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Playing: Better Than Ever by Jimi Tenor
BBC Radio 1

1. No biggie, just...

Shawn seemed pretty relaxed about things as he rolled into Hull! And it's safe to say a lot of you had him at the top of your ABSOLUTE MUST SEE lists. Here's Lucy and Lisha just about managing to keep their cool before his set...

2. OMG 😍😍😍

3. Nothing holdin' him back!

Shawn played six songs beginning with There's Nothing Holdin' Me Back, which he's been opening a lot of his sets with recently. What a tune!

And, errrrr, did you spot the guy in the crowd with a traffic cone on his head!?

4. "Falling onto maaaaaaaaaaaaah knees..."

Third song was, you got it, Stitches - Shawn's *MASSIVE* UK No.1 from 2015. That sound in the background? That's tens of thousands of people singing along, and we're pretty sure quite a few of you were loving it at home too. Revision? Officially delayed!

5. Time for everyone to properly join in...

Does Shawn ever cross your mind? Of course he does! Here's Ruin with a little help from the crowd. And, yup, you were LOUD!

6. Mercy! Mercy!

Second-to-last song? Mercy. Best of the set? A lot of you thought so...

7. Shawn definitely knows how to treat us better

What a closer! What a set! Did you love it? Well, did ya?

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