TVNZ acquire comedy, science, factual and entertainment programming from BBC Worldwide Australia and New Zealand

This deal is a testament to our long-standing relationship with TVNZ and demonstrates that there is a strong demand in New Zealand for great British content.Irene Read, Head of TV Sales, BBC Worldwide Australia & New Zealand
Date: 10.04.2014     Last updated: 14.04.2014 at 14.51
Category: BBC Worldwide
Comedy, science, factual and entertainment titles make up a raft of BBC Worldwide content recently licensed to New Zealand’s national broadcaster, Television New Zealand.

Comedy series Uncle follows the misadventures and growing pains of an irresponsible out-of-work musician who forges an unlikely alliance with his neurotic 12-year-old nephew. Thirty-something 'man-child' Andy staggers through life leaving chaos in his wake. So when his sister Sam uses a bit of emotional blackmail to get him to look after her son Errol, how will Andy manage to keep the youngster out of trouble while constantly being knee deep in the stuff himself?

In Billy Connolly’s Big Send Off effervescent comedian and Hollywood star Billy Connolly explores changing attitudes, beliefs and approaches towards death whilst also considering his own approach to the final curtain. Billy strolls around America’s largest funeral convention, discovering the hundreds of ways that you can put someone in the ground and he also catches up with old friend Eric Idle to discuss how the Monty Python star’s ‘Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life’ has become one of the UK’s most played funeral songs, and ponders what music he’d choose as a part of his own final send off.

Do animals think and what do they know? A revolution is occurring in how science understands animal minds and it is providing remarkable answers. Inside the Animal Mind overturns long-standing theories about how animals think, revealing the truth about how animals understand the world around them. This fascinating series explores these breakthroughs through three, iconic creatures – dogs, birds and dolphins – and discovers how the origins and causes of animals’ cognitive abilities lie in their environment.

Prostitution: What’s The Harm? is a lively and thought-provoking documentary investigating the current state of prostitution in the UK and looking at young people’s attitudes to the world’s oldest profession. It is legal to buy sex in the UK, but there is a growing political movement to change that law. Reporter Billie JD Porter asks what the impact would be on those involved – the men who pay for sex, the women who sell it and the traffickers, brothel owners and pimps – and she travels to other European countries to see how they deal with it.

My Baggy Body is a warm and intimate film following three people as they decide how to deal with the excess skin they’ve been left with after extreme weight loss. Pauline, Gregg and Sarah have lost over 40 stone (255 kg) between them, but their dreams have turned into nightmares. The weight loss they craved has left each of them with something even worse hidden beneath their clothes – excess skin and lots of it.

Irene Read, Head of TV Sales, BBC Worldwide Australia & New Zealand, said: "This deal is a testament to our long-standing relationship with TVNZ and demonstrates that there is a strong demand in New Zealand for great British content."

Andrew Shaw, General Manager, Commissioning, Production & Acquisitions, TVNZ, said: "We are delighted to have secured this strong slate of high quality programming. We expect these programmes will find substantial audiences and enjoy critical acclaim."

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