meanwhile, looked incredible in her Mad Men-meets-Austin Powers 60s dress with matching headband. Just too chic.

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