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Week 12 highlights

  • Composer Of The Week - Philip Glass

    Composer Of The Week - Philip Glass

    An exclusive week of interviews with Philip Glass, with music spanning his entire career.

  • Just A Minute Without Hesitation

    Just A Minute Without Hesitation

    Nicholas Parsons celebrates 45 years of wit and wonder from Just A Minute, including classic performances from Clement Freud, Paul Merton, Linda Smith, Shelia Hancock and Kenneth Williams.

  • Radio 1Xtra Stories - Ladies with Lyrics

    Radio 1Xtra Stories - Ladies with Lyrics

    Amplify Dot, Lioness, No Lay and Lady Leshurr are confident artistes who have got their male rivals running scared. 1Xtra's Sarah-Jane Crawford gets an exclusive insight into the elite set of UK female MCs whose names are on everyone's lips.

  • One To One

    One To One

    Journalist and broadcaster Samira Ahmed takes over the reins of One to One, seeking out the missing angles behind the headlines.

  • In Tune

    In Tune

    Sean Rafferty presents, with guests and exclusive live performances from the music world.

  • The Art Of Monarchy

    The Art Of Monarchy

    Will Gompertz continues to explore 900 years of British monarchs through the objects they acquired.

  • Dudley Moore’s World Of Jazz

    Dudley Moore’s World Of Jazz

    Dudley Moore wasn't just a truly original comedian and star of stage, television and Hollywood, he was also a successful classical musician and highly accomplished jazz pianist and composer.

  • Henning Knows Best

    Henning Knows Best

    Comedian Henning Wehn (German Comedy Ambassador to the United Kingdom) has spent over ten years living in the UK and feels he's in a good position to share his views on Britain and its unique foibles. With a tongue sharper than a rapier sword, and searing Teutonic honesty, he shares his thoughts on what it is to be British.

  • The Life Scientific

    The Life Scientific

    Jim Al-Khalili talks to CERN physicist, Tejinder Virdee about the search for the elusive Higgs boson or God particle at the Large Hadron Collider.

  • Spirit Of Schubert

    Spirit Of Schubert

    For the last eight and a half days of March BBC Radio 3 is devoting its entire schedule to one of the greatest ever composers, Schubert.

  • Radio 1 Stories - If These Walls Could Talk

    Radio 1 Stories - If These Walls Could Talk

    Huw Stephens investigates the live music scene in the UK, taking in three of this country’s best loved music venues, starting with the small - King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut in Glasgow; the medium - Rock City in Nottingham and the large - The O2 in South East London.

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