BBC World News launches Horizons second series with an episode examining waste management and recycling in Denmark

We've been travelling the world on an intriguing and inspiring tour of the boundaries of innovationAdam Shaw, Presenter, Horizons
Date: 03.10.2011     Last updated: 18.03.2014 at 18.02
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On Friday 7 October, BBC World News launches the second series of Horizons, a collection of ten programmes exploring the business world of the future.

Presented by the award-winning business journalist Adam Shaw, Horizons will continue to travel across the globe to destinations including Brazil, China, Israel and Turkey to find out about the business ideas that could shape mankind's future. Adam says, “We've been travelling the world on an intriguing and inspiring tour of the boundaries of innovation. Looking at the ideas and business areas that are really going to have an impact on how we live in the future and assessing the big issues they could tackle.”

The first episode takes a look at waste management and recycling in Denmark. It looks at how the Danes produce more waste per person than any other country in Europe, but how very little of it ends up in landfill, because they have world class methods of effectively recycling or incinerating waste. Denmark is currently converting waste to energy, and this has promoted initiatives which have turned recycling from a chore to a habit.

In the programme Adam Shaw visits numerous locations in Denmark and speaks to experts including Lars Peterson, the Chief Executive of Stena Recycling, Mette Bak Andersen, Founder of Copenhagen Forever who make new products from waste plastic and David Zahle, Partner BIG-Bjarke Ingels Group who are architects designing a new incinerator to be completed by 2016.

Martin Lidegaard from the Danish Green Think Tank, Concito features in the programme and says: “Recycling is probably the biggest challenge of all we have, because if we are not getting better in using the resources and raw materials from mother nature in a more efficient way, we will simply not be able to keep up growth and welfare for the increased amount of people on this earth. This is a social, economic and environmental imperative - if we are not better in recycling and reusing our resources we will not succeed in the enormous challenges we are facing.”

The Horizons series, sponsored by DuPont, airs weekly on Fridays at 23:30, Saturdays at 02:30 and 15:30, and Sunday’s at 9:30 and 21:30 (all times GMT). For programme highlights and an insight into the future of global business visit For all the latest news, behind-the-scenes pictures/videos and updates from Adam Shaw please follow at and/or on twitter at @horizonsbiz.

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