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Saturday 18 February



Let's Dance For Sport Relief

Let’s Dance For Sport Relief returns with 20 celebrity acts who will be slipping on their dance shoes to wow the panel and viewers and win a place in the final.

Angelos Epithemiou and Ulrika Jonsson; Terry Alderton; Tameka Empson and Laurie Brett and Tony Blackburn and David Hamilton are among the celebrity dance acts who will be taking to the stage this week to perform iconic routines in a dance extravaganza.

Hosted by Alex Jones and Steve Jones the series comprises four heats: each week viewers will vote for their favourite act to go through to the final, where the eight remaining acts will compete to be crowned Let’s Dance Champion 2012.  All proceeds from votes go to Sport Relief.

This week’s panellists, Greg Davies, Keith Lemon and Graham Norton, will be on hand to review performances and viewers will be treated to guest performances from JLS and Jessie J.

Others due to take part in the series include Eddie 'The Eagle' Edwards; Radio 1 DJ Scott Mills and pop star Olly Murs; comedian Omid Djalili; TOWIE favourites Amy Childs and Harry Derbridge and comedy double act Watson & Oliver as well as Rowland Rivron.

Casualty: Love Is

Danny Dyer (Rossy) and Abi Titmuss (Tara) take leading guest roles in this week’s episode of Casualty: Love Is.

There’s a dynamic new paramedic in Holby. He’s called Rossy, he works alone and he's getting to all the shouts faster than Jeff and Dixie. Jeff likes the way Rossy’s willing to go into potentially dangerous situations to get the job done but Dixie thinks he seems too good to be true. Could there be more to this wonder-paramedic than meets the eye?

Tara is getting ready for a special meal with her boyfriend. She thinks he’s ready to take their relationship to the next level. But Tara’s younger sister Gemma is less than thrilled about the idea of them getting married - and her erratic behaviour culminates in her falling off a road bridge while in a dazed state. Can paediatric doctor Tom get to the bottom of the family’s complex web of lies?

Starring Matt Bardock (Jeff), Jane Hazlegrove (Dixie), Oliver Coleman (Tom) and Georgina Beedle (Gemma).



Track Cycling World Cup

Jake Humphrey introduces the second day of the finals of the Track Cycling World Cup meeting at the Olympic Velodrome in Stratford.

This final leg of the World Cup series also doubles as the Test Event for the London 2012 Games and many of the world’s top cyclists will use the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the track and facilities.

Great Britain’s track cyclists won seven of the 10 gold medals on offer at the Beijing Olympics, and reigning Olympic champions Sir Chris Hoy and Victoria Pendleton are expected to be among those in action this weekend, alongside rising stars such as sprinter Jess Varnish.

Lucian Freud: Painted Life

Considered the greatest realist artist since the Second World War, Lucian Freud agreed to this landmark BBC Two documentary by award-winning director Randall Wright only months before he died in July 2011.

Broadcast to coincide with the long-awaited exhibition at London’s National Portrait Gallery in February 2012, the film explores Freud’s life and work, from his childhood escape from Hitler in 1934, through the bohemian early years in 50s and 60s London, to international adulation in old age.

Today Freud’s reputation continues to grow. Vast crowds attend his exhibitions and his masterpiece, Benefits Supervisor Sleeping (nicknamed 'Big Sue') sold in 2008 for a record-breaking $34m.

Fiercely intelligent, Freud commanded great loyalty and affection from his friends, family and lovers. After his death they have spoken, often for the first time, to tell the extraordinary story of a man who dedicated his life to painting portraits at a time when painting, let alone realist painting, was said to be dead.

Sunday 19 February



Call The Midwife

Sister Monica Joan is found wandering near the docks and returned to Nonnatus House by the police.

Her adventure takes its toll and she succumbs to pneumonia. Eventually she recovers, only to find herself in trouble with the law when she is accused of theft. As the case progresses to trial, everyone fears that Sister Monica Joan could go to jail.

Chummy has further worries when her mother makes a trip to inspect her new 'beau'. The visit isn’t a success and Chummy suffers a crisis of confidence, breaking off her relationship with PC Noakes. Jenny and the other midwives pull together to convince her she's making a mistake.

