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Horrible Histories

Special guest stars Al Murray and the League Of Gentlemen’s Reece Shearsmith, Mark Gatiss and Steve Pemberton join the Horrible Histories cast today for more fascinating facts, mirthful music and gruesome gags.

In today’s episode, Queen Victoria’s coronation doesn’t go quite as planned, George IV pulls out all the stops to impress his guests on Historical Come Dine With Me, ancient Greek bighead Alexander the Great refuses to stop conquering things, and the HH Sport team report live from the horrible pirate races.

Based on the bestselling books written by Terry Deary and illustrated by Martin Brown, Horrible Histories stars regulars Mathew Baynton (Spy, Gavin And Stacey), Simon Farnaby (Your Highness, The Mighty Boosh), Martha Howe-Douglas (The Armstrong And Miller Show), Jim Howick (Reggie Perrin, Peep Show, The Armstrong And Miller Show), Laurence Rickard (Balls Of Steel) and Ben Willbond (Rev, The Thick of It). Horrible Histories is produced by Lion TV in association with Citrus TV.

Saturday 1 June



The Voice UK

This weekend the Knockouts take place and the coaches must reduce their teams of seven down to the top three who will then progress to the live shows.

On Saturday and Sunday night, Sir Tom,, Jessie and Danny will pit their seven remaining artists against each other for one final battle in The Knockouts to compete for the final three places on their respective teams.

It is now the artists who take control - they will each choose just one 'Killer Song' that they think will give them the very best chance to impress their coach.

In a further twist, the artists won't know who they're up against until the moment they're chosen to take the stage.

Tension and adrenaline will be running high as the artists all battle it out to make it through to the live quarter finals and win one of the three coveted places on their team.

Sunday 2 June



Case Histories

In the series finale, Jackson Brodie helps a teenage boy who has grown up in the shadow of his murdered mother to understand how she really died. Meanwhile, he wrestles with his own dilemma as a past case threatens his future.

Aiden Kelso wants to find out what really happened to his mother, Isla, who was murdered 15 years ago when he was just three years old. A deathbed confession by the serial killer convicted of murdering Isla causes Aiden to doubt the circumstances of his mother’s death and he calls on Jackson to uncover the truth.

But Jackson’s suspicions are roused after a frank conversation with Aiden’s father, Ian, who has altered history to protect his son.

Jackson is compromised when Minyawi calls in an old debt. Against his will, Jackson once again finds himself dealing with a man he doesn’t trust. And when Jackson is called to help Minyawi’s desperate daughter Samira, his actions see him cross a line which jeopardizes his future.

A blast from the past appears when Julia arrives back in town with a surprise for Jackson – she’s pregnant. Although she tells him he’s not the father, an unsettled Jackson is unconvinced.

Absorbed in his new relationship with Charlotte, Jackson has let things slide at work which irks Deborah enough to quit. But his new-found love affair is about to take a surprising turn.

Jackson and Louise appear to be getting their relationship back on track as friends. However, love and work create conflicts for the pair which prove too difficult to overcome.

Jackson Brodie is played by Jason Isaacs, Aiden Kelso by Oliver Coopersmith, Isla by Hannah Donaldson, Ian by Paul Higgins, Minyawi by Emilio Doorgasingh, Samira by Gem Carmella, Julia by Natasha Little, Charlotte by Dawn Steele, Deborah by Zawe Ashton and Louise by Amanda Abbington.

Adapted from the Kate Atkinson novels, Case Histories is a Ruby Film and Television production for BBC One through BBC Scotland.



Triathlon: Madrid

Coverage of today’s men’s World Triathlon Series race from Madrid, as well as highlights of yesterday’s women’s event.

In the men’s race, the odds on a Brownlee victory will be short. Olympic champion Alistair has taken victory in three of the last four contests in Madrid with brother Jonathan winning in his absence last year.

In the corresponding women’s race last year, Nicola Spirig warmed up for her London 2012 gold-medal-winning performance with victory.

Ice Age Giants

As the world started to warm up heralding the end of the Ice Age, the mammoths, woolly rhinos, sabre-tooth cats, giant ground sloths and glyptodonts, finally went extinct. Professor Alice Roberts set off on her last voyage back to the Ice Age to discover why.

She examines the options, such as mass hunting by humans wiping out everything - particularly as a number of the animals have been discovered with spear tips. But there were only a small number of humans, so this would have been impossible.

