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Week 6 highlights

  • Just A Minute - Happy 45th Birthday!

    Just A Minute - Happy 45th Birthday!

    Nicholas Parsons presents the first of the series which marks the 45th birthday of Just a Minute.

  • The Kitchen Cabinet

    The Kitchen Cabinet

    Jay Rayner presents the first programme of a new series: a food panel show, recorded in front of a live audience, aimed at anyone who cooks, not just the experts.

  • One To One

    One To One

    Bridget Kendall talks to those who are well known in one field, but experts in another. She talks to the prolific author Alexander McCall Smith about his work as an academic.

  • The Life Scientific

    The Life Scientific

    Jim Al-Khalili talks to psychiatrist Robin Murray about why, despite decades of research, the causes of conditions such as schizophrenia are still unknown.

  • Woman’s Hour Drama – Dickens in London

    Woman’s Hour Drama – Dickens in London

    Five short plays by Michael Eaton mark the bicentenary of Charles Dickens's birth on 7 February.

  • Jamie Cullum's Jazz Show

    Jamie Cullum's Jazz Show

    Jamie Cullum showcases his love for all types of jazz and music rooted in jazz, from its heritage to the future. This week, Jamie meets Sir Paul McCartney for a special in-depth interview about Sir Paul’s love of jazz.

  • Father Figure

    Father Figure

    Father Figure is a new four-part family sitcom written by and starring stand -up comedian Jason Byrne.

  • Afternoon Play – Blue Flu

    Afternoon Play – Blue Flu

    Blue Flu is a contemporary drama by Peter Bleksley, set in the near future.

  • The Radio 2 Folk Awards

    The Radio 2 Folk Awards

    Mike Harding and Scottish singer and broadcaster Julie Fowlis present the 2012 BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards. Now in its 13th year, the Folk Awards celebrate the UK's vibrant folk scene and its achievements over the past 12 months, as well as giving special awards to honour outstanding lifetime contributions. This year, those awards will go to The Dubliners and Don McLean.

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