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Week 51 highlights

  • Him & Her - The Wedding

    Him & Her - The Wedding

    The wedding disco's in full swing. Becky's scared someone will tell Steve her secret.

  • Mouse And Mole At Christmas Time

    Mouse And Mole At Christmas Time

    Mouse and Mole at Christmas Time is based on the original Mouse And Mole short stories which were written by Joyce Dunbar in the early Nineties.

  • Sports Personality Of The Year

    Sports Personality Of The Year

    After another incredible year of sport, Gary Lineker, Gabby Logan and Clare Balding present the 2013 BBC Sports Personality of the Year, live from the first direct arena in Leeds. In front of a 12,000 crowd and millions watching at home, this star-studded event will feature appearances by some of the greatest names in world sport.

  • Fern Britton Meets... Ken Dodd

    Fern Britton Meets... Ken Dodd

    Ken Dodd, or Doddy, as he is affectionately known, talks to Fern Britton about his life, and how his faith has helped him through triumphs and trials of an incredible career spanning six decades.

  • Christmas On Benefits

    Christmas On Benefits

    Christmas can make a hole in your pocket seem enormous. BBC Radio 1 DJ Phil Taggart - who only a few years ago was unemployed and living on benefits - has an essential guide to Christmas for the young and broke.

  • The Great British Bake Off - Christmas Special

    The Great British Bake Off - Christmas Special

    Get ready for Christmas with Mary and Paul as they plan their Christmas in this special one-off festive masterclass.

  • Old Jack's Boat

    Old Jack's Boat

    Bernard Cribbins is back with a brand-new Christmas episode of Old Jack’s Boat before the new series starts in January.

  • New Hidden Killers: The Edwardian Home

    New Hidden Killers: The Edwardian Home

    Dr Suzannah Lipscomb is back with the second documentary in the Hidden Killers series which, with the help of experts in history and science, explores the deadly must-have items of the Edwardian era in Britain.

  • Ski Sunday

    Ski Sunday

    Ski Sunday returns to our screens for its 36th consecutive year with presenters Graham Bell and Ed Leigh.

  • The Call Centre Christmas

    The Call Centre Christmas

    “Happy people celebrate Christmas”. At Swansea’s third-largest call centre, CEO Nev Wilshire and his staff are in festive mood.

  • Bad Education Christmas Special

    Bad Education Christmas Special

    It is time for the Abbey Grove Christmas Play and with Miss Pickwell no longer around Mr Fraser decides Alfie is the obvious replacement to direct this year's production. But with the class undecided about whether to put on the Nutcracker or Robocop, will Alfie's decision to write and direct a plot mash-up of Robocracker and casting school bully Grayson as co-lead prove successful?

  • The Dumping Ground: Jody In Wonderland

    The Dumping Ground: Jody In Wonderland

    In today’s special Christmas episode of The Dumping Ground, Jody is faced with a terrible dilemma when she’s asked to make a witness statement against her brother Kingsley, who has been charged with burglary and handling stolen goods.

  • Hebburn


    Sarah’s got more than her new baby to celebrate - she’s got her PhD, is now a Doctor and is offered an incredible job abroad, but turns it down because of the family. Joe’s rehabilitation is in full swing and all he has to do is take the car for a drive and then if he can walk to the pub he can have a pint.

  • The Great Train Robbery - A Robber's Tale

    The Great Train Robbery - A Robber's Tale

    Britain wakes up to news of the biggest robbery in the country’s history. A train has been hijacked and robbed, 35 miles from its arrival in central London. The country is stunned: who could be behind it? How did they pull off such an audacious raid?

  • The Great Train Robbery - A Copper's Tale

    The Great Train Robbery - A Copper's Tale

    8 August 1963. Early morning, a slumbering police force awakes to news of a robbery. But the extent of the robbery - £2.6 million (the equivalent of over £40 million today) - will only become evident over the next few days.

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