BBC Knowledge programming block premieres exclusively on Retequattro

I am confident that the Sunday block will be popular with Retequattro viewers, many of whom will get to experience inspiring landmark programming from BBC Knowledge for the first time.”Ian McDonough, SVP & GM EMEA, BBC Worldwide Channels
Date: 25.02.2013     Last updated: 18.03.2014 at 17.52
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An exclusive hour of BBC Knowledge programming debuts on Sunday 3rd March at 9am on the Italian free-to-air channel Retequattro

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For the first time an exclusive hour of BBC Knowledge programming will be available on the free-to-air channel Retequattro in Italy every Sunday at 9am for twelve weeks starting from 3rd March, thanks to an exciting deal between the two channels.

The BBC Knowledge channel, currently available exclusively to the Mediaset Premium package subscribers in Italy, is the home of factual entertainment, offering an exciting mix of science, history, natural history and adventure programming. It aims to explore big ideas, inspire viewers and broaden their horizons.

The unique deal will give Retequattro viewers unprecedented access to some of the UK’s best BBC Knowledge programming, including Earth Machine which travels to the centre of our planet to reveal the importance of geology in our everyday lives and discovers how what happens below ground is essential to life above ground; Dangerous Roads which sets celebrities the challenge to drive the world’s most extraordinary and awe-inspiring roads; and Expedition New Guinea which reveals some of the most exciting and unexplored natural environments on the planet.

Ian McDonough, SVP & GM EMEA, BBC Worldwide Channels said:

“I am delighted that BBC Knowledge will be available to millions of Retequattro viewers. It’s a very important part of our strategy to bring the best of British content to wider audiences in Italy. I am confident that the Sunday block will be popular with Retequattro viewers, many of whom will get to experience inspiring landmark programming from BBC Knowledge for the first time.”

Giuseppe Feyles, Director of Retequattro, said:

“I am delighted that Retequattro viewers will have access to some of the best BBC Knowledge programming, airing on a free-to-air channel in Italy for the first time. Retequattro is known for high quality documentaries and this unique deal with BBC Knowledge highlights the strengths of both channels.”

Marco Leonardi, Mediaset Premium Head of Content and Strategic Development, added:

“It is a great opportunity for Retequattro viewers to experience BBC Knowledge, a channel that is normally available exclusively to Mediaset Premium package subscribers. I trust that after being amazed and entertained by these programmes, viewers will want more of this great channel and will subscribe to our platform. Mediaset Premium offers the best content in various genres to suit all tastes, and is available not only through TV but also on demand, via PC, iPad, X-Box and Smart TV.”

The BBC Knowledge branded block launches on Retequattro at 9am on Sunday 3rd March and will air every Sunday from 9.00am till 10.00am for 12 consecutive weeks.

The full BBC Knowledge channel is available in Italy only on the Mediaset platform, as part of the Mediaset Premium package. To subscribe to the Mediaset Premium package, visit




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Programme information:

3/3/2013 – Earth Machine: Discover why geology is an important part of all of our lives – whether we are aware of it or not. Using data collected by scientists around the world, the programme travels to the centre of our planet to reveal the magnificent engine at its heart. Discover the surprising ways this machine affects our lives every second of every day and how what happens below ground is essential to life above ground.


10/2013 – Expedition Wolf: One shot to the brink of extinction, wild wolves have now once again returned to Washington State in the US. A team of passionate scientists and expert film makers venture into the icy wilderness to spy on the new arrivals. Sleeping rough, they track the wolf packs throughout the year using dog sled teams, skidoos and snow shoes. It’s a difficult mission in an unforgiving mountainous landscape, but the team have technology on their side with state-of-the-art cameras and the latest mapping techniques.


17/3/2013 – Dangerous Roads: Dangerous Roads sets celebrities the challenge to drive the world’s most extraordinary and awe-inspiring roads from end to end, taking in the breathtaking landscapes and the fascinating characters who live, work and travel along these routes. From the jungles of Vietnam to the frozen wastelands of Siberia, roads have been built in some of the most dangerous and inhospitable places on Earth.


24/3/2013 – Expedition Guyana: Impenetrable rainforests, sweeping savannah and mysterious mountains make up Guyana – one of the least explored lands on Earth. In a bid to find new species, the Expedition team venture into this untouched land. This South American country the size of Britain boasts some of the most diverse and pristine rainforest in the world. The wilderness is so remote and hidden that it has avoided the chainsaw – so far. Now the rainforests of Guyana are under threat. With the impoverished government reluctantly opening up the interior for logging, yet determined to save the wildlife, the work of the Expedition team will help to save one of the world’s most isolated environments.


