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Week 40 highlights

  • Brian Johnson’s Rockers And Rollers

    Brian Johnson’s Rockers And Rollers

    For six weeks on Radio 2, lead singer of AC/DC and self-confessed car fanatic, Brian Johnson shares the songs and artists that provide the soundtrack to his life.

  • Lives In A Landscape

    Lives In A Landscape

    Alan Dein returns with a new series of stories from Britain today.

  • Meet David Sedaris

    Meet David Sedaris

    The multi-award-winning American essayist brings more of his wit and charm to Radio 4 with a series of audience readings. This week, childhood discipline in the Sedaris household is recalled in 'Attaboy', and the perils of agreeing without understanding in a foreign country are examined in 'In The Waiting Room'.

  • The Digital Human

    The Digital Human

    Aleks Krotoski returns with a new series of explorations of our digtial world. In the first in the series, Aleks looks at how different cultures are preserving their identity in the face of the homogenising effects of technology.

  • Paul O'Grady Stands Up For Liverpool

    Paul O'Grady Stands Up For Liverpool

    BBC Radio 4 Extra celebrates the Liverpool Comedy Festival.

  • The Ryder Cup

    The Ryder Cup

    Saturday 3.00pm-1.00am Live Ryder Cup coverage with John Inverdale and commentary from Iain Carter, John Murray, Alistair Bruce-Ball and Andrew Cotter. Plus there are football updates across the afternoon from all the matches in the Premier League, the Championship and across leagues One and Two.

  • 15 Minute Drama: Le Donne

    15 Minute Drama: Le Donne

    Set in modern-day Naples - a vibrant, picaresque and, for some, terrifying city where the Camorra (the Neapolitan mafia) has its hands in virtually every enterprise, from prostitution and drug running to rubbish collection and street vendors. Le Donne (The Women) focuses on Caterina Riccardi, a beautiful, privileged wife and mother who has until now lived in wilful ignorance of her husband's criminal business dealings and the source of her material wealth. Written by Chris Fallon.

  • Johnnie Walker’s Long-Players

    Johnnie Walker’s Long-Players

    In the first of a new series Peter Gabriel talks exclusively to Johnnie about the 1986 landmark album that changed his life, transforming him from prog-rock cult artist into an MTV generation worldwide superstar, pioneer of world music and hugely respected cultural and political figure.

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