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Week 18 highlights

  • Richard Hawley’s Rockabilly Radio

    Richard Hawley’s Rockabilly Radio

    Richard Hawley joins BBC Radio 2 for a brand new series celebrating the sound of a genre close to his heart - rockabilly.

  • Tidal Talk From The Rockpool

    Tidal Talk From The Rockpool

    In the first of three weeks of salty tales written by Lynne Truss, the Periwinkle (Bill Wallis) and the Hermit Crab (Geoffrey Palmer) reveal the funny side of life between the tides.

  • Radio 1Xtra Stories: 10 Years of Grime

    Radio 1Xtra Stories: 10 Years of Grime

    Radio 1Xtra presenter DJ Target hits the streets of Bow to find out how and why grime music started, tracing its journey from one London borough to the rest of the world.

  • The Digital Human

    The Digital Human

    In a new series Aleks Krotoski takes us on a journey through the digital world.

  • Drama on 3 - Romeo and Juliet

    Drama on 3 - Romeo and Juliet

    Shakespeare's quick witted summer tragedy, with Trystan Gravelle and Vanessa Kirby as the lovers and David Tennant as the Prince.

  • Dave Brown’s New Highway Code

    Dave Brown’s New Highway Code

    Comedian Dave Brown from The Mighty Boosh looks at the history and development of the Highway Code as a guide for courteous drivers.

  • Lives In A Landscape

    Lives In A Landscape

    In the first of the new 2012 Sony Award nominated series, Alan Dein captures the dramas of young families moving into a brand new housing estate in Peterborough, examining their hopes and fears for the future.

  • Afternoon Drama - Through The Wire

    Afternoon Drama - Through The Wire

    Helen Macdonald's drama documentary tells the story of the British prisoners of war who survived incarceration in German camps in World War Two by studying the birds that flew freely all around them.

  • Tom Wrigglesworth’s Open Letters

    Tom Wrigglesworth’s Open Letters

    Sony Award-winning comic Tom Wrigglesworth returns for a new series of his open letters.

  • 44 Scotland Street

    44 Scotland Street

    Alexander McCall Smith dramatizes his own acclaimed series based on the residents of a fictitious tenement building in a real Edinburgh street, inspired by Armistead Maupin's Tales of The City.

  • BBC Today Programme Lecture

    BBC Today Programme Lecture

    Launched last year, the annual BBC Today Programme Lecture is a platform for high profile, prominent figures to speak about the current issues facing the global economy.

  • Radio 3 Live In Concert

    Radio 3 Live In Concert

    Radio 3’s Live in Concert presents more exciting live musical events from all over the world.

  • The Reunion

    The Reunion

    In the last programme in this series of The Reunion, Sue MacGregor speaks to five people whose lives were changed when British colonial rule ended in Hong Kong in 1997.

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