Jenny is played by Jessica Raine, Sister Julienne by Jenny Agutter, Sister Evangelina by Pam Ferris, Sister Monica Joan by Judy Parfitt, Chummy by Miranda Hart, Sister Bernadette by Laura Main, Trixie by Helen George and Cynthia by Bryony Hannah.

Upstairs Downstairs

Written and created by Heidi Thomas, the hotly anticipated second series of Upstairs Downstairs returns to BBC One, starring Jean Marsh, Keeley Hawes, Ed Stoppard and Alex Kingston.

It is now September 1938. Sir Hallam is anxious about affairs in Germany and determines to persuade those in power that Hitler can’t be contained. But when he is met with short shrift from his superiors and sees his wife’s concern over what the possibility of another war might mean for their young family, Hallam is forced to consider whether his approach is the right one…and when he meets an unexpected face in Germany he begins to question more than his political beliefs. 

Downstairs, with Rose taken ill with TB, the staff welcome spirited new maid Beryl, who catches Harry’s eye. But Beryl struggles to adjust to life in service and has greater ambitions.

Back at Eaton Place Sir Hallam’s wife Lady Agnes is extremely frail after giving birth to their second child, but returns to 165 to support her husband. After the death of Hallam’s mother, Lady Holland, the couple are playing host to Dr Blanche Mottershead, Hallam’s aunt, who continues to make herself comfortable at 165 some weeks after the funeral, much to Sir Hallam and Mr Amanjit’s dismay.

Lady Agnes, however, is grateful for the support Blanche lends in such uncertain times. But, despite Blanche’s support, Lady Agnes remains anxious about the safety of her family and her worries set off a chain of events which leads to a startling revelation about Mr Pritchard…

Cast: Sir Hallam played by Ed Stoppard; Beryl Ballard played by Laura Haddock; Harry Spargo played by Neil Jackson; Lady Agnes played by Keeley Hawes; Dr Blanche Mottershead played by Alex Kingston; Mr Amanjit played by Art Malik; Mr Warwick Pritchard played by Adrian Scarborough; Mrs Clarice Thackeray played by Anne Reid; Lady Persie Towyn played by Claire Foy; Johnny Proude played by Nico Mirallegro; Eunice McCabe played by Ami Metcalf; Duke of Kent played by Blake Ritson and Pamela Holland played by Sarah Gordy.



Being Human

Hal is unaccustomed to modern life, having kept himself sheltered from society to avoid the risk of killing. So when Annie and Tom tell him he needs to get a job, he is filled with dread.

Faced with the horror of working in the café with Tom, Hal is tempted by vampire Fergus to come back to the vampire fold as their new leader. Meanwhile Annie is convinced by Regus that the baby should be taken away to safety, or the vampires will surely kill their ‘destroyer’. But when Fergus and his gang attack the house, Annie needs to prove that with Tom and Hal that they are a strong enough team to protect the baby… but are they?

Starring Lenora Crichlow as Annie; Michael Socha as Tom; Damien Molony as Hal; Anthony Flanagan as Fergus; Caryl Morgan as the shop assistant; Laura Patch as Michaela and Mark Williams as Regus.

Being Human is also being simulcast on the award-winning BBC HD channel – the BBC’s High Definition channel available through Freesat channel 109, Freeview channel 54, Sky channel 169 and Virgin Media channel 187.

BBC HD offers the very best of the BBC's programming in high definition, bringing audiences the programmes they love with up to five times more detail than standard definition, and exceptionally vivid colours and crisp pictures.

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Barbara Thompson: Playing Against Time

BBC Four’s Jazz Weekend comes to an end with the first television broadcast of Barbara Thompson: Playing Against Time, a moving and powerful exploration of Parkinson’s disease, seen through the prism of music. Featuring the virtuoso UK jazz saxophonist/composer Barbara Thompson and her husband, the brilliant jazz-rock drummer Jon Hiseman.

Interweaving musical and medical sequences and directed by the award-winning arts documentary film maker Mike Dibb, the film follows five years of Barbara’s inspiring struggle with Parkinson’s and her search for various available treatments which, until now, have allowed her to continue to play with her own band Paraphernalia and Jon’s rock band Colosseum.

