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Meeting to inspire businesswomen
16 Jul 2008 8:30 BST
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A conference is being held for women in Cumbria aimed at encouraging them to set up their own business.

Hazel Duhy, who runs a secretarial and graphic design firm, will be giving aspiring businesswomen tips on how to get started.

Ms Duhy, who is based in Wigton, set up her company two years and said it became so successful she did not need to advertise for work.

The meeting is being held at the Roundthorn Hotel in Penrith later.

Ms Duhy, from Web Work @ Woodrow, said: "I love every day of my work and have more than 2,000 people in my contacts book through networking.

"I really wanted to start a business and did some research which showed people don't always do their business admin work efficiently because they don't have the right software or equipment.

"I did two years of networking before I even started my business, which was invaluable, and I'm now following my dream."