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My Dyslexic Mind: A Newsround Special

One in 10 people in the UK are thought to have dyslexia, and in this Newsround Special, 12 year-old Ben, who has the condition himself, explores the difficulties and frustrations of growing up with it. He finds out that while being a dyslexic child can be tough, it doesn’t have to hold you back.

Ben travels to Oxford University for the film, where he undergoes a series of scientific tests to try and find out how dyslexia affects the brain.

The film also contains the moving stories of two other dyslexic children, Zach and Khalaya. They describe how dyslexia affects them, and talk frankly and poignantly about the frustrations of struggling at school and being misunderstood.

Ben’s investigation culminates in a meeting with CBBC star Dom Wood, one half of the Dick and Dom duo, who he meets on the set of new CBBC show, Absolute Genius. Dom talks about how he wasn’t diagnosed with dyslexia until he was 15 and how struggling with literacy made him focus on other talents like performing and magic tricks. He has managed to overcome his dyslexia in order to learn his TV scripts and believes that he wouldn’t be where he is today if it weren’t for his dyslexia.

Newsround is television’s only daily news and current affairs programme made specifically for young people, and has been dedicated to bringing children the news for 40 years – making the important issues of the day relevant and understandable to its audience.

Previous Newsround Specials, which cover difficult subjects in an accessible and helpful way, include films on autism (which won an RTS award for Best Children’s Programme in 2012), domestic violence, bullying and bereavement.

My Dyslexic Mind will be accompanied by a unique interactive element designed to give the audience an insight into dyslexia. Entitled Try Being Me, the experience uses video, animation, and rich interactivity to try and put users into the shoes of the children featured in the film, so they can feel the frustrations of living with dyslexia and reach a greater understanding of the condition. This is an exciting first for the Newsround Specials strand, and will be published on Newsround’s website ( in early January.

MI High

Action-packed teen spy-fi show MI High is back for a bold and daring sixth series with all-new, top-secret adventures and a brand-new generation of highly skilled undercover agents. The series blasts back on screen with a thrilling back-to-back double bill of the first two episodes.

With a decidedly different look and feel, series six features new locations, gadgets galore and a talented young cast who have been recruited after an extensive, nationwide search.

After the old team of spies graduated to MI9, team leader Frank London is on the lookout for a new bunch of intrepid young secret agents to face the global network of evil enemies. Signing up for spy duties are: uber resourceful action man Daniel Morgan, master of disguise Aneisha Jones and electronics genius Tom Tupper.

In the special double episode opener, the team face their first mission: intercepting a heavily guarded cargo. To their astonishment, the package turns out to be a 15-year-old girl, Zoe. With her help, the team track down the Grand Master and finally put him behind bars. But is there an even deadlier enemy waiting in the wings...?

Jonny Freeman is Frank London, Sam Strike is Daniel Morgan, Oyiza Momoh is Aneisha Jones, Oscar Jacques is Tom Tupper, Natasha Watson is Zoe and Julian Bleach is the Grand Master.


FIT is a brand new CBBC comedy sketch-show for sports fans and lazy bones.

Starring a gang of new and established comedy talent including So You Think You’re Funny 2012 winner, Aisling Bea, Tony Way (Game Of Thrones, Sightseers), ‘Little Chef’ Dan Wright, Camilla Marie Beeput (Me & Mrs Jones, Peep Show), Sarah Pascoe (2012, Campus) and newcomers Will Hartley, Tala Gouveia and Osy Ikhile, with Peter Serafinowicz’s Brian Butterfield popping up in every show to advertise his hopeless sporting portfolio. Whether you love sport or avoid it, prefer the park or the sofa, enjoy junk food or mung beans, FIT is a recommended part of your TV diet.

FIT combines traditional sketches with clever physical comedy, larger-than-life characters with quick-fire gags. A show for all the family on CBBC, FIT aims to inspire a generation to see the funny side of health and fitness. Sport has never been so silly.

In episode one, discover ingenious uses for left over farts, find out what to do if a shark attacks, and get the results from the Athletix Factor. Plus a delivery man has to improvise when parts of his bicycle are stolen, the Health Swat Team have their first assignment, and a spelling mistake leads to an unusual new sport that involves flying puddings.



Justin's House

In brand-new episodes of Justin’s House, the slapstick fun continues with Justin, Robert the Robot and Little Monster.

In Saturday’s episode, everybody in Justin’s House is in the mood for space exploration. Robert’s stargazing, Justin’s trying to launch a rocket, and a visiting alien looks rather like cheeky Little Monster. With news that the Justin Town Space Mission needs another astronaut the race is on to fill the space. Who will be the best astronaut for the job: man, robot or monster?

