She's knows more about make-up than anyone, and has been a beauty queen in the UK as well as on the world stage. So she's surely the perfect candidate to achieve modelling fame, isn't she?





Occupation:Make-up artist


The story

As a nine-week old baby, a loud bang could not wake Kellie from her sleep. It was then that her mum knew Kellie was deaf. Being deaf was especially rough at school, where the other children bullied her for it. Luckily, she had a supportive and loving family behind her.

Kellie's life turned around in college, when her tutor said, 'you can do this'. After a lifetime of being told about everything she couldn't do, those were the words Kellie needed to hear.

Today, Kellie doesn't hold back. She can feel music vibrations and loves to dance, so one of her favourite things to do is getting dressed up and hitting the clubs. She has loads of mates, both hearing and deaf, and she loves to spend time with her mum, dad, sisters and 'nannie'.

Kellie works as a part-time make-up artist and does freelance work for weddings, television and fashion, where clients ask for her by name.

The skills

Kellie won Miss Deaf UK in 2007 (televised on the BBC as part of See Hear) and represented the UK at Miss Deaf World in Prague. She's also modelled for a designer photo shoot and a few college fashion shows.

The attitude

Fiery - Kellie knows she's curvaceous and she likes it. She doesn't think all models should be super thin, and she'll stand up for this belief.

Competitive - Besides being Miss Deaf UK 2007, Kellie routinely wins sales target competitions at work. She was also awarded a 'top student' prize four times at Leicester College for dedication to her art and make-up course.

Lovable - Looks don't mean much to Kellie; she truly believes it's what's inside that counts.

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