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Friday 20 March



Written By Mrs Bach

Professor Martin Jarvis, a respected musician and forensic anthro-musicologist from Charles Darwin University in Australia, and forensic document examiner Heidi Harralson investigate why the Father of Western Music, Johann Sebastian Bach’s greatest works occurred after he met his second wife, Anna Magdalena Wilcke.

Professor Martin Jarvis’ initial motivation was simply to understand the musical structure of the famous cello suites, having previously identified 17 reasons why they could not have been written by J.S. Bach. He found that Anna Magdalena’s writing on alleged copies looked speedy and light, as if flowing from the brain directly onto the paper. Written By Mrs Bach follows world-class forensic experts as they set out to discover why that should be; applying Science to the Arts with sensational effect. Narrated by British composer, Sally Beamish.

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