Featuring a remarkably intimate look at Jon and Barbara’s daily life, as well as following the couple through their consultations at London’s King’s College Hospital, the film also shows Barbara performing at various Parkinson’s events and as the composer of orchestral, chamber and choral music for classical musicians.

She talks eloquently about living with Parkinson’s and the importance of music and creativity to the way she copes, while Jon talks candidly about how it affects their personal and professional lives.

Monday 20 February



Helen's Polar Challenge For Sport Relief

It’s part five of this special nine-week Blue Peter series, following TV tough-girl Helen Skelton as she sets out to complete a grueling 500 mile challenge to the South Pole for Sport Relief 2012.

To reach the South Pole, the daredevil presenter must travel for up to 14 hours a day across the coldest and windiest places on earth, battling ferocious 80mph winds and temperatures as low as minus 50 degrees Celcius.

Helen will be travelling by kite, by ski, and in a world first by bike, to raise awareness for Sport Relief and this special Blue Peter series follows her progress.

In today’s episode Helen meets her team-mate, Norwegian kite-skier Nikolas Norman as they travel to Iceland to complete the final stage of the Polar Challenge training. But will they learn the skills they need to survive the extreme cold?


Whitney is still feeling guilty about Fat Boy and takes matters in to her own hands to put things right.

Derek is still meddling in Jack’s family life, but when an idea springs to mind will he get what he needs to make it work?

Amira is made to do an honest days work manning their new stall on the Square, but it’s how she repays her teacher that sets tongues wagging in Walford

Whitney is played by Shona McGarty, Derek by Jamie Foreman and Amira by Preeya Kalidas.

The Diamond Queen

In the final episode of this three-part series, Andrew Marr looks at the defining moments of The Queen's reign, beginning with her accession to the throne in 1952 and her Coronation 16 months later.

Marr examines how she has coped with decades of changing, sometimes tense relations with the media; looks back in time and ahead to royal Jubilees and charts her trip to Australia to look at what some see as her most enduring achievement – the Commonwealth.

And, for the first time, all of The Queen’s adult grandchildren have their say about ‘The Diamond Queen’.



The Bleak Old Shop Of Stuff

The Bleak Old Shop Of Stuff resumes tonight with the first of three half hour episodes following on from the Christmas Special.

The comedy adventure is set in the Dickensian world of Jedrington Secret-Past, played by Robert Webb. Jedrington is a fine, upstanding family man and the owner of The Old Shop of Stuff, Victorian London's most successful purveyor of miscellaneous odd things.

This episode sees Jedrington team up with a charming new business partner, but is Harmswell Grimstone (Blackadder's Tim McInnerny) all he seems, or is he actually massively evil? And what is the awful secret behind the cryptic letter that has disturbed Jedrington's wife Conceptiva (The IT Crowd's Katherine Parkinson) so greatly that she has made her way to End-It-All Dock? As the Secret-Past family's fortunes rise and rise it turns out that the foundations of their happiness are far from sound.

Kevin Eldon (Nighty Night), Sarah Hadland (Miranda), Derek Griffiths (West End's Chitty Chitty Bang Bang), Graeme Garden (The Goodies), Adrian Edmondson (The Young Ones) and Blake Harrison (The Inbetweeners) also appear in the three half hour episodes, written by Mark Evans (Radio 4's Dickensian comedy Bleak Expectations).

On the red button viewers can enjoy even more comedy content from The Bleak Old Shop Of Stuff, which reveals how the programme is part of a unique experiment. It is the first television programme in over 117 years to be made using traditional Victorian television-making techniques. Red button viewers will see how the relatively fearless cast and crew coped with steam cameras, on-set urchins and the occasional cholera outbreak behind the scenes.



Incredible Edibles

Food adventurer Stefan Gates is travelling across Britain on a mission to make mealtimes memorable, serving up dishes to dream of using wildly imaginative ingredients.

In Monday’s episode Stefan is in Swansea serving up slimy seaweed, uncovering the gory ingredients in a doner kebab and finding out how you turn pig’s trotters into jelly.

On Tuesday, things get messy in North Lanarkshire, as Stef and his audience discover what goes into haggis, go nuts for scrumptious squirrel in the Mystery Meal and visit an abattoir to see how animals are slaughtered for meat.

