Increased distribution for BBC Knowledge in Denmark

BBC Knowledge is the BBC’s flagship brand which showcases the finest award-winning factual and non-fiction entertainment programming from the BBC, with passionate on-screen personalities including the Top Gear cast and Louis Theroux”.Ian McDonough, Senior Vice President and General Manager EMEA, BBC Worldwide Channels
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YouSee digital subscribers to receive the channel for the first time from 15 November

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BBC Worldwide Channels has today announced that BBC Knowledge will join YouSee’s medium and full digital packages from 15 November enabling even more subscribers to watch the channel for the first time.  BBC Knowledge, which has been available as part of the YouSee favourites package since 2010, will now be available to subscribers of the medium package and will join BBC Entertainment, BBC Lifestyle and BBC World News in the full package.  BBC HD will continue to be a part of the HD package.

Ian McDonough, Senior Vice President and General Manager EMEA, BBC Worldwide Channels commented:  “It’s hugely exciting to know that brand new YouSee subscribers will benefit from this agreement.  BBC Knowledge is the BBC’s flagship brand which showcases the finest award-winning factual and non-fiction entertainment programming from the BBC, with passionate on-screen personalities including the Top Gear cast and Louis Theroux”.

Ulf Lund, Senior Vice President, YouSee added:  “The BBC brand has always been equal to quality and this also goes for BBC Knowledge, which we believe is a valuable addition to our medium and full package.  With the high BBC standard in programming and the channels programme profile, we are confident that BBC Knowledge will be highly appreciated amongst our subscribers ”.

BBC Knowledge explores big ideas that spark conversations and open minds to new perspectives, visiting unique places and cultures across the globe, journeying through the wonders of science and technology and the extraordinary people and events that have shaped history. 

This autumn YouSee viewers will be able to watch the BBC Knowledge season Extraordinary Americans; with the eyes of the world firmly fixed on the USA with the 2012 presidential election, the channel looks at Americans who have lived exceptional lives and asks ‘what impact have Americans had on the world’s culture, politics and technology?’  This captivating season examines the nation’s first black president with Obama: His Story, to Americans who have left their mark on world history, and those who live unusual lives far removed from the experiences of many people living outside the USA such as the Amish community with Trouble in Amish Paradise. 

Danish viewers have increasingly been tuning in to the BBC’s branded channels with BBC Knowledge displaying an excellent performance in April 2012 and the summer months, fuelled by natural history titles including the award-winning Life series and the unique, global viewing event - London Calling which united our international viewers with synchronised broadcasts of The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Thames Pageant, Jubilee Concert and Thanksgiving and Royal Procession as well as exclusive dramas, comedies and documentaries featuring the best of British talent.   In 2012, the BBC portfolio continues to celebrate a great performance increasing overall share by 43% vs. January – August 2011 and by 120% vs. January – August 2010.

((Source:  TNS Gallup Denmark / Cab Sat Universe / A12-59))


BBC Knowledge October and November programme highlights:

Extraordinary Americans Season

Monday 29th October at 21.00: Obama His Story

BBC Correspondent Clive Myrie, takes a look at Obama’s life to see just how he rose to the position of arguably the most important government leader in the world.  From a broken home, through school and university, his early community work in the rough districts of Chicago, people who have known Obama and followed him in his journey to the White House - explain how he did it and how he subsequently changed the history of civil rights.


Monday 29th October at 21.50:  The Night James Brown Saved Boston

April 4, 1968, the day Martin Luther King was assassinated, was one of the most tragic moments in American history.  Riots quickly erupted in many cities across the nation and many of America’s inner cities began to go up in flames but one big personality stepped in to turn things around, and ultimately keep the peace.


Tuesday 30th October at 21.00:  Trouble in Amish Paradise

They are the hard working people who resist the modern world in favour of a simple way of life that focuses on church, family and the land.  BBC Knowledge viewers are given this unique opportunity to gain a unique insight into the daily lives of the Amish.


Tuesday 30th October at 21.50:  Leaving Amish Paradise

Following on from Trouble in Amish Paradise - this observational film follows the continuing story of an excommunicated Amish family.


Wednesday 31st October at 21.00:  Secrets of Scientology

Three years after his last visit, the BBC reporter John Sweeney returns to investigate the controversial Church of Scientology, known as the religion to the stars.


Friday 2nd November at 21.50:  The Lost JFK Tapes:  The Assassination

A cutting-edge look at the investigation, the arrest, and subsequent killing of Lee Harvey Oswald following that infamous fateful day on Friday 22 November 1963 in Dallas, Texas - when President John F Kennedy was assassinated.

Monday 5th November at 21.00:  Louis Theroux:  Miami Mega Jail

Charismatic presenter Louis Theroux spends time locked up with the inmates of one of the largest jails in the world in Miami.


Thursday 8th November at 21.00:  Michael Jackson’s Secret Hollywood

Journalist Jacques Peretti discovers the real Hollywood from the lawyers and agents to the plastic surgeons, gurus and private detectives – known as Michael Jackson’s inner circle, who shine a light, through Jackson, on Hollywood’s hidden underbelly.


Thursday 8th November at 21.50:  Louis and Michael

Investigative journalist Louis Theroux travels to America to uncover everything there is to know about the late pop singer Michael Jackson.


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