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Week 8 highlights

  • Young Brass Award 2012

    Young Brass Award 2012

    Frank Renton and Simone Rebello present the rousing conclusion of this year’s Young Brass Award 2012 at The Royal Northern College of Music's Festival of Brass.

  • Doctor - Tell Me the Truth

    Doctor - Tell Me the Truth

    Every year up to 98,000 Americans die as a result of the medical treatment they receive. Professor James Reason discovers how doctors who have admitted their mistakes have helped patient safety.

  • It’s Not What You Know

    It’s Not What You Know

    Miles Jupp takes the chair of It's Not What You Know, a new series which sets out to see how well panelists know those closest to them.

  • Michael Ball's Songwriting Partnerships

    Michael Ball's Songwriting Partnerships

    In this new six-part series Michael Ball takes an in-depth look at some of the greatest songwriting partnerships of all time.

  • Can’t Tell Nathan Caton Nothing

    Can’t Tell Nathan Caton Nothing

    Nathan Caton is the first in his family to graduate from university, but much to his family’s annoyance decides to opt for a career as a stand-up comic. His family wants him to get a 'proper job' using his architecture degree.

  • Jo Whiley

    Jo Whiley

    Jo hosts her show tonight live backstage at the Brit Awards in London’s O2 Arena.

  • Tim Key's Late Night Poetry Programme

    Tim Key's Late Night Poetry Programme

    In the first of a new series, Edinburgh comedy award-winner Tim Key grapples with the idea of family via his narrative poem, The Godfather.

  • Comedy Showcase

    Comedy Showcase

    Dave Gorman hosts a one-off, very silly panel show that takes place in a world where the Pub Olympics are far more important than those other games taking place this summer you might have heard about.

  • Locomotive Season

    Locomotive Season

    Radio 4 Extra broadcasts a selection of programmes for the consummate trainspotter. Pulling out of the station on Saturday with two brand new readings of classic railway thrillers recorded especially for Radio 4 Extra.

  • Afternoon Drama: Number 10

    Afternoon Drama: Number 10

    Jonathan Myerson’s Number 10 returns for a new series, with more drama depicting life inside Downing Street. Starring Damian Lewis as the Prime Minister, Simon Laity.

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