In Wednesday’s programme, Stefan’s intrepid volunteers try and make Basildon’s biggest ice lolly, sample some raw local delicacies and get a mouthful of some duck tongues in his Mystery Meal.

On Thursday, Stef is in East Lothain where we find out what would happen if we didn’t fart, chew chicken feet in our Mystery Meal and Stefan attends a deer cull to see where wild venison comes from.

On Friday Stef’s in Crawley, where he is serving up some 'creepy Crawley' insect burgers in the Mystery Meal - and horrifies the audience by showing them what goes into an average economy burger.

The Ministry Of Curious Stuff

Welcome to the Ministry of Curious Stuff, a magical, fantastical depository of information, and occasional misinformation, run by Vic Reeves and his inquisitive and extraordinary team of researchers.

Each episode sees the team answering three questions posed by CBBC viewers, launching a fact-finding mission full of sketches, songs, animations and Vic’s unique flights of fancy.

Vic is joined by his able team of researchers – Captain Lengthwidth (Dan Renton Skinner), Mr Frazernagle (Jack Carroll), Mr Lovett (Tyger Drew-Honey), Miss Tea Party (Beth Rylance) and Miss Wannamaker (Rhyanna Alexander Davis) – to answer viewers’ questions and to prove that sometimes the voyage of discovery is just as fascinating as the final answer.

Today the team investigate the criminal records of animals, discover the reasons we have eyebrows and wonder whether there really are fairies at the bottom of the garden.



Andy’s Wild Adventures

CBeebies’ Andy Day continues his rollercoaster ride around the world, visiting more exciting destinations and coming face to face with some if the world’s most fascinating creatures.

On Monday Andy and Kip join the mountain gorillas as they wrestle and swing from the branches.

In Tuesday’s episode, they head to the Antarctic to join the Chinstrap Penguins on an icy adventure to feed their hungry chicks.

Kenya is the destination for Wednesday’s wild adventure as Andy dances with a million pink flamingoes.

On Thursday, the Brazilian Capuchin monkeys teach Andy how to crack open their scrumptious nuts and Andy discovers that it isn’t as easy as it looks.

And on Friday, Andy and Kip journey to East Africa to watch the super-fast Sengi elephant shrews chase after their supper. Andy then challenges the Sengi to a race!

Tuesday 21 February




Derek’s frustrations with the Mitchell family reaches boiling point, but when he puts his sinister plan into action, what will Jack think about his brother’s plans?

Roxy has grand designs to take on Derek Branning. When she intercepts a message on his mobile phone, her plan to cut out the middle man springs into action.

Cora and Dot turn detective to find out who is writing Rose love letters, but are shocked to find out who’s been sending Rose sweet nothings in the post.

Derek is played by Jamie Foreman, Jack by Scott Maslen, Roxy by Rita Simons, Cora by Ann Mitchell, Dot by June Brown and Rose by Polly Perkins.

Prisoners' Wives

Lou returns home from a night-time deal to find her flat door open and Mason’s bed empty. She panics - has he been abducted?

Then she spots him - he’s been sleepwalking. Guilt-ridden, Lou vows never to leave Mason home alone again and to become a more responsible mother. She wants to stop drug dealing. But leaving behind a world of criminality is never easy, and as Lou tries to go straight her innocent son gets himself into a lot of trouble.

Gemma is determined to see justice prevail and helps the police build a case against her husband. She goes to extraordinary lengths to protect her anonymity – but is it enough? Meanwhile, Francesca attends a prison-run marriage guidance course, under duress. Paul is hoping that they still have a future and does his best to win her back, but will Francesca capitulate?

Jonas Armstrong plays Steve, Emma Rigby plays Gemma, Polly Walker plays Francesca, Pippa Haywood plays Harriet, Natalie Gavin plays Lou.

Death Unexplained

Every death is unique - and if it’s unexplained, unexpected or the cause is unknown, the team at the Coroner’s Court must investigate it.

With unprecedented access to forensic pathologists, mortuary technicians, police and the Coroner herself, Death Unexplained follows Her Majesty’s Coroner Alison Thompson and her team as they examine in painstaking detail mysterious, violent and unnatural deaths in West London, one of the busiest jurisdictions in the country.

Behind each case is also a very human story, movingly told by families themselves and revealing more about the circumstances of loved ones’ lives and deaths.

