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Unplaced programmes from 12 November to 18 November



Arena - George Harrison: Living in the Material World

BBC Two’s flagship arts documentary strand, Arena, broadcasts the UK television premiere of Martin Scorsese’s definitive portrait of the late George Harrison, taking viewers on a fascinating musical and spiritual journey.

Scorsese traces Harrison’s life from his early beginnings in Liverpool to becoming a world-famous musician, philanthropist and filmmaker, weaving together interviews with George and his closest friends, photographs and archive footage including early live performances – much of it previously unseen.

The result is a rare glimpse into the mind and soul of one of the most talented artists of his generation and a profoundly intimate and affecting documentary.

Part one looks at George’s early years in The Beatles - from their first gigs in Hamburg and the beginning of Beatlemania through to his psychedelic phase, religion and Indian music.

The programme includes contributions from Sir Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Yoko Ono, Eric Clapton, Sir George Martin and Phil Spector.

Arena - George Harrison: Living in the Material World

BBC Two’s flagship documentary strand, Arena, broadcasts the second and concluding part of Martin Scorsese’s definitive portrait of George Harrison.

Part two looks at Harrison’s post-Beatles days, as a member of the Travelling Wilburys and a solo artist, as well as looking at his non-musical ventures including his work as a movie producer and his family life with wife Olivia and son Dhani.

Racing legend Jackie Stewart tells of George’s love of motor racing, Monty Python’s Eric Idle recounts how George saved the Life of Brian from catastrophe by re-mortgaging his mansion to help finance it and we hear from Travelling Wilbury bandmates including Tom Petty.

Harrison’s widow Olivia gives a poignant account of her life with the Beatle, including the harrowing tale of when a violent intruder attacked them at home one evening in 1999.



Storyville: The Billion Dollar Art Heist

The Billion Dollar Art Heist chronicles the long and dramatic struggle for control of the Barnes Foundation, a private art collection valued at more than $25bn.

In 1922, Dr Albert C Barnes formed a remarkable educational institution around his priceless collection of art, located just five miles outside of Philadelphia.

Now, more than 50 years after Barnes’s death, a powerful group of monied interests have gone to court for control of the art, and intend to bring it to a new museum in Philadelphia.

Standing in their way is a group of Barnes’s former students and his will, which contains strict instructions stating the Foundation should always be an educational institution, and that the paintings may never be removed.

Will politics prevail over a man’s dying wishes?

Storyville: The Call Girl And The Governor

Dubbed The Sheriff of Wall Street, Eliot Spitzer made his name as New York’s Attorney General, prosecuting criminal activity by America’s largest financial institutions and some of the most powerful businessmen in the country.

He was then elected New York Governor with the largest margin in the state's history, and many believed Spitzer was on his way to becoming the nation's first Jewish President.

Then, shockingly, Spitzer’s meteoric rise turned into a precipitous fall when the New York Times revealed that Spitzer – a paragon of rectitude – had been seeing prostitutes.

With unprecedented access to the escort world as well as friends, colleagues and enemies of the ex-Governor, Academy Award winning director Alex Gibney explores the hidden contours of this tale of hubris, sex and power.



Deadly Art

Inspired by his amazing Deadly 60 list, Steve Backshall challenges a team of artists to create some astounding animal art.

In today’s episode, the team is put to the test when they try to create a very special piece of artwork that will be transformed into a Christmas card in aid of BBC’s Children in Need.

Michelle Ackerley, Mike Fischetti and Jo Dennis use polystyrene, paint and bags full of arty tips and secrets to produce an amazing arctic scene - complete with polar bears and Northern Lights inspired by the spots on Pudsey bear’s bandana.

Deadly Art is presented by Steve Backshall, Michelle Ackerley, Mike Fischetti and Jo Dennis.

Saturday 12 November



Formula 1: Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Qualifying

Jake Humphrey presents live coverage of qualifying for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Sebastian Vettel will once again be the man to beat, the Red Bull driver having dominated qualifying throughout the season, helping him to claim a second successive title.

British duo Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton will hope to push the German much harder next year, and will want to lay down a marker in the season’s penultimate race. Overtaking is usually difficult at the Yas Marina circuit, so a good performance in qualifying is crucial to any driver with hopes of finishing on the podium on race day.

Boxing: British Championships

Live boxing action comes from the British Championships at York Hall in London, where Britain's best amateurs hope to stake their claim for Olympic selection.

The tournament aims to identify the best male and female boxers in the country, pitting the top amateurs selected by Amateur Boxing Associations of Scotland, England and Wales against members of Great Britain's podium squad.

It's an opportunity for those boxers on the fringes of the Olympic set-up to join the GB Boxing squad as a funded athlete for an assessment period if they have a successful championship.

Competition for places will be fierce - Britain won four medals at last month's World Championships, their best ever performance.

Strictly Come Dancing

Sir Bruce Forsyth and Tess Daly are back in the ballroom as the battle for the glitterball trophy continues.

Tonight, the nine remaining couples take to the dancefloor to perform a selection of glittering ballroom and Latin routines, hoping to win over the public and make it through to Strictly's biggest ever show - the Wembley spectacular, next week.

