BBC Executive response to Trust interim report on Delivering Quality First

Date: 25.01.2012     Last updated: 19.03.2014 at 09.30
Category: Corporate
The BBC Trust have published their interim report on Delivering Quality First, the BBC Executive’s proposed approach to meeting the constrained funding of the Licence Fee Settlement agreed with the Government in 2010.

This follows a public consultation.

The BBC Trust’s interim findings can be found here

The BBC Executive have responded: “We welcome the Trust’s endorsement of the majority of our Delivering Quality First proposals at this stage. We note their request for us to make some changes to our proposals in local radio and regional current affairs which we will be working on over the next two months.

"These proposals have required us to make some tough choices and we are glad that in the vast majority of cases we will be able to progress with changes we believe are necessary to ensure a future BBC that is sustainable, and able to offer the programmes and services most valued by licence fee payers.”

BBC Press Office