BBC Magazines to launch Octonauts magazine

We're very excited to be working with Silvergate Media to create a magazine for this hugely successful CBeebies programmePauline Cooke, publisher of BBC Magazines' Pre-school Titles
Date: 21.10.2011     Last updated: 18.03.2014 at 18.01
Category: BBC Worldwide
BBC Magazines is to launch Octonauts magazine, an inventive children's title aimed at pre-schoolers, based on the popular CBeebies TV programme of the same name.

Following a team of underwater explorers, the four-weekly title will launch in late November 2011 and will be targeted at 4 to 5 year old boys.

Its launch follows the success of the one-off Octonauts' CBeebie's Special magazine published in May 2011, which sold 45% higher than average sales.

The new title is the only pre-school magazine that focuses on nature and science with a masculine approach to emotional learning.

Drawing on children's curiosity of the world under the oceans, Octonauts magazine combines the thrill of exploring and finding out about nature with learning how to help others and look after our environment.

The magazine will be bursting with ideas and activities to involve and engage the reader and action-filled stories will pivot on facts about underwater creatures which are brought to life by characters with quirky personalities.

An educational workbook will be themed around a mission that needs to be completed through imaginative activities, providing children with the feeling of satisfaction from being part of an adventure with a positive outcome.

Octonauts magazine will carry cover-mounted gifts based on role-play, so that our readers can immerse themselves in the Octonauts' world by becoming part of the team.

Pauline Cooke, publisher of BBC Magazines' Pre-school titles, said: "We're very excited to be working with Silvergate Media to create a magazine for this hugely successful CBeebies programme. Young fans are instantly enchanted by the Octonauts' adventures and this magazine will ensure that the energy and charm of the Octonauts can be experienced in new and exciting ways."

Octonauts magazine will be priced at £2.50 and will be available at all major retailers and independents around the UK.

Jo Franks