In the final episode, Alison’s team investigates the case of a man hit by an underground train and a plasterer whose contact with asbestos may have contributed to his death. They are also on standby to deal with British victims of the New Zealand earthquake.

In court, the Coroner must reach her verdict – who were the deceased and when, where and how did they die?



Junior Doctors: Your Life In Their Hands

The junior doctors have settled into their placements, but working anti-social hours and the hectic pace of hospital life is beginning to take its toll.

First-year Andy hopes to become a surgeon and is keen to gain experience. However, when two opportunities to help in theatre are interrupted, he begins to feel he has a long way to go before achieving his goal.

Ameith is finding the work in A&E falling short of his expectations, and decides to spend an extra shift shadowing a consultant anaesthetist.

Meanwhile, in Dermatology, Milla is enthused by the difference that treatment makes to patients’ lives and her time in the department reinforces her dream to pursue a career in this field.

The balance between work and play is a difficult for the junior doctors, but party host Milla provides a chance to take time out from their demanding schedules to let their hair down.

Wednesday 22 February



My Life: Home Grown Boys

Critically acclaimed CBBC documentary series My Life returns. Today’s film, My Life: The Home Grown Boys, follows six entrepreneurial boys from London, each with a unique story to tell.

Something strange is going on in London’s Kings Cross and six boys are at the very heart of it. Right in the middle of Britain’s second biggest construction site, they are running their very own business growing salad and vegetables in skips and selling them to local restaurants and canteens.

The self-styled Home Grown Boys are between the ages of 12 and 15 and last summer they took on their biggest challenge ever. They wanted to grow their business and grow themselves a nice juicy profit at the same time – but with only six weeks of their summer holidays and the summer growing season to achieve their goal it is a very big ambition.

Will their business succeed?

Waterloo Road

It’s the first day of term at Waterloo Road and Sian, who is covering for Michael, has her work cut out when the school is infiltrated by a local gang - the DSC.

Tariq’s efforts to turn over a new leaf are challenged by the arrival of new pupil Mason, who is fresh out of youth detention centre and who soon makes it clear that he expects Tariq to join the DSC. The gang set their sights on attacking Finn and the situation escalates when Mason secures a knife.

The spotlight falls on Jez as the prime suspect to Michael’s hit and run, but with his marriage back on track he’s concerned that Sian will find out he was with Janeece. Meanwhile Chalky is backing up Linda’s story, but when his suspicions are aroused the net begins to close in on her. And Grantly makes a new enemy, dinner lady Maggie, when he criticises her culinary efforts.

Michael Byrne is played by Alec Newman, Sian Diamond by Jaye Jacobs, Jez Diamond by Alex Walkinshaw, Tariq Siddiqui by Naveed Choudry, Mason Price by Kaine Barr, Linda Radleigh by Sarah Hadland, Daniel Chalk by Mark Benton, Finn Starkey by Jack McMullen, Grantly Budgen by Philip Martin Brown and Maggie Croft by Melanie Hill.

Thursday 23 February




Roxy is pleased with herself when she’s able to pull off her plan: but when she receives a stranger at her front door, has she really been able to outsmart Derek Branning?

Anthony and Tyler are still at each other’s throats, but can their blossoming relationships bring them back together again?

Abi is nervous about getting her HPV consent form signed by her parents, but when Lola forges Max’s signature, will this be enough to fool the nurses?

Roxy is played by Rita Simons, Derek by Jamie Foreman, Anthony by Matt Lapinskas, Tyler by Tony Discipline, Abi by Lorna Fitzgerald and Max by Jake Wood.

Inside Men

Chris and Riaz are at each other’s throats as tensions in the group are starting to build during the final practice for the heist.

A new person in charge of security rubs John up the wrong way and he worries that she may put the whole job at risk.

Gina is offered a proper role in the heist and struggles with the decision to get fully involved. When she finally agrees, she is hit by the seriousness of what she is about to do. Both Gina and Marcus reflect on the risks they are taking and make a big decision as a result.

The team start to worry about Chris as his movements become increasingly unpredictable. John thinks Chris may struggle to go through with the plan.

Everyone tries to remain calm as the big day gets closer; they each savour their old lives for the last time before things change forever.

