BBC Worldwide sells The Incredible Mr Goodwin to international broadcasters

Jonathan Goodwin’s presence at BBC Worldwide Showcase, to launch the sale of The Incredible Mr Goodwin earlier this year, had a huge impact on buyers who were swept away by Jonathan’s daredevil stunts. It’s been great to see how quickly this show has been embraced by a wide range of clients.”Paul Dempsey, President, Global Markets, BBC Worldwide
Date: 10.06.2013     Last updated: 18.03.2014 at 17.59
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BBC Worldwide has sold UKTV’s five part series The Incredible Mr Goodwin to 11 broadcasters in Germany, America, Russia, Australia, Scandinavia, Holland and Spain.

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Launched at BBC Worldwide Showcase in February, the five part series stars Jonathan Goodwin who tackles feats of bravery and physical strength with death defying stunts inspired by his vaudeville heroes.

ProSiebenSat 1 has snapped up the series in Germany where they will be launching the programme on their Saturday night primetime slot later this month. The broadcaster filmed additional content with Jonathan Goodwin exclusively for their launch.

In Australia, The Incredible Mr Goodwin will air on ABC2 (the Australian Broadcasting Company) later this month, in Russia it will air on Channel One and in the US, BBC America will be premiering the series on 8th July.

Finland (MTV), Holland (VPRO), Iceland (Screen One), Denmark (TV3 – Viasat), Norway (Viasat), Spain (Antena 3) and Sweden (TV4) have also licensed the series.

Paul Dempsey, President, Global Markets, BBC Worldwide, said: “Jonathan Goodwin’s presence at BBC Worldwide Showcase, to launch the sale of The Incredible Mr Goodwin earlier this year, had a huge impact on buyers who were swept away by Jonathan’s daredevil stunts. It’s been great to see how quickly this show has been embraced by a wide range of clients.”

Jonathan Newman, Head of Programme Distribution/Strategy, UKTV, commented: “The response from international broadcasters to The Incredible Mr. Goodwin is a ringing endorsement of the show and proves the value in being bold and taking risks when commissioning.  We’ve also been impressed with the launch campaign run by BBC Worldwide, which has been highly effective.”

The Incredible Mr Goodwin is a Crook/Objective co-production for Watch (UKTV).


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About The Incredible Mr Goodwin

Daredevil Jonathan Goodwin stuns the world in his brand new five-part series, The Incredible Mr. Goodwin, as he attempts astonishing feats of bravery, mental agility and physical strength.


‘Impossible’ is merely a challenge for Jonathan Goodwin, a man who combines the skills of Houdini and Superman with the everyday routines of fatherhood and family life. He is the new breed of escapologist and a professional danger-man, putting himself in the most extreme situations and dodging death every time.


The series has been inspired by his lifelong fascination for vaudeville showmen and escape artists such as Harry Houdini and Charles Blondin, the high-wire walker. Jonathan has spent thousands of hours training and studying their methods, in order to bring their amazing and forgotten techniques to a twenty-first century audience.


This extraordinary series will leave viewers breathless as Goodwin emulates his childhood heroes, taking his unique brand of entertainment onto the streets of Britain and the US.


In a nail biting first episode, astonished onlookers watch as the fearless Mr Goodwin climbs up one of London’s tallest buildings – unaided. He performs a death-defying stunt underneath a super-sized SUV, which puts him within inches of the rushing road surface and fast-spinning wheels, plus manages to trigger a bear trap without losing an arm.


Throughout the series viewers will witness the extraordinary processes that Goodwin goes through behind the scenes, as he trains intensively for his performances, many of which have never been attempted before.


About Jonathan Goodwin

Goodwin has been described as a modern-day superhero, somewhere between Harry Houdini and Superman. Over several years working as a professional danger man, the thirty-two year-old has travelled the world in order to place himself in the most extreme and life-threatening situations.


Born and raised in Pembrokeshire, South Wales, Jonathan became obsessed with the world of the superhero at an early age. As an inquisitive seven-year-old, he discovered the great international daredevil Houdini and became obsessed with his extraordinary work. Jonathan shared Houdini's taste for danger and took to learning as much as he could about the art of The Victorian Daredevil, characters like Charles Blondin who miraculously cheated death while crossing the Niagara Falls on a tightrope.


As he progressed into his teens, Jonathan started to learn the skills of these great performers. He began with simple acts such as holding his breath in the bath for as long as he could and progressed to learning bigger precision skills such as how to pick a lock and escape from handcuffs. He would challenge his parents to tie him to one of their dining room chairs after school, to practise the art of breaking free from his bonds. He soon developed the ability to learn techniques in a short period of time that would take the average person much longer to grasp. Even at university in Middlesex, his dangerous escapades were his main focus in life.


Jonathan’s dangerous day job is exactly that: a full-time profession which requires not only physical strength but also many hours of practice to stay on top of his game. When he leaves home each morning, he spends the whole day in training for his extraordinary performances – after which it’s time to head home for dinner.


Jonathan is a big family man and his wife Katy is fully supportive of what he does. They recently became parents, when their first child Milligan was born in July 2012. Meanwhile Jonathan’s parents are still waiting for him to get a proper job.