As temperatures warmed and ice-sheets retreated, the flow of water was vast. Yet even these floods were not enough to wipe out the whole species.

The wider effects of global climate change meant that rain and snowfall increased, which was a disaster for one Ice Age giant. The woolly rhino was unable to adapt to the new conditions.

Finally, Alice looks at a harrowing end of one species and possibly others. The bones of mastodons in the US reveal that they were actually killing each other.

Australia With Simon Reeve

In the third and final part of Simon Reeve’s journey around Australia, he travels down the east coast encountering farmers fighting to keep mining operations from digging up coal under their land, before visiting the magnificent cities of Sydney and Melbourne.

Millions of tourists flock to the Gold Coast every year for its beaches and its party atmosphere. But behind the sun and surf, this area has become the crime capital of Australia. Police believe that outlaw motorcycle gangs are responsible for much of the organised crime in the region. In an extraordinary encounter, Simon meets one of the most notorious and feared groups to hear their side of the story.

Heading out into the more genteel suburbs, Simon joins a vet and his team who rescue and treat injured koalas, whose numbers are plummeting under pressure from the increasing suburban sprawl. Thousands of Australia’s iconic animals are killed each year by cars and pet dogs.

Arriving in Sydney, Simon discovers a city of huge cultural diversity closely linked to its booming Asian neighbours, India and China. Simon meets a billionaire property tycoon, who has made his fortune housing these new migrants, and tests Australia’s attitudes to multiculturalism by joining the country’s first Muslim women’s Aussie Rules Football team.

On the very last stretch of the journey, Simon takes to the air to witness the devastating and deadly bush fires ripping through the country, before reaching his final destination, Melbourne, just in time to celebrate Australia Day.



The Coronation Of Queen Elizabeth II

To mark the 60th anniversary of The Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, BBC Parliament will for the first time broadcast a digitally re-mastered version of the original black-and-white televised film footage of the Queen’s Coronation, broadcast on 2 June 1953.

The footage has been restored by BBC Studios and Post Production’s Digital Media Services team, who worked from the original 45 reels of negative black-and-white footage. These were ultrasonically cleaned, transferred, digitised and then graded, grain reduced and dust-busted on the latest digital systems.

Colourist Jonathan Wood explains: “We took a lot of care to ensure that the final restored footage had the right balance between looking clean and refreshed, while retaining the essence of the day it was captured in 1953.”

The footage, which includes commentary from Richard Dimbleby, Michael Henderson and Brian Johnston, will be shown in full and will follow the exact times of the original Coronation broadcast.

This includes the Queen’s procession to Westminster Abbey from 10.25am, the Coronation Service from 11.20am, the State Procession through London from 2.20pm, and the Queen’s balcony appearance from 5pm.

Sylvia Peters, who introduced the original Coronation Day coverage in 1953, returns to the BBC to introduce the restored broadcast, and recalls the excitement at Alexandra Palace on the day of the Coronation.

The 1953 Coronation put television on the map and people went out in their thousands to buy their first television sets just to see it. Cameras were set up all over London and it was the BBC’s biggest-ever outside broadcast at the time.

Monday 3 June




Ian is put under pressure to get the restaurant finished before the local paper arrives, but is anyone willing to help him?

Without realising, Poppy manages to put Dot in a precarious situation.

Alice is pushed over the edge when Janine scuppers her arrangements with Michael and she is forced to face the consequences.

Ian is played by Adam Woodyatt, Poppy by Rachel Bright, Dot by June Brown, Aliice by Jasmyn Banks, Janine by Charlie Brooks and Michael by Steve John Shepherd.

The People's Coronation

David Dimbleby revisits the 1953 Coronation through the people who took part and who celebrated it across the country.

From the young Fleet Street photographer keen make a name for himself on the London streets that day, to the Sussex brewery, who 60 years on is remaking their potent Coronation brew, this is not just the story of the Queen and her courtiers but also of the people who joined together to mark the momentous day.

For David, who was a teenager at the time of the Coronation, it’s also a very personal story. His father, Richard Dimbleby, had the huge responsibility of presenting the TV broadcast from Westminster Abbey. Against the wishes of the establishment, the people of Britain were eager to be granted access to this centuries old tradition. And so on June 2 1953 nearly half the population gathered around their TVs to watch this spectacular historical event which was once the preserve of the aristocracy.

