Statement regarding Radio 1's Chart Show, 14 April 2013

Date: 12.04.2013     Last updated: 18.03.2014 at 18.14
Category: Radio 1; Corporate
The BBC has issued the following statement regarding the Radio 1 Chart Show (due to air at 4pm on 14 April 2013) and the decision to play a clip of the song 'Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead'.

“The BBC finds this campaign distasteful but does not believe the record should be banned. On Sunday, the Radio 1 Chart Show will contain a news item explaining why the song is in the charts during which a short clip will be played as it has been in some of our news programmes.”

The BBC Director-General, Tony Hall, added: 

“I understand the concerns about this campaign. I personally believe it is distasteful and inappropriate. However, I do believe it would be wrong to ban the song outright as free speech is an important principle and a ban would only give it more publicity.

"I have spoken at some length with the Director of Radio, Graham Ellis, and Radio 1 Controller, Ben Cooper. We have agreed that we won't be playing the song in full, rather treating it as a news story and playing a short extract to put it in context.”

BBC Press Office