They will also be trying hard to impress the fearsome foursome - judges Len Goodman, Alesha Dixon, Bruno Tonioli and Craig Revel Horwood – who are on hand to deliver their verdicts on each routine, and each award a score out of 10. Then the voting lines open for viewers at home to have their say.


Morgana joins forces with the enigmatic wizard Alator (Gary Lewis) to uncover a secret that could change the course of destiny, as the magical drama continues. With allies on both sides of the castle walls, can anyone stop her before Merlin's greatest secret is revealed?

Colin Morgan plays Merlin and Katie McGrath plays Morgana. Nathaniel Parker plays Agravaine, Bradley James plays Arthur, Richard Wilson plays Gaius, Angel Coulby plays Gwen, Tom Hopper plays Sir Percival, Eoin Macken plays Sir Gwaine, Adetomiwa Edun plays Sir Elyan and Rupert Young plays Sir Leon.

Gary Lewis guest stars Alator and Emilia Fox as Morgause.



Live 'n' Deadly

This week Steve Backshall and Naomi Wilkinson head to a winter wonderland, tackling the slopes of one of Britain’s biggest indoor ski centres.

They meet an owl that is built for life in the cold – the snowy owl – and put a group of husky dogs to the test, racing up the slope dragging Steve and Naomi behind them.

Steve comes face to face with a snake that has taken arctic survival to the extreme by freezing solid and paralympic skier Sean Rose is in on the action too, showing just what he can do on a monoski.

Deadly Art’s Nicola Wood also joins in the frozen fun by showing how she can sculpt ice using a chainsaw!

Crammed full of challenges, dares, animals and adventures, Live ‘n’ Deadly proves that you don’t need to head off around the world to find something fun and exciting to do with your weekend.



Justin's House

On Saturday, Justin finds out that it’s Get Fit Day, so, with the help of the Jigglometer 3000, he starts doing his exercises.

The effort is far greater than he bargained for and he spends more time avoiding press ups and running than actually doing them. Fortunately, Katy from I Can Cook is on hand to help Justin reach his fitness target.

In Sunday’s episode Moosh, one of Nisha’s pandas, from Same Smile, pays a visit. Justin, Robert and Little Monster are determined to show Moosh how much fun it is in Justin’s House. Unfortunately, all their attempts to entertain the little panda go badly wrong. What will Moosh tell Nisha when it’s time to leave?

Sunday 13 November



Formula 1: Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

Jake Humphrey introduces live coverage of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, the penultimate race of the 2011 season and the only day-night race on the Formula 1 calendar.

Sebastian Vettel may have already sealed a second successive drivers' championship, but the German will be in no mood to let up at Yas Marina.

The spectacular track, which cost £800m to construct, was the scene for Vettel’s dramatic title win last year, when the German claimed maximum points to leapfrog Fernando Alonso in the standings.

Vettel also won in Abu Dhabi in 2009, so will be looking to make it a hat-trick of wins.

Strictly Come Dancing - Results

Tess Daly and Claudia Winkleman present the results of last night's glittering Strictly Come Dancing, revealing which couples are dancing on Strictly’s biggest ever dancefloor at the Wembley spectacular next week.

Which couples will have impressed the judges and viewers at home and live to dance another day in front of 6,000 Strictly fans at Wembley next week? And which couple will have danced their last dance and be the next to leave the competition?

The score awarded to each couple by the judges will be combined with the results of the viewers' votes.

Garrow's Law

William Garrow attempts to change British law forever in the opening episode of Garrow’s Law, written and co-created by Tony Marchant and based on a true story. Garrow returns to the Bailey risking his reputation to defend James Hadfield, who is on trial for High Treason for attempting to assassinate King George III.

Garrow agrees to meet Hadfield at Newgate, but finds his defence perplexing. Hadfield is convinced that God has spoken to him. He insists that he did not want to kill the King, but rather wanted himself to be killed by an outraged patriotic crowd. Is he a madman or an assassin? Eighteenth century law does not permit a man to be mad sometimes.

Convinced of Hadfield's insanity, Garrow risks a defence which seeks to change the law. But in a country where the King himself seems completely lunatic sometimes, is it a defence which threatens the Establishment, or is it an assault on George III himself?

Now living in an ‘irregular’ relationship with Lady Sarah Hill, Garrow finds himself ostracised and impoverished. He must deal with the competing demands of domestic happiness and professional integrity.

Meanwhile, separated from her husband, Sir Arthur Hill, Southouse informs Sarah that she has no independent rights of her own. She is determined to be reunited with her son and commits a desperate act to try to get him back. But is it an act that provokes her estranged husband? What will be the implications for her and Garrow?

William Garrow is played by Andrew Buchan, James Hadfield by Mark Letheren, Lady Sarah Hill by Lyndsey Marshal, Sir Arthur Hill by Rupert Graves and John Southouse by Alun Armstrong.

William Garrow is played by Andrew Buchan, James Hadfield by Mark Letheren, Lady Sarah Hill by Lyndsey Marshal, Sir Arthur Hill by Rupert Graves and John Southouse by Alun Armstrong.