Steven Mackintosh plays John, Ashley Walters plays Chris, Warren Brown plays Marcus, Kierston Wareing plays Gina, Leila Mimmack plays Dita, Nicola Walker plays Kirsty, Hannah Merry plays Olivia, Tom Mannion plays Gordon, Ruth Gemmell plays Rebecca, Rebekah Staton plays Sandra, Irfan Hussain plays Kalpesh, Greg Chillin plays Riaz and Cornell S. John plays Sid




Pramface is a brand new six-part comedy series for BBC Three from the writer of That Mitchell and Webb Look, Chris Reddy.

As far as Jamie and his best mate Mike are concerned, their carefree summer is off to a great start. Exams are over and they're on mission to crash the sixth form party and get laid. Across town, 18-year-old Laura, encouraged by her best friend Danielle, breaks her parents' curfew and heads off to the same party, determined to have fun.

Already a little worse for wear, Laura makes a beeline into Jamie’s nervous but willing arms. Fast forward a few weeks and Laura realises she’s pregnant. Shell shocked she breaks the news to Jamie, only to discover that he's 16.

Life is about to begin, but not in the way either of them expected.

Scarlett Alice Johnson plays Laura Derbyshire, Sean Michael Verey plays Jamie Prince and Angus Deayton and Anna Chancellor star as Laura’s parents, Alan and Janet. Ben Crompton and Bronagh Gallagher star as Jamie’s parents, Keith and Sandra.

Friday 24 February




It’s a difficult day for Jack. Shirley sets him off on a wild goose chase - and how will he react when Max blows one of Derek’s stories out of the water?

Tanya and Max spend some much needed alone time together, but when things between them begin to heat up, Tanya realises that things are not quite as well as they seem.

Heather fears for the worst when Andrew accidentally sees her in her wedding dress. The caterer and the cake-maker both suddenly drop out - is her wedding doomed because of superstition?

Jack is played by Scott Maslen, Shirley by Linda Henry, Max by Jake Wood, Derek by Jamie Foreman, Tanya by Jo Joyner, Heather by Cheryl Fergison and Andrew by Ricky Grover.



Melvyn Bragg On Class And Culture

Melvyn Bragg explores how class and culture – the two great forces which shape us as individuals and as a society – have impacted on one another over the last century.

Writers, artists and historians such as Irving Welsh, Peter Hennessy, Pete Townshend and Pat Barker help Melvyn piece together the complexities of British society - its snobberies and hatreds but also its capacity for immense creative change.

In the first of the series Melvyn explores how a rigidly class-based society responded to wars and economic hardship. Changes were brought about, but they meant cultural losses as well as gains.

Before the First World War Melvyn shows the classes had their own distinct cultures: high culture, owned by the upper classes; aspirational novels for the middle classes and the brass bands and choirs of the working classes.

Classes merged for the sake of the nation in the Great War but divisions were quickly re- established. With the rise of popular culture, particularly public dancing and movies, class lines again started to blur.

With the 30s came the horror of mass unemployment but also an awareness of the difficulty of ordinary people’s lives, now documented on film and in books. By the Second World War, the classes might pull together, as shown in films like In Which We Serve, but social change was demanded.

The Labour victory in 1945 signalled the start of the Welfare State, but Melvyn asks to what degree that apparent change was real. Or were the upper and middle classes determined to hold on to their culture and what they possessed?

The Review Show Oscar Special

As the annual awards season reaches its climax, The Review Show dedicates a whole show to assessing the merits of the favourites and likely also-rans.

Martha Kearney is joined by a stellar line-up of panellists, including the Scottish actor Brian Cox, of Bourne series fame, who is currently wowing audiences and critics alike in Ralph Fiennes' Coriolanus.

• Review Show resident film expert, columnist and critic Natalie Haynes

• Mark Millar - comic book creator, script writer, and the man behind big screen hits Wanted and Kick-Ass

• Greta Scacchi - Golden Globe nominated, multi Emmy Award winning actress, famous for her roles in countless movies.

As they discuss the relative merits of the contenders in each category - George Clooney's much tipped role in The Descendants, Woody Allen's biggest Oscar hope in years - they'll single out their top tips, providing specialist insight and expertise along the way.



