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Multicast Technical trial

The BBC & ITV intend to test the technical possibilities of streaming more of their TV channels via broadband. We intend to Multicast these. This should result in a higher quality viewer experience. We are running this technical trial to seek some feedback about the quality and availability of these TV channels. Please check the steps below to take part in the Multicasting trial.

1. Check your status

To take part in the Multicast Technical trial, you need to:

  • Be in the UK
  • Have a Windows, Linux or Apple Mac computer
  • Have a broadband connection (minimum speed of 512kbs) with one of the ISPs listed below.
  • Have the recent version of a media player such as Real 10, Windows 9 or Quicktime 7

2. Check your ISP

Unless you subscribe to one of the Multicast-enabled ISPs listed below, we do not believe you will be able to receive the channels.

Even if you do subscribe to one of these ISPs you may have to configure your hardware and/or let your ISP know in order to receive these multicast channels. We will add any information we have about this to the links below. If you are having any issues accessing these multicast channels with these ISPs, please contact them through the links here.

  1. JANET
  2. C & W (but not Bulldog)
  4. NetServices Plc
  5. Zen Internet
  6. KeConnect Internet
  7. InterVivo
  8. Mistral Internet
  9. Hotchilli Internet
  11. Entanet International Ltd
  12. PlusNet
  13. IDNet

If you are with a multicast-enabled ISP that is not on the above list, please let us know. It's simple to give us your feedback.

If your ISP is not on this list, please check out our FAQ about multicasting and contacting your ISP.


We are seeking as much feedback as we can for this technical trial. Before sending us feedback though, please check out our FAQ.

Send us your feedback