On Sunday, the house is full to bursting with all the bargains Justin keeps buying. With help from Robert’s Setup Shop App, Justin’s House is transformed into a department store. After Justin places an advert in the Justin Times, the first customer finally arrives. It’s CBeebies’ Andy Day: he’s looking for some bargains for his next wild adventure, but will he manage to buy any of the ones on offer?

Saturday 5 January



Casualty - Rabbits In Headlights

Four new student nurses, Ally, Aoife, Jamie and Robyn face a gruelling first day in the ED, as they struggle to cope with the devastating effects of a horrific coach crash, as the long-running medical drama continues.

As Ally, Aoife, Jamie and Robyn make their way in to work for the first time, they anxiously meet outside of the ED. Walking in to reception they soon realise it is very different to their training, as news comes in that 30 children and their teachers have been involved in a coach crash on the Holby Ring Road.

With the normal induction out of the window, the student nurses are quickly partnered with their mentors - Linda, Fletch, Charlie and Lloyd – but can they keep it together and not make any mistakes?

Stars: Daniel Anthony (Jamie): Amanda Henderson (Robyn); Gemma-Leah Devereux (Aoife); Rebecca Newman (Ally); Oliver Coleman (Tom); Matt Bardock (Jeff); Charlotte Salt (Sam); Alex Walkinshaw (Fletch); Sunetra Sarker (Zoe); Tony Marshall (Lloyd); Charles Dale (Big Mac); Michael Obiora (Lloyd); Jane Hazlegrove (Dixie); Christine Tremarco (Linda); Azuka Oforka (Louise); Patricia Leventon (Mrs Morris); Emily Haigh (Holly); Lesley Anne Webb (Lucy); Deborah Moore (Vicky); Oscar Dunbar (Daniel); Jenna Boyd (Carrie); Jenny Davies (Ellie); Joshua Hayes (Joe); Baely Saunders (Ella); Gordon Kennedy (Steve); David Lyndon (Reece’s dad); Liam Dascombe (Reece) and Frankie Mae Taylor (Amy)




During a visit to the Danish troops in Afghanistan, Birgitte and Kasper have to be evacuated when the Taliban launch an offensive against several Danish camps. Katrine remains in the camp and sees a young soldier die on the operating table.

More Danish soldiers are killed in the subsequent days – the highest number so far in the war – and Birgitte comes home to face a very difficult dilemma: should she pull the troops out of Afghanistan, which was an election promise by her government, should she let the troops stay for an extended period, or should she increase the military efforts and try to retaliate for the attack?

Meanwhile, she continues to put off signing the papers for her divorce from Phillip – she is not yet ready to end the marriage. Katrine returns home from Afghanistan, strongly affected by the hard experience. She contacts the dead soldier's father for permission to read his farewell letter, but the father doesn’t want anything to do with sensation-hungry journalists.

In the Prime Minister's Department, Birgitte is visited by a group of Afghan NGOs, whose stories of life under Taliban rule make a strong impression on Birgitte. She realises that many Afghans actually want the foreign forces to remain. After patient efforts, Katrine is finally allowed to read the soldier's farewell letter, in which he writes that 89,000 more children have survived since the Taliban were removed from power. That alone, the soldier felt, was worth giving his life for.

Contrary to everyone's expectations, Birgitte finally chooses to bypass the left wing, and with the support of the Liberals and the New Right party, the government passes a draft bill which will send more tanks and troops to the war in Afghanistan. This is not the moment to abandon the Afghan people. On the same day, Birgitte signs her divorce papers.

Cast includes Sidse Babett Knudsen as Birgitte Nyborg Christensen, Pilou Asbæk as Kasper Juul, Birgitte Hjort Sørensen as Katrine Fønsmark and Søren Spanning as Lars Hesselboe.

In Danish with English subtitles.


Denmark needs a new EU commissioner, who is to be appointed by the prime minister. Birgitte is in doubt, as she has many possibilities: one of them is to give the powerful post to someone she would like to send to Brussels for five years, and thereby get rid of. But Birgitte wants to find the best candidate, so that Denmark's EU commissioner can obtain an important post in the Commission.

Coincidentally, however, the most skilled candidate is Bent Sejrø, whom she has fallen foul of with her military build-up in Afghanistan. She offers him the post, but he declines and when her young, up-and-coming EU minister, Jacob Kruse, also declines, Birgitte tries to sell the post at the best possible price to the Labour Party.

At the Express, Katrine has become so tired of Laugesen's editorial style that, in order to escape working on his gossip stories, she promises to find out who will be the new commissioner. She attempts to question Kasper but she is still getting nowhere on the story shortly before the deadline.