Monday 14 November



Moving On

BBC One’s acclaimed Daytime drama series Moving On, created by multi-award winning writer Jimmy McGovern, returns with five new stand alone films. The series explores contemporary issues, as characters reach a turning point in their lives and then move on.

Bugsy is shy but has a good heart and a regular morning ritual with local kids Dylan and Josh, who jump on the back of his float for a ride. When Dylan has an accident and bangs his head as he falls off, it threatens to turn Bugsy’s life upside-down.

Worried about Dylan, Bugsy takes him a big bar of chocolate. Single mum Ally is touched as she knows the accident was Dylan’s fault. There’s a spark between them, but she’s just about to take her ex, Clive, back, as she’s struggling with the rent and thinks it will be good for the boys.

Ally’s mum Rita thinks she’d be better off suing the dairy for compensation instead of taking Clive back, but Angie’s not sure; it was an accident and Bugsy came to see them out of kindness and concern. But, on the other hand…

When Ally does make a claim will Bugsy finally stand up for himself?

Bugsy is played by Shaun Mason, Clive by Rob James-Collier, Ally by Alicya Eyo, Dylan by Oliver Kane Rice, Josh by Joshua Kane Rice and Rita by Susan Eyo.


Phil is perturbed when he receives yet another unidentified photograph through the post and he starts to wonder who would be sending them to him and why.

When he receives one with a date printed on the back, it dawns on him who the man in the photograph is and he begins to panic.

Meanwhile, Tyler does his best to make things right between Jodie and Poppy, and Tamwar and Afia worry about how their parents' relationship will affect them.

Phil is played by Steve McFadden, Tyler by Tony Discipline, Jodie by Kylie Babbington, Poppy by Rachel Bright, Tamwar by Himesh Patel and Afia by Meryl Fernandes.



Art of America: Looking For Paradise

In the first episode of a new series exploring the history of American art, Andrew Graham-Dixon embarks on an epic journey from east to west, following in the footsteps of the pioneers who built the foundations of modern America.

During his journey, he travels to Massachusetts to see the earliest portraits in America depicting the Puritan settlers, and visits Pennsylvania to uncover the dark truth behind Benjamin West’s most famous painting, the spectacular Treaty of Penn with the Indians. In Philadelphia, he turns the pages of one of the world’s most expensive books – John James Audubon’s exquisite Birds of America, and explores the wilderness that inspired America’s greatest landscape painter, Thomas Cole.

He also uncovers the paradox at the heart of America - that progress and innovation have come at a tragic price: the destruction of the unique cultural heritage of Native Americans by European settlers.

Andrew' s journey takes us to the end of the 19th century, and the announcement that the era of westward expansion was officially over.



I Can Cook With You

Katy Ashworth continues her journey around the country having fun with food and serving up some tasty treats.

Get ready to make Spiced Fun Buns on Monday and take a ride on a steam train with Katy through the Kent countryside.

On Tuesday, Katy takes a tumble in East London as she has fun doing gymnastics before cooking up a Green Parcel Pie.

On Wednesday Katy heads off to Windsor Castle where she makes a scrumptious Strawberry Crown. Katy tries her hand at skateboarding in West London on Thursday before baking a Courgette Cake.

And on Friday, Fig and Fudge Biscuits are the order of the day before Katy goes kayaking in Littlehampton.

I Can Cook With You

Katy Ashworth continues her journey around the country having fun with food and serving up some tasty treats.

Get ready to make Spiced Fun Buns on Monday and take a ride on a steam train with Katy through the Kent countryside. On Tuesday Katy takes a tumble in East London as she has fun doing gymnastics before cooking up a Green Parcel Pie. On Wednesday Katy heads off to Windsor Castle where she makes a scrumptious Strawberry Crown. Katy tries her hand at skateboarding in West London on Thursday before baking a Courgette Cake. And on Friday, Fig & Fudge Biscuits are the order of the day before Katy goes kayaking in Littlehampton.

Little Charley Bear

Little Charley Bear returns to CBeebies with brand new episodes narrated by James Corden. Charley Bear goes on a series of imaginative adventures joined by his friends, Frozo the penguin, Midge the teddy bear, Rivet the robot, Nibblit the rabbit, Caramel the cow and Bellarina the ballerina.

On Monday, Charley unwraps presents and doesn’t feel very happy until he unwraps one with Bellarina inside! Charley wants to make a wish on Tuesday and draws a birthday cake with candles on. But when Charley becomes a King with a wizard to make all his wishes come true he soon learns that even a king should be careful what he wishes for! Wednesday finds Charley sad and grumpy until a beautiful rainbow cheers him up. But when Charley feels grumpy again, the rainbow fades and he realizes the only way to keep the rainbow colourful is to be happy! Charley is bored with his pet rock on Thursday and wants a new pet. But when Charley looks after Bellarina’s boisterous dog, he realizes that having a pet is hard work! And on Friday, Charley wants to be really strong like his hero Super Bear Pants but when he does gain this super strength he realizes that being a super hero is harder than he thought.