Meeting people who were there at the time and using newly discovered film archive, much of it in colour, David tells the story of the events of the day, from the places where they happened, as well as recalling his own memories.



The Fall

When Eastwood’s investigation into Olson’s murder throws open some uncomfortable truths for Burns, Gibson comes under increased pressure in her hunt for Belfast’s killer.

Spector and Gibson go about their methodical daily physical rituals. As Spector runs down by the city docks, Gibson swims lengths determinedly, the press statement that Burns made the night before about the murder of James Olson ringing in her head.

Eastwood brings Burns up to speed on the Olson murder case, having learnt that Breedlove was the person who called Olson’s phone and was involved in illegal activity at Aaron Monroe’s party. Burns orders Eastwood to bring Breedlove in for questioning.

Meanwhile, Spector is being questioned by his boss for his visit to Liz Tyler. Spector tries to brush it away, but Charles Chandler is persistent, and insists on talking to Liz Tyler herself. But Spector successfully manipulates Liz Tyler into reporting her husband’s abuse and Chandler has to watch as Liz is led away into protection by specialist police.

Under pressure, Gibson revisits the Sarah Kay crime scene with Professor Tanya Reed Smith, and together they discover a potential new lead. But will it stop Spector in time and save the life of his next victim, Annie Brawley?

Cast: Gillian Anderson as Stella Gibson; Jamie Dornan as Paul Spector; Archie Panjabi as Professor Tanya Reed Smith; John Lynch as Jim Burns; Michael Mcelhatton as Rob Breedlove; Stuart Graham as Matt Eastwood; Patrick O’Kane as Charles Chandler; Niamh McGrady as Dani Ferrington; Gerard Jordan as Brian Stone; Bronagh Waugh as Sally-Ann Spector; Karen Hassen as Annie Brawley’ Séainín Brennan as Liz Tyler; Brian Milligan as James Tyler.



Buck: The Real Horse Whisperer

'The Horse Whisperer' may be the stuff of Hollywood legend, but the cowboy who inspired the novel and film is very real. Buck Brannaman – master horseman, raconteur and philosopher - is a no-excuses cowboy who travels the world sharing a hard-won wisdom that's often more about human relationships than about horses.

Buck, a richly textured documentary, follows Brannaman from a painful childhood to his inspiring work as a trainer. He possesses near magical abilities as he dramatically transforms horses - and people - with his deep understanding, compassion and respect. Saved from a violent father, Buck found a safe haven when he was sent to a loving foster family. There he learned the life lessons that he would later apply to his teaching - rejecting the use of fear, cruelty and intimidation and instead creating bonds of trust, tolerance and empathy. He often compares redirecting the minds and energy of troubled horses with the trials of raising children.

The astonishing strength of character that helped Buck transcend the darkness of his past is poignantly reflected in his loving relationship with his daughter Reata, who has clearly inherited the riding and roping talents of her dad. But Buck is often away from his family and travels alone in his horse trailer from clinic to sold-out clinic all across the country, dealing with fractious horses and, frequently, fractious humans. As Buck says, "Often instead of helping people with horse problems, I'm helping horses with people problems."



Peter Rabbit

Peter Rabbit is a dynamic re-imagining of Beatrix Potter's timeless children's classic books. Follow the hero Peter, a brave, mischievous, impulsive and resilient little rabbit as he encounters real dangers, overcomes obstacles and outsmarts predators, all while finding fun and excitement in the most unexpected places.

Peter is a charismatic and clever rabbit who desperately wishes to grow up to be just like his late father. He has big paws to fill. Armed with his dad's journal (a guide to everything you need to be a good rabbit) and with the support of his two best friends, Benjamin and Lily, Peter is off to make his mark in the real world. Set in Potter's beloved Lake District, Peter's world is the real natural world - majestic and beautiful - where behind every tree and rock there is a surprise to discover.

On Monday, Peter and his friends try to find the perfect place to eat the radishes that they took from Mr McGregor's garden, but little do they know they've got a radish robber on their tails!

Tuesday's episode sees Peter tell an impulsive lie, which leads Jemima Puddle-Duck into Mr Tod's clutches. He must act fast to stop her from becoming the fox's dinner!

Peter decides to set Mr Tod and Tommy Brock against each other on Wednesday but he soon finds out that breaking the food chain is harder than it looks.

