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Week 8 highlights

  • Law In Action

    Law In Action

    Law in Action, the BBC’s legal affairs magazine, returns with a new series looking at the cutting edge debates within the law.

  • Dilemma


    Sue Perkins presents a second series of the panel show where she puts four panellists through the moral and ethical wringer by posing a series of finely balanced dilemmas and then cross-examining them on their answers.

  • The Drowning City

    The Drowning City

    In October last year Hurricane Sandy ripped into New York, taking lives, sparking a huge fire, flooding subways and tunnel connections and leaving thousands without power for days.

  • Edith Bowman

    Edith Bowman

    Comedic actor Paul Rudd joins Edith to talk about his latest film, This Is 40, directed by Judd Apatow. He'll be rifling through his record collection to pick out some of his personal favourites to play on the show too. Edith will also be testing listeners' musical knowledge in The Last Word.

  • Sunday Feature: The Idea of Sin

    Sunday Feature: The Idea of Sin

    The Rev. Richard Coles continues his series exploring the idea of sin by tackling temptation and the way sin has become not merely an archaic idea in many contemporary societies but a positively attractive tool in the hands of commerce and advertising.

  • Jazz On 3

    Jazz On 3

    Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra perform two new commissions by high-profile American composers Jim O'Rourke and George Lewis.

  • Woman's Hour - Women In India

    Woman's Hour - Women In India

    Anita Anand has visited Delhi and Jaipur for this special edition hearing from student activists, authors, campaigners and rural health workers.

  • The Essay: Winterwalks

    The Essay: Winterwalks

    The wonders of winter are best observed on foot. In this week’s essay series, five writers explain how the cold months are best seen and felt on foot. On Monday, Deborah Levy is the first to set out.

  • Changeling


    All this week, as part of The 4 O’Clock Show, the award-winning, bestselling author Phillippa Gregory reads from her own novel for young adults. Changeling is the first in her Order Of Darkness series.

  • Lunchtime Concert

    Lunchtime Concert

    Karen Cargill performs songs by Gustav and Alma Mahler, Wagner and Zemlinsky accompanied by Simon Lepper.

  • Ian D Montfort Is: Unbelievable

    Ian D Montfort Is: Unbelievable

    Ian D Montfort is a celebrity spirit medium and psychic and the star of this brand new series for Radio 2.

  • v. by Tony Harrison

    v. by Tony Harrison

    As part of Radio 4's Year of Culture, Tony Harrison, now aged 75, has recorded a new reading of his controversial poem v. as part of a discussion around the poem’s significance. This will be its first broadcast on British radio.

  • Feeling Good: The Nina Simone Story

    Feeling Good: The Nina Simone Story

    This four-part documentary sees Nina Simone's daughter Simone exploring the life and career of her mother. The protest singer, jazz chanteuse, blues artist and live performer - she shares her personal thoughts and provides a glimpse of the real woman behind the distinctive voice. It also features unreleased concert tracks and contributions from some of Nina's closest friends and family.

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