Raa Raa The Noisy Lion

Raa Raa the Noisy Lion returns to CBeebies with brand new episodes narrated by Lorraine Kelly. Raa Raa is a noisy little lion club who has fun in the jungle with his friends Huffty the elephant, Topsy the giraffe, Crocky the crocodile, Zebby the zebra and Ooo Ooo the monkey.

On Monday, Raa Raa has decided that the jingly jangly jungle is not jingly or jangly enough. He and his friends realise they need to work together to make a wonderful jingly jangly jungle sound. Ooo Ooo is having a banana party on Tuesday. Raa Raa and his friends need to find a way to transport all the bananas to Ooo Ooo's house. Wednesday sees Raa Raa trying to find the perfect noise to accompany his friend Huffty. He sets out on a noisy discovery to find an amazing new sound. It is raining in the jungle on Thursday and Raa Raa doesn't think he'll be able to play with his friends until he discovers that the rain makes lots of exciting new noises. And on Friday, Raa Raa and all his friends are finding out about different animals which is great fun and very noisy!

Tuesday 15 November



Moving On

BBC One’s acclaimed Daytime drama series Moving On, created by multi-award winning writer Jimmy McGovern, continues.

New mum Caroline is struggling to cope on her own with a baby, while her husband Tom serves in Afghanistan. It's Tom’s first tour, the baby’s had colic and Caroline is struggling to fit in to life on the barracks.

Fellow army wife Maggie tries to help Caroline, and when rats are discovered in Caroline’s house, Maggie puts her in touch with rat catcher Sam. During his visits to sort the rat problem, he sees how hard things are for Caroline and unwittingly starts to take the place of Tom in the household - at the dinner table, with the baby and doing odd jobs about the house.

Maggie becomes suspicious of the change in Caroline and gossip starts to spread. Caroline’s protests at innocence are scoffed at, but she goes to tell Sam they can’t be friends any more - only to find that he’s been beaten up as a warning. Caroline’s heart goes out to him and they end up in bed. They’re interrupted by a phone call to say someone in the battalion has died. Caroline’s stricken with guilt and waits in torment for news. It’s time for her to make a choice...

Caroline is played by Christine Bottomley, Sam by Dean Lennox Kelly, Tom by Michael Keogh and Maggie by Annabelle Apsion.


With his fears intensifying, Phil tries to get to the bottom of who is sending him anonymous post and makes it his mission to find out. With Janine top of his suspicions, he decides to confront her but will he get the answers he is looking for?

The Moon boys have found another scam to raise some money but with dodgy stock it looks as though they are going to be caught out.

Elsewhere, Kat goes for a night out with Kim but with guilt weighing heavily on her mind she decides to admit the truth to Alfie.

Phil is played by Steve McFadden, Janine by Charlie Brooks, Tyler by Tony Discipline, Anthony by Matt Lapinskas, Kat by Jessie Wallace, Kim by Tameka Empson and Alfie by Shane Richie.

Death In Paradise

Ben Miller and Sara Martins star in James Payne's Death In Paradise.

Megan Talbot confesses to shooting her husband, Lucas Talbot, dead but when Richard and the team go to find the body it’s nowhere to be seen. Convinced there’s more to the case than Megan is telling him, and without a body, Richard releases Megan – offering her a lift to her villa.

At the villa Richard and Camille meet Lucas’s friends Astrid Knight and her husband, Patrick Knight – and quickly discover there is no love lost between Megan and Astrid. However Richard insists nothing is definite until they find Lucas’s body…

Eventually Lucas’s body is found by a local boat and brought back to the harbour – with two gunshot wounds to his head - just as Megan said in her statement; Richard reluctantly arrests Megan for murder.

However – even with a full confession and body, something still doesn’t sit right with Richard – he is desperate to understand how a button got lodged behind Lucas’ watch, why the stopwatch on his watch was going and what was on the mobile phone found with his body. With the help of Camille and the team Richard finally sees what’s been staring him in the face the whole time…

DI Richard Poole is played by Ben Miller, Camille Bordey by Sara Martins, Dwayne Myers by Danny John-Jules, Fidel Best by Gary Carr, Megan Talbot by Miranda Raison, Lucas Talbot by Neil Stuke, Astrid Knight by Emma Fielding and Patrick Knight  by Derek Riddell.



Him & Her: The Get Together

Becky's parents, Nigel and Janet, meet Steve's mum and her new partner, Mike, and Paul and Laura have bought along a housewarming present. 

Despite Steve's massive efforts to make the evening go well, preparing his favourite meal and trying to make conversation, it's a recipe for disaster. 

Russell Tovey plays Steve, Sarah Solemani plays Becky, Kerry Howard plays Laura, Ricky Champ plays Paul, Joe Wilkinson plays Dan and Camille Coduri plays Shelly.

Him & Her is simulcast on the award-winning BBC HD channel – the BBC’s High Definition channel available through Freesat channel 109, Freeview channel 54, Sky channel 169 and Virgin Media channel 187.

Wednesday 16 November



Moving On

The issue of addiction is explored in the latest film in the new BBC Daytime series Moving On, created by multi-award winning writer Jimmy McGovern.

