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Week 44 highlights

  • BBC Radio 2 New Comedy Awards 2012

    BBC Radio 2 New Comedy Awards 2012

    Patrick Kielty hosts the first of two semi-finals of the BBC New Comedy Award 2012 - Radio 2's nationwide search to find the UK's comedy stars of the future - from London's Leicester Square Theatre.

  • Open Country

    Open Country

    Helen Mark visits Hicks Lodge, a restored opencast mine in Leicestershire, now a haven for wildlife, walkers, cyclists and other more unusual visitors. Over 100 different bird species have been recorded at Hicks Lodge, which is run by the Forestry Commission and is situated in young woodlands at the heart of the National Forest.

  • Document


    Mike Thomson returns with Radio 4's investigative history series. In the first programme, he visits Dublin to examine what new documents reveal about Britain's role at the start of the Irish Civil War.

  • The Free Thinking Lecture

    The Free Thinking Lecture

    Mary Robinson, former President of Ireland and UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, delivers the opening lecture at the BBC Radio 3 Free Thinking Festival of Ideas 2012 arguing that women leaders are better placed than men to sort out the crises of the 21st century.

  • Parsley Sidings By Jim Eldridge

    Parsley Sidings By Jim Eldridge

    Up until recently, most of the episodes of this Radio sitcom from the early seventies were thought lost. This is a unique chance for Radio 4 Extra listeners to hear these once missing programmes.

  • Johnnie Walker Meets Dionne Warwick

    Johnnie Walker Meets Dionne Warwick

    Johnnie Walker takes listeners on a journey through 50 years of a musical icon's life.

  • Radio 1Xtra Stories – Gone Too Soon: The Story Of Amy Winehouse

    Radio 1Xtra Stories – Gone Too Soon: The Story Of Amy Winehouse

    BBC Radio 1Xtra Stories: Gone Too Soon - The Story of Amy Winehouse is the final in a four-part series that looks at the lives of four music stars who passed away too soon.

  • Land Of The Rising Sums

    Land Of The Rising Sums

    Alex Bellos visits Japan to look at the perception of Asian cultures seeming to be so much better at maths than many Western countries.

  • BBC Radio 1 Stories: The Truth About Internships

    BBC Radio 1 Stories: The Truth About Internships

    With high levels of unemployment among 16-24 year-olds, and many facing tuition fee debt once they finish university, bagging a job you want can be really hard. Getting a foot on the career ladder early is a way of working towards a dream job in the future but - as more and more young people are discovering - starting out in the working world is virtually impossible without experience. That’s where the internship comes in.

  • Sumptuous Was The Feast

    Sumptuous Was The Feast

    Andrew Green presents the story of the legendary Albert Hall performances of Samuel Coleridge-Taylor's The Song Of Hiawatha.

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