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Week 48 highlights

  • Radio 1Xtra Stories: Toddla T In LA

    Radio 1Xtra Stories: Toddla T In LA

    Jump in the back seat and join Radio 1’s Toddla T on a musical exploration of Los Angeles as he discovers why it's the most important city in music right now.

  • Eddie Goes Country

    Eddie Goes Country

    Eddie Mair returns to his native Scotland to explore his deep affection for Country Music and to find what the roots of Country are exactly.

  • Mark Steel’s In Town

    Mark Steel’s In Town

    Comedian Mark Steel returns with a new series, looking under the surface of some of the UK's more distinctive towns to shed some light on the people, history, rivalries, slang, traditions, and eccentricities that makes them unique.

  • Led Zeppelin At The BBC

    Led Zeppelin At The BBC

    With the eyes of the rock world on the recent issue of Led Zeppelin's 2007 reunion concert, Johnnie Walker presents a timely history of the classic rock band drawn entirely from BBC Archive interviews and performances, including their very first live appearance for the BBC.

  • Fiat Homo, Part One Of A Canticle For Leibowitz

    Fiat Homo, Part One Of A Canticle For Leibowitz

    A Canticle for Leibowitz by Walter M Miller Jr is a masterpiece of science fiction. It won the 1961 Hugo Award and has never been out of print, running to over 25 editions.

  • Kings Of Cool

    Kings Of Cool

    Following on from last year's Strong and Sassy, jazz lover Moira Stuart turns her attention to the Kings Of Cool, exploring the lives and careers of some of her favourite jazzmen.

  • More Or Less

    More Or Less

    Tim Harford returns with a new series looking at the numbers in the news.

  • The Disappearing Art Of The Mix Tape

    The Disappearing Art Of The Mix Tape

    Nothing says 'I love you' like spending hours in front of the cassette deck wearing out the pause button. David Quantick celebrates the dying art with contributions from novelist Iain Banks, poet Simon Armitage and Elbow and 6 Music's Guy Garvey.

  • Between The Ears: Belongings

    Between The Ears: Belongings

    Decisions about what possessions to keep and what to throw away can be agonising, raising fundamental questions about their true value. In Belongings, three people are followed over six months as they make some painful decisions, move house and start again somewhere smaller. The outcomes are often unexpected.

  • Stoned Again

    Stoned Again

    Former Home Secretary Jacqui Smith re-examines whether her decision to re-classify cannabis, against expert advice, was the right one. And four years on – if she had to make the decision again – would it be the same one?

  • The State Of Welfare

    The State Of Welfare

    What now, 70 years after the Beveridge report?

  • Letters From Germany

    Letters From Germany

    The first in a series of letters from senior figures in German industry, culture and religion about their country and the way it's been perceived in the current economic crisis.

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