Plumber Billy has always struggled with gambling. He claims it’s under control but with bills piling up, his wife Michelle is close to breaking point. Billy can’t help himself; he even gambles the money a customer gave him for parts and ends up stealing a pair of taps from the betting shop toilets to complete the job.

When Billy makes a chance discovery of a small bag of diamonds hidden in the loft of customer June, his mate Dave eggs Billy on to take a few of the gems. Instead of paying his debts though, Billy tries to make his windfall larger at the bookies and it’s not long before he’s lost it all. He takes more diamonds, but is soon back to square one again.

With Dave on the next flight to Spain, and Michelle packing her bags, there’s a knock at Billy’s door. Is there anything that can make him face his addiction?

Billy is played by Reece Dinsdale, Michelle by Eva Pope, June by Melanie Kilburn and Dave by Paul Usher.

Waterloo Road

The last day of term starts badly for Michael, when he finds a threatening note on the dashboard of his car, and Jez’s unexpected arrival during the staff briefing scuppers any hope that the prize-giving will be the focus of the day.

Grantly informs a rattled Michael that Jez will be making a formal complaint to the governors about his affair with Sian and matters come to a head when Jez pulls Madi and Zack out of class to take them to Ireland. As they drive off, Wayne slips in to school with revenge on his mind and Michael finally gets a chance to confront his stalker.

Elsewhere Em tries desperately to prevent Scout from moving away with her foster parents and Ronan and Vicki say goodbye to Waterloo Road and each other.

Michael Byrne is played by Alec Newman, Sian Diamond by Jaye Jacobs, Jez Diamond by Alex Walkinshaw, Linda Radleigh by Sarah Hadland, Vicki Macdonald by Rebecca Ryan, Ronan Burley by Ben Ryan Davies, Scout by Katie McGlyn, Emily James by Shannon Flynn and Wayne by Robert Haythorne.

Frozen Planet

For the animals of the polar regions, time is running out in the autumn as the Arctic Ocean freezes over and the sea ice advances around Antarctica.

Hordes of polar bears gather on the Arctic coast waiting for the return of the ice. Beluga whales head to an estuary to thrash their bodies against the gravel and exfoliate in a gigantic whale spa! Inland, the tundra dramatically transforms from green to fiery red and musk ox fight to defend their harems.

In Antarctica, newly feathered Adélie penguin chicks take their first reluctant swim in dangerous waters. A leopard seal explodes from the sea and pulls one from an ice floe in a hunting manoeuvre that has never been filmed before. 

David Attenborough narrates. Frozen Planet is co-produced with the Open University.

Freeze frame features the team filming on the treacherous sea ice edge as emperor penguins return to Antarctica.



Pan Am

It’s 1963 and the Jet Age is dawning as Pan American Worldwide Airlines unveils its Boeing 707 Clipper Majestic, captained by the cocky and charismatic Dean Lowery.

However, when Dean’s choice for lead stewardess, Bridget Pierce, mysteriously disappears on the heels of his marriage proposal, a frantic search for a replacement produces Maggie Ryan, a rebellious bohemian who is continually running afoul of the airline’s rigid dress code.

Joining Dean and Maggie are Kate Cameron, an adventuresome 24 year old; her younger sister Laura who has become a celebrity after her picture landed on the cover of Life when she ran out on her wedding and joined Pan Am; and the young French beauty Colette Valois.

On the eve of the Majestic’s inaugural flight, a US intelligence operative who recruited her in Rome several months ago, asks Kate to replace the passport of a Russian passenger with one that’s expired.

As the flight is getting underway, Colette is surprised when John Stanton, a passenger with whom she’s having an affair, boards with his wife and young son in tow. With his co-pilot Ted Vanderway and their navigator Sanjeev, Dean takes the Majestic into the skies towards London. And as Kate looks for an opportunity to switch Sabel’s passport, she must also keep the amorous cockpit crew, and especially Ted, away from her naïve and inexperienced younger sister.

Upon landing, John’s wife Evelyn makes it clear that she knows about Colette’s affair with her husband and warns her to steer clear. And as Dean is puzzled to find that Bridget’s London apartment has been mysteriously vacated, Kate learns that Sabel is actually Roger Anderson, a British MI6 agent who posed as the Russian passenger in order to test her in advance of a real assignment. Finally, as Kate learns that it was Bridget who was responsible for recruiting her, she prepares for a future of working alongside her younger sister while taking on a series of covert courier assignments from the CIA.

Pan Am stars Christina Ricci (Penelope) as Maggie, Margot Robbie (Neighbours) as Laura, Michael Mosley (Justified) as Ted, Karine Vanasse (Polytechnique) as Colette, with Mike Vogel (The Help) as Dean and Kelli Garner (Going The Distance) as Kate. It is directed by Thomas Schlamme and written by Jack Orman.

Pan Am

In preparation for the Clipper Majestic’s flight to Paris, Laura is furiously learning everything she can about the French capital in We’ll Always Have Paris, the second episode of BBC Two's glossy new period drama.