Thursday sees Peter prove he's got what it takes to be part of the squirrel tribe when he competes for his own treetop hideout.

And on Friday, Peter accidentally brings home Mr McGregor's cat rather than a cart of freshly picked brussels sprouts. Peter must find a way to lure the angry cat back into the garden while staying one step ahead of her claws!

Tuesday 4 June




Jay is put in a difficult position when he is offered an opportunity that he can’t refuse, but how will he keep his secret from Dexter?

Dot is forced to leave her house for a while but will Fatboy manage to save the day?

Masood confides in AJ when Carol starts acting strangely around him.

Fatboy is played by Ricky Norwood, Dot by June Brown, Jay by Jamie Borthwick and Phil by Steve McFadden.


Rachel and Toby have overhauled their lifestyle to try and have a child, moving house to a good catchment area and leaving behind their partying days.

Their previous two attempts at IVF failed and this is their last chance. Their relationship is struggling under the strain and now Rachel has developed ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome which Frankie is monitoring. As Rachel’s scan approaches, Toby buckles under the pressure and Frankie is left to pick up the pieces.

Rachel’s situation resonates with Frankie and she starts to consider taking Ian back and getting her life back on track... But then Paula delivers some news that blows everything up all over again.

Andy finds himself reluctantly dragged into a mother and daughter conflict when the home situation of one of his patients starts to exacerbate her condition. Cheryl, who suffers from a chronic lung condition, is dead set against the idea of her daughter, Beatrice, who has Down’s syndrome, moving in with her boyfriend. As Cheryl’s condition worsens with the stress of arguing with her determined daughter, Andy is forced to confront the situation head on.

Meanwhile, Karen struggles to get her new patient to even let her in the front door. Clive is suffering from senile squalor syndrome and has been hoarding for years. To make matters worse, he’s also got a kidney infection and leg ulcer that need treating. Despite her own problems at home, Karen perseveres with Clive and eventually makes a breakthrough.

After Paula’s bombshell, Frankie is determined not to let Ian get to her, but then she receives a strange message which she finds hard to ignore.

The Unspeakable Crime: Rape

BBC One’s observational documentary The Unspeakable Crime: Rape explores rape in a way that's never been seen on British television before: from forensic medical to police investigation, court and beyond.

Juliet was attacked by a stranger on New Year’s Eve, while Kellie had known and trusted her attacker for over a decade.

St Mary’s, the UK’s first and leading Sexual Assault Referral Centre has for the first time opened its doors to cameras as they support Juliet and Kellie, as well as over 1,000 other victims of rape seeking justice or attempting to move forward with their lives.

The centre is made up of a small all-female team of doctors, crisis workers and counsellors and it is here where the police bring people who say they’ve been raped to conduct a forensic examination.

Rape is unlike any other crime. Often there are only two people present and if one person says it was rape and the other says it was consensual, the truth can be difficult to work out and impossible to prove. For the experts at St Mary’s, it’s not all about the conviction rate: rather they aim to give victims back their choice and control, whether or not a case goes to court.



The Call Centre

Episode one of new five-part BBC Three series, The Call Centre, goes behind the phone calls into the world of the call centre operators to reveal just what motivates them.

It’s all love, life and cold-calling in the third largest call centre in Swansea and at the helm is CEO Nev Wilshire, guiding his company with an unorthodox management style under the motto 'Happy People Sell'.

Nev sees himself as a modern day Napoleon, a dictator, but one loved by his troops. He employs some unique tactics to ensure that his workforce always 'dial with a smile'.

In this first episode Nev shows he genuinely cares for his employees, albeit in a fairly brash and obtrusive fashion, as he makes it his mission to find recently broken-hearted Kayleigh a new man. After splashing out on an office speed-dating night, unhappy with her selection, he pairs her with fellow employee Springer.

Then there is Hayley, a long term employee who was struggling to hit her targets, but rather than give up on her, Nev finds her a position in which she can excel, even buying her new tea and coffee dispensers to aid her in her new role.



What Do Artists Do All Day? Cornelia Parker

In the past, Cornelia Parker has blown up a shed, squashed a brass band and famously collaborated with Tilda Swinton, who was exhibited sleeping in a glass case. As one of Britain's most original and acclaimed contemporary artists, her work encourages us to look differently at the world, transforming familiar objects into extraordinary and surprising art.

