Her many appearances as a TV presenter and in-vision interpreter mean that she's used to being in front of the camera - a good start for a modelling hopeful. She's an ace kickboxer too, so the judges had better watch out ...





Occupation:TV interpreter


The story

Lilli lives in a London flat with her best friend, Naomi. They met through their jobs at See Hear, the BBC's long-running series for deaf and hard of hearing viewers, where Lilli has been a presenter for the past ten years. In fact, Lilli has worked in TV since she was just nine years old!

Lilli was born profoundly deaf, which means that she cannot hear anything at all. She's very good at lip reading though, just as long as she can see your lips.

She loves going clubbing with her friends and meeting new people - because if there is loud music playing, no one else can hear either.

Lilli is an only child and has a very close relationship with her mum. She also has a large group of friends.

The skills

Lilli has done some modelling in the past, and hopes that her unique looks will help her to challenge the way disabled people are perceived by others.

The attitude

Fierce - Lilli started kickboxing a year ago and she already has four belts.

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