Meanwhile, Dean looks to Colette to help him face his return to the city where he and Bridget started their now-defunct romance. As Ted steps in to help when Maggie’s insolence during a grooming check threatens to leave her grounded in New York, Kate learns that her less-than-stellar performance during her recent Berlin spy mission nearly ended her fledgling relationship with the CIA. But as the flight is getting under way, Kate and Laura discover that things are about to get even more difficult when they find that their mother, Judith, is on board. Meanwhile, once they are airborne, a male passenger’s unwanted sexual advances force Maggie to threaten him with a carving knife.

Because neither of them have spoken to their mother since running out on Laura’s wedding, the Cameron sisters cannot agree on who should be the one to face her now that she’s on board the Paris-bound flight. However, upon finally speaking with her, Kate and Laura are surprised when she claims to have missed them. But after she and Kate recall the tumultuous events that caused her to run out on her wedding, Laura discovers the real motive for her mother’s trip to Paris when Judith lures her into an unexpected rendezvous with her ex-fiancé, Greg. Meanwhile, Maggie feels undermined when Ted steps in to ease the tension with the aggressive passenger.

With Colette’s help, Dean returns to a romantic Paris nightclub in the hope of finding out what happened to Bridget, only to be told that she already has a husband. However, as Kate takes her mum to task for ambushing Laura, she’s surprised by Bridget. After explaining that it was her own failed spy mission that forced her to go into hiding with a new identity on the heels of Dean’s proposal, Bridget warns Kate not to let her personal life get in the way if she wants to continue working for the CIA.

Finally, as Laura encourages Greg to start chasing his own dreams, and Kate learns just how much Judith wants both of her daughters back, Dean looks to Colette to help ease his pain over losing the woman he loved.

Pan Am stars Christina Ricci (Penelope) as Maggie, Margot Robbie (Neighbours) as Laura, Michael Mosley (Justified) as Ted, Karine Vanasse (Polytechnique) as Colette, with Mike Vogel (The Help) as Dean and Kelli Garner (Going The Distance) as Kate.



Rich Hall's Continental Drifters

Following on from the success of The Dirty South and How the West Was Lost, comedian Rich Hall embarks on a new journey across America to explore the symbolism of the classic road movie. Rich takes to the open road and, with a mixture of history, wit and classic clips, tells the story behind the genre.

Cruising through the breathtaking badlands of South Dakota to the mountains of Montana, Rich follows in the famous Thunderbird tyre tracks of Thelma and Louise and serial killer classic Natural Born Killers, as well as Vanishing Point, Badlands, Lost in America, Easy Rider and Sugarland Express.

Rich Hall’s Continental Drifters is a fascinating insight into classic Americana and the history of the American highway system. Rich explores why the combination of road and rubber has become so iconic with historians, motel experts and interstate scholars joining him on his journey.

Rich Hall’s Continental Drifters is part of BBC Four’s America Season which is a celebration and recognition of the brash and brilliant, epoch-defining 20th-century American culture across visual arts, music, movies, gastronomy, photography and popular culture.

Thursday 17 November



Moving On

Daytime drama series Moving On, created by Jimmy McGovern, continues with a new film every day this week exploring contemporary issues through characters who reach a turning point in their lives and then move on.

Christina has always been the life and soul of the party but, as she approaches 40, it seems her friends would rather change nappies than go clubbing. Even her own biological clock is starting to tick and she is shocked when boyfriend Andy reluctantly confesses he’s infertile.

Devastated he can’t give her what she wants, Andy tells Christina he’ll do anything to be with her. Wanting her own child, Christina announces she’s found the perfect sperm donor – her gay best friend Mick.

Mick and his boyfriend Frank are gob-smacked when the subject is broached but Mick says he’ll think about it. The request unexpectedly opens up a can of worms in Mick and Frank’s relationship and threatens to scupper Mick’s friendship with Christina, leaving her to decide what she really wants from life, and what she’s prepared to sacrifice to get it.

Christine is played by Sally Philips, Andy by Paul Rhys, Mick by Alastair MacKenzie and Frank by Warren Brown.


Alfie is reeling from Kat’s bombshell and, not wanting to lose her, he makes a decision that will alter their relationship forever.

After being interrogated by Phil, Janine goes to Pat looking for answers but she is shocked when Pat reveals a secret she has been keeping for many years.

Meanwhile, with Phil’s fears escalating, will he turn to another source for comfort?

Alfie is played by Shane Richie, Kat by Jessie Wallace, Janine by Charlie Brooks, Pat by Pam St Clement and Phil by Steve McFadden.

Children in Need Rocks Manchester

Gary Barlow brings together some of the biggest names from the music industry for a special one-night-only concert for BBC Children in Need.

Hosted by Fearne Cotton, Chris Moyles and David Tennant, the concert will feature performances from some of the biggest recording artists in the world, including Coldplay, Elbow, JLS, Lady Gaga, Hugh Laurie, James Morrison, Snow Patrol and Ed Sheeran.

The evening will also include some surprise guests and will show some of the appeal films of the work that BBC Children in Need carries out with disadvantaged children in the UK, as well as the spectacular billed line-up. There will also be some never-before seen collaborations in honour of the event from the M.E.N. Arena.




A brilliant new curate comes to train at St Saviour’s and Adam is far from ecstatic.