The Real Hustle: Celebrity Chancers

Shameless and EastEnders star Jody Latham joins the Hustlers this week in a crazy con starring Alex as the Mad Greek, a compulsive gambler who just can’t help betting on anything and everything.

Paul plays his gambling buddy, and manages to convince the mark that he can’t lose as ‘Nick the Greek’ has a ‘tell’ – an unwitting giveaway sign. Drawn in by the promise of a big money win, the mark agrees to help Paul cheat and soon finds himself embroiled in the biggest bet of his life.

Plus Paul gets down and dirty to play a tramp who, on finding an envelope stuffed with cash in the street, manages to convince one mark that he’s the honourable type. The mark is bowled over by his honesty but is soon left with a very bad taste in his mouth.



Gerry Rafferty - Right Down The Line

Gerry Rafferty, who died in January 2011, was one of Scotland's best loved singer songwriters, famous around the world for hits such as the legendary Baker Street and Stuck In The Middle With You.

Narrated by David Tennant, this ArtWorks Scotland film tells the story of Rafferty's life and music through his (often autobiographical) songs.

The film includes contributions from Gerry's daughter Martha and his brother Jim; tributes from friends and colleagues Billy Connolly, John Byrne, Rab Noakes and Joe Egan and admirers Tom Robinson and La Roux, plus words and music from Rafferty himself.

It charts his enigmatic musical career, from singing harmony with his brothers at home in the 50s to the Paisley beat group scene, forming The Humblebums with Billy Connolly in the 60s, to the chart success of Stealers Wheel, before reaching the world-beating solo years in the late 70s with Baker Street, one of the most enduring and instantly recognisable songs ever.

In an intimate and revealing interview with Gerry himself, recorded in 2001, he talks of his wrangles with the music business and reluctance to enter into the world of fame and celebrity. Says Gerry: “Once you enter into the world of celebrity you can no longer be the observer in life and I’ve always valued that highly…once entered you then become the observed.”

John Byrne adds: “Other people wallowed in that acclamation and excess - it was like a drug to them, they couldn’t stop. It wasn’t like a drug to him - it wasn’t even like a bag of sweeties. He didn’t want to do it and he refused to do it.”

Despite massive airplay and huge sales in America he never played a single gig in the States. Says singer and broadcaster Tom Robinson: “I have huge respect for Gerry for never pandering to the demands of record companies to promote his work simply in order to shift product. Good for him for sticking two fingers up at the system and saying you don’t actually have to do any of that and I’m not going to.”

Billy Connolly adds: "I wanted success and fame and I got it to a degree. Gerry wanted his talent and songs to be respected and he certainly got that."

Gerry Rafferty – Right Down the Line presents a heartfelt and honest portrait of Rafferty, showing that contrary to common perception he was a gregarious and generous man in possession of a mischievous sense of humour with a strong grasp of the absurd.

Celtic Connections 2012 - Gerry Rafferty Remembered

BBC Four celebrates the music of legendary Scottish singer songwriter Gerry Rafferty, when Ricky Ross presents Celtic Connections 2012 - Gerry Rafferty Remembered.

The programme was recorded in January at the 'Celtic Connections Bring It All Home: Gerry Rafferty Remembered' concert.

It features some of Rafferty’s greatest songs, played by his lifelong friend and fellow musician Rab Noakes, plus The Proclaimers, Ron Sexsmith, Paul Brady and Barbara Dickson amongst many other friends and musicians.

Rab Noakes, musical director and co-organiser of the concert alongside Gerry’s daughter, Martha, says: “I am honoured to be so closely involved with Gerry’s family, his musical companions and admirers in this celebratory event. It is of course also a commemoration, but the accent will be on remembering Gerry as a major artist and an ever-interesting and engaging man.”



Tracy Beaker Returns

Life at the Dumping Ground can get complicated for care worker Tracy. Despite being one of the adults she still finds herself caught up in the mayhem and unpredictability of life there, which this week comes in the form of rampaging sheep.

Everyone’s off to a farmhouse in the country for the start of the annual Dumping Ground holiday.

But when Tee accidentally lets sheep into the farmhouse, the farmer throws everyone out. Tensions build as the young people take their anger out on Tee. Can she get the holiday back on track before Lily and Carmen run away on their own holiday adventure?

Starring Dani Harmer as Tracy Beaker.

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