In the latest of BBC Four’s artist profiles, What Do Artists All Day? cameras follow Cornelia as she prepares for a new exhibition of her work opening in London in June, working on several new pieces - including bronze sculptures of cracks in the pavement.

Wednesday 5 June



The Iraq War

In After The Fall, the second part of this three-part series, key insiders describe their roles in the chaotic aftermath of the defeat of Saddam Hussein.

US Vice President Dick Cheney and Secretary of State Colin Powell describe the clashes between them about who should take immediate control of Iraq and the actions taken that led to yet more violence.

General David Petraeus recalls the disastrous decision to disband the Iraqi army of over 400,000 men - and pay them nothing. Walt Slocombe was the Pentagon official who decided that Saddam’s military had to go - totally.  Petraeus tells the programme: “I was blunt with Slocombe. I said, ‘Walt, your policies are killing our soldiers’.” Slocombe gives his rationale.

Jay Garner, the first US administrator of Iraq, and Jerry Bremer, who, after four weeks, was brought in to replace him, each tell their side of the story.

In the eyes of the Iraqis, the US and its allies quickly turned from liberators to occupiers and any hope of a non-sectarian, democratic Iraq collapsed.

The programme hears how Grand Ayatollah Sistani issued a fatwa stating that only elected Iraqis could write the constitution. Meghan O’Sullivan, political adviser to Bremer recalls: “We realized this was a very important fatwa. We didn’t appreciate that it would be a show-stopper.”

The negotiators for both the Iraqi government and Muqtada al-Sadr describe their attempts to strike a deal to get Muqtada to disband his Mahdi army, and Iraqi Prime Minister, Ayad Allawi, and the Commander of Multinational forces, General George Casey, spell out how they worked together to defeat al-Sadr.

Never before have the people responsible themselves publicly described their mistakes - some of the most amazing any governments have made in the 21st century.

Thursday 6 June




Ava is left in a predicament when she has to choose between Sam and Dexter.

Alice is tangled in her web of lies, but when she is caught red-handed will she tell the truth?

Ian comes clean to Lucy, but is he really telling her everything?

Ava is played by Clare Perkins, Alice by Jasmyn Banks, Ian by Adam Woodyatt and Lucy by Hetti Bywater.

Waterloo Road

Desperate to rid themselves of Steve-O, Kevin and Connor enlist the help of Barry with a dramatic, but dangerous, plan; Sonya gets involved in love-rival Audrey’s wedding – much to Ndale’s horror; and Michael clashes with Lorraine, forcing him to make a decision that will change Waterloo Road forever.

Connor finds himself between a rock and a hard place when Steve-O steps up his campaign of intimidation against him and Imogen. The ex-con wants Connor to burgle a house for him and won’t take no for an answer. Meanwhile, Kevin is left reeling after discovering Steve-O forced himself on Dynasty. Determined to take revenge, Kevin hatches a plan to kill Steve-O.

A shocked Connor attempts to talk Kevin out of his dangerous plan but to no avail. Instead, the teenager turns to an unlikely ally in Barry Barry who is initially dismissive – that is until he finds out what Steve-O has done to his sister Dynasty.

As the plan spirals out of control, there’s a dramatic stand-off between Steve-O, Kevin, Connor and Barry at the docks. But Steve-O is about to find out that there’s no honour among thieves.

Elsewhere, Michael makes a life-changing decision after learning Lorraine plans to turn Waterloo Road into a fee-paying school. An angry confrontation follows between the headmaster and benefactor, leading Michael to resign in disgust.

Sonya finds herself acting as Audrey’s wedding planner, but Ndale is less than happy about his other woman getting involved. And when Audrey surprises Sonya by asking her to be bridesmaid, Ndale is knocked for six.

Secretly encouraged by Esther, Lula takes her animal rights campaigning to a whole new level - little realising she’s being manipulated by the maverick science teacher.

Steve-O is played by Jody Latham, Kevin by Tommy Lawrence Knight, Connor by Shane O’Meara, Barry by Carl Au, Sonya by Victoria Bush, Audrey by Georgie Glen, Ndale by Ritchie Campbell, Michael by Alec Newman, Lorraine by Daniela Denby Ashe, Dynasty by Abby Mavers, Esther by Daniela Nardini, Lula by Marlene Madenge.