Abi Johnston (played by Amanda Hale), a talented young curate, comes to train at St Saviour's.  

Lay Reader Nigel is green with envy, and even Adam’s initial enthusiasm at the prospect of someone to cover weekends off soon gives way to doubt in his own abilities as a priest when he realises just how brilliant she is.

When Colin decides his vicar needs cheering up, Adam inadvertently gets the chance to experience religious versus chemical ecstasy.

Rev stars Tom Hollander, Olivia Colman, Steve Evets, Miles Jupp, Simon McBurney, Ellen Thomas, Amanda Hale, Lu Corfield, Ben Willbond.

Life's Too Short

Warwick Davis continues to star in Life's Too Short, the fake documentary from Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant, the creators of The Office and Extras. This week, Johnny Depp makes a guest appearance.

With his career on the slide, a massive tax bill caused by his useless accountant, and a wife who’s divorcing him, Warwick is struggling to get his life back on track with a film crew following his progress 24/7.

This week, despite an awkward appearance at a sci-fi convention, an unsuccessful money-making brainstorming session with his assistant, Cheryl, and a humiliating guest appearance at a Star Wars-themed wedding, Warwick's fortune stills seems to be on the rise when Johnny Depp hires him to research a new movie role.

The seven-part sitcom stars Warwick Davis, Ricky Gervais, Stephen Merchant, Rosamund Hanson, with this week's special guest Johnny Depp.

The series also features guest appearances from Liam Neeson, Sting, Helena Bonham Carter, Steve Carell, Cat Deeley, Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Les Dennis and Keith Chegwin.


In this last episode of this current series of Burnistoun there's a problem for Burnistoun's Housing Association when a resident complains about a strange presence in his house; a gullible customer at a car boot sale gets fleeced over a denim jacket; and a couple who met on the TV show Blind Date seem unable to forget the experience.

Peter and Scott's rivalry intensifies as they try to decide who the alpha male is in their relationship; the two old ladies, May and Nan, have an argument over numbers at the bingo which erupts into violence; and Burnistoun's own caped crusader, Doberman Man, shows off his trophy cave to his new side-kick, Doberman Man Woman.

Finally, Paul and Walter's attempts to sell ice cream on the beach in the height of winter end in comic tragedy.

Burnistoun is written and performed by top Scottish comedy duo Robert Florence and Iain Connell, with performances from Kirsty Strain, Allan Miller, Richard Rankin, Louise Stewart and Gerry McLaughlin.



Symphony: New Nations and New Worlds

The third film in Simon Russell Beale’s symphonic journey takes us through the rise of Nationalism in Europe and into the New World.

We start in Vienna in 1876 where there was a fierce conflict whether music should be narrative or abstract – Wagner v Brahms. We see the form grow in size with Bruckner and Mahler and how new nationalist voices like Tchaikovsky, Dvorak and Sibelius brought the symphony to wider audiences and a new public in America.

Simon Russell Beale visits some of the great concert halls of the world, including the Musikverein in Vienna, the Philharmonic Hall in St Petersburg and Carnegie Hall in New York. And, for the first time on British television, we visit Dvorak’s summer house where our guide is Dvorak’s grandson.

The musical extracts are played by the BBC Symphony Orchestra conducted by Sir Mark Elder.

Further information on Symphony, and BBC Four and Radio's complementary programming can be found at Symphony Press Release

The Slap: Connie

Sophie Okonedo, Jonathan LaPaglia and Melissa George continue to star in BBC Four’s The Slap, adapted from Christos Tsiolkas’s best-selling novel.

The shattering effects of a "slap" at an Australian suburban barbeque start to take their toll on a once close group of family and friends.

Connie is 17, the orphan child of radical bisexual parents whose libertarian ethical code may have not prepared her for the colder, non-bohemian world of suburban Australia. Her love for a man over twice her age makes her both a victim and an outcast.

Connie lives with her Aunt Tasha and is completing the final year at High School: she becomes burdened by having to keep her liaisons with Hector secret from her closest friends and her boss, Hector’s wife, Aisha.

Jonathan La Paglia is Hector, Sophie Okonedo is Aisha, Melissa George is Rosie, Essie Davis is Anouk, Alex Dimitriades is Harry, Sophie Lowe is Connie, Lex Marinos is Manolis and Blake Davis is Richie.



Deadly 360 Arboreal Hunters

Steve Backshall is back in his Deadly HQ for another high-tech investigation into the wild world of predators and their prey.

This week, he uses touch screen style interactions, 3D models and exhilarating footage to explore three predators that are all arboreal hunters, who try to capture their prey in the treetops.

A fossa tracks a sifaka lemur using its expert climbing skills; a leopard hunts down a troop of baboons using its incredible night vision; and a group of chimpanzees work like a crack commando unit to prey on Colobus monkeys.

With special graphics, maps, slow-motion, magnification and rewind techniques, along with a host of real, live animals and skeletons, Steve delves deep to uncover the hidden facts that influence each hunt and explain why predators often succeed – but sometimes fail.


Friday 18 November



Moving On

In the final episode of the new series of Moving On, created by multi-award winning writer Jimmy McGovern, Kieran is off to university.