31/3/2013 – Oceans: Hidden within the depths of our oceans are secrets about our past, our planet and life itself. At last, an international crack team of underwater explorers is ready to dive in and discover them. This spectacular, surprising series combines stunning photography and fascinating insights with all the energy and excitement of a good thriller. A team of intrepid adventurers – explorer and expedition leader Paul Rose, maritime archaeologist Dr Lucy Blue, marine biologist Tooni Mahto and conservationist Philippe Cousteau Jnr – undertake a journey to discover the world beneath the waves. The team venture fearlessly into some of the planet’s most challenging environments – descending beneath frozen Arctic ice sheets and into black holes in the Caribbean Sea.


7/4/2013 – Nature’s Miracle Babies: This emotionally charged programme takes viewers around the world to follow the dedicated and inspirational individuals working to save some very special babies – nature’s miracle babies – who are the lifeline to preserving some of our most critically vulnerable species. These are ordinary people doing extraordinary things. Each new life they help to adulthood is truly a precious bundle of hope for the future. But for some this is only the beginning of the journey. The ultimate challenge is to raise these animals, and return them to the wild.


14/4/2013 – Expedition Tiger: Closed to outsiders for years, Bhutan is a forgotten world. No one knows how many tigers prowl the jungles and mountains here, but if the rumours are true, this could be our final chance to save these animals from extinction. Moving through the jungle on elephant back, the big cat experts deploy the latest camera-trapping technology and combine it with FBI fingerprinting software to identify individuals by their stripes. A specially trained sniffer dog tracks down tiger dung and thermal imaging cameras spot tigers at night. The team head to the peaks where they climb gorges, shoot rapids and live with yak herders. Nowhere is out of bounds, from mosquito-infested jungles, through leach-ridden swamps, to breathless, icy summits. If the team do discover a healthy population of tigers in Bhutan, it will give credence to a proposed 2000- mile long ‘tiger conservation corridor’: an ambitious project that would allow the last remaining big cats to move freely between Burma, India and Nepal – a broad section of land along the Himalayan foothills with Bhutan at its core.


21/4/2013 – Expedition New Guinea: New Guinea is one of the most species-rich areas on the planet, but its landscape is so inaccessible that much of the wildlife is barely known. The Expedition team is prepared to delve into the depths, exploring the remote rainforests, rugged mountains and raging underground rivers that make up this mysterious island. Joined by experts in extreme caving and deep diving, the team embark on missions of discovery, from journeying up the Sepik River to meet the Crocodile People and the 26-foot crocodiles they share the river with, to diving in search of bizarre marine life including a newly discovered 'walking shark'.


28/4/2013 – Secret Seas: Following the success of Oceans, presenters Paul Rose and Tooni Mahto are joined by marine archaeologist Frank Pope to take on an ocean closer to home, the Atlantic. The common perception of the UK’s seas is that they are dark, cold, and dirty, but the reality is very different. This series shows that the country’s native waters can be every bit as dramatic, colourful, and surprising as the oceans anywhere else in the world and provide a home to extraordinary creatures, spectacular seascapes, underwater cities and a source of food. Featuring scientists and their latest research, Secret Seas examines the threats facing British waters and reveals the steps that are being taken to protect them. Viewers will enjoy a range of extraordinary stories, challenging dives and the same standard of glorious photography which gave Oceans such a powerful visual appeal.

5/5/2013 – Nature’s Microworlds: Earth is a collection of worlds within worlds, each one a self-contained ecosystem bursting with life. These microworlds depend on an intricate web of relationships and natural forces that make each one unique. This stunning series delves deep into the heart of these habitats, breaking down each intricate ecosystem into all of its component parts, introducing the animals that live there, and revealing the fine balances of its existence. Travelling across the world, the series investigates microworlds like the islands of Galapagos, the grasslands of the Serengeti, Svalbard in the Arctic Circle, the Amazon rainforest and the desert of Australia’s Red Centre to discover the key to life in each of them.


12/5/2013 – South American Journey with John Dimbleby: Jonathan Dimbleby embarks on a remarkable trip investigating the economic miracle bringing South America out of the shadow of its powerful neighbour. Following his adventures in Africa and Russia, the renowned broadcaster and journalist embarks on a remarkable journey, travelling thousands of miles to investigate the changes sweeping across the world’s least understood continent. From the Andes to the Amazon, in thriving cities, on the slopes of dramatic mountains and in the deepest jungles, he meets the people who are building the new South America. He looks at the impact the dramatic changes will have on each of the five countries he visits – and on the world at large.


19/5/2013 – To Boldy Go: We think of humans as being a global species, but in fact we can only survive on less than a quarter of the planet. Despite this, the human race has never stopped pushing the limits of exploration. Dr Kevin Fong looks at how the human body is affected in extreme environments, such as the deepest depths of the oceans or the edge of space. Using his own body, he reveals what happens when we face deadly forces, and how science has created artificial life systems that have made these incredible adventures possible.