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Week 2 highlights

  • Elizabeth Jane Howard Short Stories

    Elizabeth Jane Howard Short Stories

    In 2013, BBC Radio 4 will be dramatising The Cazalets by Elizabeth Jane Howard and, in further celebration of her work, BBC Radio 4 Extra are bringing listeners four other titles from her collection. They are read by Matilda Zeigler.

  • Cabin Pressure

    Cabin Pressure

    Cabin Pressure, the sitcom about the wing-and-a-prayer-world of a tiny, one plane, charter airline staffed by two pilots - one on his way down, and one who was never up to start with - returns for its fourth series.

  • Inside The Aid Industry

    Inside The Aid Industry

    In this programme, Edward Stourton investigates the ‘Kibera conundrum’ as the effectiveness of international aid comes under increasing scrutiny.

  • Steve Lamacq

    Steve Lamacq

    Steve Lamacq launches 6 Music’s Greatest Hits.

  • The Phil Taggart And Alice Levine Show

    The Phil Taggart And Alice Levine Show

    New signings to the network, Phil Taggart and Alice Levine kick off their first week as the hosts of the prestigious 10pm-midnight show, Monday to Thursday, on BBC Radio 1. Phil and Alice’s new show promises to be an energetic mix of specialist and upfront new music, entertainment and guests.

  • The Path To English

    The Path To English

    Bobby Friction talks to adults who are learning English from scratch in the UK. Many of them are immigrants or refugees from different communities and countries who arrive with little English and quickly have to adapt.

  • Mary Anne Hobbs

    Mary Anne Hobbs

    For today’s all new Weekend Breakfast Show, Mary Anne Hobbs invites listeners to engage in a 3-Minute Epiphany, where Mary Anne connects with an expert who can reveal the answers to some of the deepest wonderings of human times.

  • Re-Imagining The City

    Re-Imagining The City

    Re-Imagining The City is a series of four programmes in which listeners are offered a different vision of a city which can feel familiar.

  • Inside Health

    Inside Health

    Dr Mark Porter goes on a weekly quest to demystify the health issues that perplex us.

  • The Single Story

    The Single Story

    In 1949, RCA Victor launched a small, round, plastic and - weirdly - green disc on the listening public, which heralded a revolution in popular music. David Quantick charts the love affair with the 45 rpm single.

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