He’s the youngest child of Ann and John, and is getting the opportunity they never had. When they struggle to keep in touch with Kieran, they assume he’s out partying but, in reality, Kieran’s struggling with depression.

When Kieran’s girlfriend Amy finds him unconscious on the floor with a bottle of pills, he tries to shrug it off and makes her promise not to tell his parents. Then Kieran has a panic attack, and when Ann and John rush to see him they are shocked by the state they find him in. The truth comes out about the overdose and they take him home.

The family doctor gives Kieran a prescription for anti-depressants but he doesn’t want to take them and Ann and John discover the road to recovery is far from straightforward. Eventually, solace in nature fosters an unlikely alliance as Ann, John and Keiran finally start to find a way out of their troubles.

Kieran is played by Joe Dempsie, Ann by Fay Ripley, John by Ben Daniels and Amy by Jo Woodcock.

The One Show's Children in Need Special

Tonight, The One Show kicks off BBC Children in Need Appeal Night with a special programme dedicated to Children in Need.

Alex Jones hosts this special show which gives viewers an update from the UK's nations and regions’ fundraising activity. There is also some behind-the-scenes teasers from the Children in Need Appeal Night programme later this evening, plus some celebrity surprise guest appearances.

The show also hosts the grand closing of The One Show's Rickshaw Challenge for Children in Need which will see presenter Matt Baker attempting to finish his arduous journey which took him from Edinburgh to London in eight days.

BBC Children in Need Appeal Night

Sir Terry Wogan, Fearne Cotton, Tess Daly and Alesha Dixon present one of television’s biggest nights of the year, live from Television Centre.

One Direction open the appeal, with other music guests including JLS, Westlife, Susan Boyle and The Collective (featuring Gary Barlow, Ed Sheeran, Tinchy Stryder, Chipmunk, Ms Dynamite, Tulisa, Wretch 32, Rizzle Kicks, Mz Bratt, Dot Rotten and Labrinth) with the Children in Need single Teardrop.

Kylie Minogue, Daniel Craig, Jessie J, Cheryl Cole, Zoe Ball and EastEnder Jo Joyner all make appeal film contributions; Sir Alan Sugar enters the Dragons’ Den in The Dragons’ Apprentice and there are sketches from Vic & Bob and Russell Howard’s Good News.

The cast of EastEnders rock Albert Square as The Vic does Queen and the cast of Hollyoaks appear live in the studio. The Muppets lead an all-star version of the classic song Manah, Manah where Miss Piggy and Kermit are joined by a cast ranging from Harry Hill to Davina McCall to the Match of the Day team.

In a cornerstone of the evening, Gareth Malone will lead a 10-strong choir who then, in a complex studio operation, link up live with 3,000 children from all over the UK including Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and other English regions.

Newsreaders Fiona Bruce, Emily Maitlis, Sophie Raworth and Sian Williams try their hand at ballroom and face Len Goodman, Bruno Tonioli, Craig Revel Horwood and Alesha Dixon with their own Strictly Challenge. Nick Knowles is in the studio for DIY SOS: The Big Build to celebrate their biggest makeover to date, and there's an exclusive sneak peek at the Doctor Who Christmas special.

There are also totaliser updates throughout the evening as the nation pulls together to support needy children throughout the UK.



Later… with Jools Holland

Breaking with the current run of the series for a week, Jools looks back at some of the acts that have played on the show during the last few series, who have gone on to greater things, or who are currently tipped as "the next big thing".

The show features some of the stars of tomorrow, including Jessie J, Metronomy, Lana del Rey, Anna Calvi, Aloe Blaac, Janelle Monae and Everything Everything.

The Later... website features exclusive content from each week’s show at



Janet Jackson - Taking Control

Janet Jackson was one of the biggest female pop icons of the Eighties and Nineties, scoring hits with What Have You Done For Me Lately? and Nasty.

This film examines Janet’s phenomenal career, from her early success as a teenage actress in Different Strokes, to becoming an award-winning pop star rivaling her brother's success with worldwide album sales of over 65 million.

The struggle to control both her creative and personal life is central to Janet’s development as an artist and key to understanding her story - from escaping the clutches of her overbearing father to her groundbreaking collaborations with producers Jam and Lewis. Dubbed the ‘Queen of Radio’ in America, she always seemed capable of maintaining her broad appeal - until the infamous 2004 American Super bowl appearance.

The film features an exclusive interview with Janet Jackson and contributions from producer Jimmy Jam, Jackie Jackson, Deborah Allen and Estelle.

Part of BBC Four’s America Season.



Sam & Mark’s Big Friday Wind-Up

Sam & Mark are back with more pranks, games and surprises.

This week, the guys are joined by special guests, The Saturdays, who perform two tracks in the Wind-Up studio and help deliver some special surprises.

The girls are put on the spot when Sam & Mark give them a grilling in Truth or Wind-Up and there’s a surprise in store for some twins in the audience when they discover their mum has joined The Saturdays for a very unique performance.

Sam & Mark’s Big Friday Wind-Up is the ultimate way to wind-up the week!

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