She had her first taste of fame when she lost her prosthetic leg Down Under. She's a fitness fanatic too, so she'll certainly have the stamina for living the life of a top model - whether it's photo shoots or glam parties ...






Disability:Leg amputee

The story

Becca is a warm and energetic girl from Colchester. When doctor's recommended that she exercise to build up her strength, she became a gym addict. She works out every weekday morning for at least an hour: swimming, rowing, cycling, weights - anything that gets her heart pumping.

At the weekend though, Becca can be found down the pub - her boyfriend's parents' pub, that is - having a drink or two and a chat with mates.

Becca was born with a hip that did not grow and a left leg that only grew from the knee down - so effectively she had one leg much shorter than the other. She refers to it as her 'little leg', and it is now the length of her thigh.

Since she was just a year and a half old, Becca's been wearing a prosthetic leg, which enables her to bend at the knee and walk with a cane. Her only gripe is that she'd like to wear four-inch stiletto heels once in a while - something with which Ouch's Disability Bitch would surely sympathise.

The skills

Becca is no stranger to the limelight. During a trip to Australia, she lost her prosthetic leg and the local news media in Perth had to help her find it. She became known as 'That Pommy Who Lost Her False Leg', and got a lot of free drinks out of the ordeal. It turned out that a local man thought it would make a nice decoration for his front porch.

The attitude

Funny - Becca thinks her surname makes a great pun and her email name is 'onelegbecky'.

Enthusiastic - Becca is a happy girl who gets on with all sorts of people and enjoys life.

Cute - She is saving up to buy herself a convertible Mini.

Adventurous - Becca loves travelling, and spent nine months in a camper van in Australia with her three best friends. They were meant to spend a year there, but had to return home when their van blew up!

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