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Week 16 highlights

  • Afternoon On 3

    Afternoon On 3

    This week on Afternoon on 3, Penny Gore explores theatre music written for Shakespeare's plays.

  • Composer Of The Week: Andrea And Giovanni Gabrieli

    Composer Of The Week: Andrea And Giovanni Gabrieli

    This week Donald Macleod explores the music of the Gabrieli family.

  • The Surgery: Mental Health Special

    The Surgery: Mental Health Special

    According to The Office for National Statistics, one in 10 children and young people agedbetween five and16 suffer from a diagnosable mental health disorder - that's around three children in every class.

  • Dave Pearce: Dance Years

    Dave Pearce: Dance Years

    DJ and broadcaster Dave Pearce joins BBC Radio 2 with a brand new dance music show. Dave Pearce: Dance Years will see him trawl through his vast record collection for a show full of his favourite tracks - celebrating some of the finest moments in UK dance history.

  • Hear And Now

    Hear And Now

    Tom Service presents a performance of young British composer Luke Bedford's 2011 chamber opera Seven Angels.

  • 6 On 2: Huey Morgan

    6 On 2: Huey Morgan

    In the run-up to the start of the new evening show hosted by Liza Tarbuck on May 12, some of BBC Radio 6 Music’s presenters will be setting up shop in BBC Radio 2 to provide the weekly entertainment for listeners.

  • 6 On 2: Gilles Peterson

    6 On 2: Gilles Peterson

    Gilles Peterson gives Radio 2 listeners a taste of his eclectic new weekly BBC Radio 6 Music show, joining the dots between jazz, house, hip hop, soul and leftfield music from around the world.

  • Michael Grade On The Box

    Michael Grade On The Box

    Episode 3: New Kid On The Block. Michael looks back at the broadcasting landscape of the early 1980s and the impact Channel 4 had on the other three UK TV channels when it arrived on the scene in 1982.

  • Shakespeare’s Restless World

    Shakespeare’s Restless World

    Neil MacGregor, Director of the British Museum, uses objects of the time to explore what life was like in the turbulent world of William Shakespeare.

  • The Reunion

    The Reunion

    Sue MacGregor brings together six men who survived the attack on HMS Sheffield during the Falklands war - the first British warship to be sunk in battle since World War II.

  • Radio 1 Stories: How Young Is Too Young To Be A Popstar

    Radio 1 Stories: How Young Is Too Young To Be A Popstar

    Justin Bieber became a star aged 13, Willow Smith was only nine and Birdy was 15. But is that too young to become a pop star?

  • Titanic - Minute By Minute

    Titanic - Minute By Minute

    Jeremy Vine, Dermot O'Leary, Penny Smith and guests mark the moment the Titanic floundered and eventually sank on a still, cold night in April 1912, exactly 100 years ago. The story is set to a soundtrack of live music, reflecting the band of musicians who valiantly played on until they were silenced by the water.

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