Yalda Hakim uncovers untold story of people-trafficking and torture in Yemen for Our World on BBC World News

Date: 17.07.2013     Last updated: 18.03.2014 at 17.57
Category: BBC World News
The story of people-trafficking and torture in Yemen has, until now, gone untold across the world. In this special Our World programme, BBC World News correspondent Yalda Hakim investigates one of the most dangerous journeys on Earth, and the plight of thousands of Ethiopian migrants attempting to reach Saudi Arabia and a better life.

The Our World programme uncovers abuse and exploitation on a massive scale.

Our World - Yemen: The Most Dangerous Journey On Earth traces the steps of the 80,000 Ethiopians who attempt to reach Saudi Arabia every year, but first they must cross the Red Sea, trek 500 kilometres through the desert and then evade Saudi border guards. However, the biggest danger they face is from Yemeni criminal gangs who kidnap and sell them to so called 'torture camps', where they are held and tortured for ransom.

The programme travels to Bab Al Mandab on the south-eastern tip of Yemen, where the migrants come ashore, and then on to Haradh, a Yemeni town on the Saudi border where the torture camps are located. With access to victims, the smugglers themselves and the torture camps, Yalda hears stories of unimaginable cruelty and uncovers evidence to suggest that the Yemeni military may also be involved in the trafficking and sexual abuse.

Our World: Yemen: The Most Dangerous Journey on Earth

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