Waterloo Road is a Shed Production for BBC One through BBC Scotland.



The Most Dangerous Man In Tudor England

As part of the BBC Two season Life And Death In The Tudor Court, Melvyn Bragg explores the dramatic story of William Tyndale and his mission to translate the Bible into English.

Melvyn reveals the story of a man whose life and legacy have been hidden from history, but whose impact on Christianity in Britain and on the English language endures today. His radical translation of the Bible into English made him a profound threat to the authority of the Church and State and set him on a fateful collision course with Henry VIII’s heretic hunters and those of the Pope.



Athletics: Diamond League - Rome

Jonathan Edwards presents live coverage of the Diamond League meeting from Rome.

This event is the first major European meeting of the season and the first of a new season of Diamond League programmes on BBC Three. And what a start it is in the Eternal City, as six-time Olympic gold medallist Usain Bolt runs in the 100m. All eyes will be on the fastest man of all time and a whole host of top athletes and Olympic champions who will be striving to set down a marker for the season ahead.

The action comes thick and fast over the two hours with commentary from former world 1,500m champion Steve Cram, and analysis provided by former 110m hurdle world-record-holder Colin Jackson.



Up The Women

In episode two of this new BBC Four Comedy from Jessica Hynes, the newly formed ‘Banbury Intricate Craft Circle Politely Requests Women’s Suffrage’ is planning the first daring act in their effort to secure Votes for Women: they will picket the local Post Office.

However, when a statue of Venus is found vandalised, it soon becomes apparent that the Craft Circle may not be the only group of Suffragettes in Banbury.

Drafted in to investigate this crime is a face from Margaret’s past: PC John Thackery. After initially just making routine enquiries, he quickly becomes concerned with the ladies’ intentions. His suspicions roused, he begins to interview each of them in turn in order to deduce whether they are, in fact, the Suffragettes behind this act of vandalism.

Margaret is played by Jessica Hynes, Helen is played by Rebecca Front, Gwen is played by Vicki Pepperdine, Myrtle is played by Judy Parfitt, Frank is played by Adrian Scarborough, Eva by Emma Pierson, Thomas by Ryan Sampson, Emily by Georgia Groome.

Friday 7 June



The Voice UK Live Quarter Finals

For the first time this series Sir Tom Jones, Jessie J, and Danny O’Donoghue bring their teams to perform live in front of the nation in a bid to secure their place in the semi finals.

Tonight’s episode is the first live show of the series and the first chance for viewers at home to vote on who remains in the competition and who goes home.

All 12 artists will perform and one person from each team will leave The Voice UK, while the remaining eight artists continue on to the live semi finals next weekend.

In a new twist to the format, after all three artists on a team have performed, their coach will chose one act to progress straight through to the live semi finals while the remaining two acts on each team will go head to head in a public vote.

Alongside live performances from all the artists, some special musical guests will also take to the stage.

A live results show will follow later the same evening as Holly Willoughby and Reggie Yates reveal who has gained a coveted place in the semi finals.


It’s the opening of Ian’s restaurant, but with Janine in the picture and the return of some faces from the past, will the event run as smoothly as Ian planned?

Max and Tanya are proud of Lauren for trying to turn her life around, but how long will it last?

Michael is shocked when Janine has a change of heart, but will she stick to her word?

Ian is played by Adam Woodyatt, Janine by Charlie Brooks, Max by Jake Wood, Tanya by Jo Joyner, Lauren by Jacqueline Jossa and Michael by Steve John Shepherd.



Formula 1: Canadian Grand Prix - Practice One

Follow all the action from the first practice session of the Canadian Grand Prix as Sebastian Vettel goes in search of his fourth consecutive Formula 1 title.

It was Lewis Hamilton who actually set the early pace at the corresponding race last year, topping the timesheets with a best lap of 1:15:56.

It was an early demonstration of what was to follow on race day from Hamilton, when he became the seventh different winner from the opening seven races of the 2012 calendar.



Formula 1: Canadian Grand Prix - Practice Two

Follow all the action from the second practice session of the Canadian Grand Prix.

Lewis Hamilton took his first Formula 1 win at this track in 2007 and bagged another here last year, having dominated the opening day’s practice.

Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel will be desperate to ensure Hamilton doesn’t have it all his own way as he bids for a fourth consecutive title in 2013.

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