BBC response to Sun article on BBC Three's 'Sun, Sex And Suspicious Parents'

Date: 13.08.2013     Last updated: 18.03.2014 at 17.59
Category: Corporate
The front page of today's Sun (13/8/13) claims an episode of the BBC Three show 'Sun, Sex And Suspicious Parents' was axed due to the withdrawal of contributors. It suggests that despite this, the film crew stayed on at the resort in Thailand, at a cost of £150k.

A BBC spokesperson said in response: “No episodes of Sun, Sex And Suspicious Parents have been axed in this series and therefore there is no truth to the claim that we have had to write off £150k.

"Production schedules were amended due to a change of contributors but the production team continued to work and film other material for the series.

"As with all productions, staff work very long hours, with the right to some time off. RDF followed all BBC guidelines whilst filming the series and it will deliver in full, and for the original BBC programme budget.”