BBC Knowledge and Top Gear’s Top 41 opens the ski season in Predeal

Date: 18.12.2013     Last updated: 18.03.2014 at 18.07
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BBC Knowledge will mark Top Gear’s Top 41 premiere in Romania with a 3D video mapping on the Clabucet ski slope in Predeal, an unique experience for both car lovers and for winter sports enthusiasts.

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This epic event will take place on the evening of 28th December, at 19:00, on the occasion of the official opening of 2013-2014 ski season in Predeal.

BBC Knowledge’s lounge at the bottom of the ski slope, tourists will have the opportunity to write their wishes for the new year on a very special car. Also, BBC Knowledge will launch the application How many wishes can fit on the BBC Knowledge car?, available on the official Facebook page BBCKnowledgeRomania. In this way, those who cannot reach the mountain resort will be able to write their wishes through the new application and the 41 most creative of them will be found on the BBC Knowledge car.

BBC Knowledge will broadcast, exclusively, starting 6th January 2014, from 22:00, Top Gear’s Top 41, a countdown of the top 41 moments from the last decade of the programme. Top Gear is the world's biggest car show, broadcast in more than 100 countries, with audiences of over seven million weekly.

In the eight-series episodes, Top Gear’s Top 41, Richard Hammond, one of the hosts, counts down the top 41 epic moments, carefully chosen by the production team.

In the first episode, we’ll see scenes like driving up an active volcano or the supercar road trip through Romania of the three hosts of the show, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May. And not least, the identity of the Stig is revealed.

The most important moments of the second episode include: a classic car rally in Mallorca, a race between an Apache gunship and a Lotus Exige and the destruction of a caravan in an unusual game of car-darts.

In the third episode, other epic moments from the Top Gear archive are revealed, including: the search to find the greatest driving road in three supercars, the attempt to solve Great Britain’s public transport woes or driving a brand new luxury Bentley Continental on a Welsh rally stage.

In the fourth episode, Top Gear’s Top 41 countdown continues with other special moments of the show: the race between a car driven by Jeremy and a mountain climber, the toughest car in the world faces some punishing tests and all three of them take part in a 24 hour endurance race.

In the fifth episode, the fans of the show will see how Jeremy, Richard and James build their own stretch limos, who wins the race between a Dakar car and some extreme snowmobilers and how Jeremy “parks” a Rolls Royce in a swimming pool.

In the sixth episode, we’ll see other Top Gear classic scenes: the car football, the attempt to build their own motor-homes and the road trip in America where the boys are caught up in an aerial dogfight.

In the seventh episode, Jeremy drives the smallest car in the world, a Mini is launched off a ski jump and, finally, there is a race across Japan between a Nissan GTR and a Bullet Train.

The most important top ten moments are revealed in the last episode of Top Gear’s Top 41, such as the race between a Rally car vs a Bobsleigh, the supercar road trip through Italy, the Top Gear's attempt to build their own space shuttle and the sea voyage in amphibious cars.

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