Birgitte had in fact done so, but at the last minute, Sejrø has had second thoughts and Birgitte gives him the post. Sejrø becomes the new commissioner, but just before attending a meeting with the EU committee, he collapses with a serious cerebral embolism. Birgitte discovers Krause knew all about Sejrø’s illness and kept it secret from Birgitte for his own gains. Birgitte closes the matter by giving Kruse a choice between being fired or becoming Denmark's new EU commissioner.

Meanwhile, Katrine and Kasper celebrate Katrine's 31st birthday in a restaurant but it is getting harder for Kasper to hide the fact that he is in love with Katrine.

Cast includes Sidse Babett Knudsen as Birgitte Nyborg Christensen, Pilou Asbæk as Kasper Juul, Birgitte Hjort Sørensen as Katrine Fønsmark and Søren Spanning as Lars Hesselboe.

In Danish with English subtitles.

Sunday 6 January



Ripper Street

Ernest Manby, a 60-year-old toy maker, is beaten to death for a mysterious brass box and the coins in his pocket.

The Whitechapel Vigilance Committee presents a culprit in the form of 14-year-old Thomas Gower, who refuses to deny the charge. Reid – his conscience challenged by a radical lawyer called Eagles and orphanage Governess Deborah Goren – tests the security of the case.

Meanwhile, Jackson’s drinking and gambling have led to the loss of the pendant that ties him to his American past – a past that he and Long Susan fear will now be exposed. Reid and Drake find themselves besieged at Miss Goren’s orphanage by the rest of Gower’s vicious child gang and their brutal master, Carmichael.

Starring Matthew Macfadyen as Det. Insp. Edmund Reid, Jerome Flynn as Det. Sgt Bennet Drake, Adam Rothenberg as Cpt. Homer Jackson, MyAnna Buring as Long Susan, David Wilmot as Sgt Donald Artherton, Jonathan Barnwell as PC Dick Hobbs, David Dawson as Fred Best, Charlene McKenna as Rose Erskine, Amanda Hale as Emily Reid, Lucy Cohu as Deborah Goren, Joseph Gilgun as Carmichael, Hugh O'Conor as Mr Eagles, Michael Smiley as George Lusk, Giacomo Mancini as Thomas Gower, Beverley Klein as Mrs Manby, and David Coon as Ernest Manby.

Monday 7 January




It's the day of Joey's court case but that's the least of his worries as Alice makes it known that she is determined to find out what really happened to Derek the night he died.

A new face arrives in Walford, who instantly makes friends with Abi - but all is not as it seems.

Joey is played by David Witts, Alice by Jasmyn Banks and Abi by Lorna Fitzgerald.


Miranda has decided to prove to herself and her friends she can officially be an adult.

First by looking after a toddler, but the soft play centre is too much of a lure and she gets stuck in a kids' tunnel. Then, by hosting a dinner party for eight. It ends in inevitable chaos.

Mrs Brown's Boys

It’s all change in the Brown household as two of Mrs Brown’s boys finalise plans for their new homes.

Mark is busy collecting the relevant documents for his family’s imminent emigration to Australia. Rory and Dino have found the perfect apartment in Kilbride. However, moving so far from home means that Rory is going to have to learn to drive, and his driving lesson didn’t go particularly well the last time he tried…

Cathy’s life might also be about to change as boyfriend Professor Thomas Clowne announces he has a surprise proposal for her. However, with Agnes around, it’s very difficult to get a word in edgeways. Concerned that she isn’t good enough for Thomas, Cathy confides in her mother that she’s thinking of having breast enhancement surgery. Agnes tries to hold her tongue, but it’s quite obvious she thinks Professor Thomas Clowne isn’t good enough for her daughter.

Against her better judgement, Agnes gives Buster the chance to quote for the job of upgrading her kitchen. However, when the draughtsman turns up to measure the kitchen and isn’t quite up to the job, Mrs Brown quickly regrets the decision. Will she ever have the new kitchen she desires?

Cathy pays a visit to the doctor to enquire about breast enlargements and is given a ‘size-decider’ to test out different dimensions. However, despite Cathy wanting to impress Thomas with her new ‘assets’, it’s Agnes who makes the biggest impression when she gets her hands on the device…

Tuesday 8 January




The mood is tense at the Brannings and pressure is building for Max as Tanya piles on the pressure, wanting answers and decisions following the fallout from Christmas.

Denise is determined to stay out of Kim's way following the revelation of her kiss with Ray, but will Denise quiet and take the blame?

Max is played by Jake Wood, Tanya by Jo Joyner, Denise by Diane Parish, Kim by Tameka Empson and Ray by Chucky Venn.

Holby City

Following Serena’s bidding, Jac travels to Sweden to find Hanssen. When she discovers the reason behind Hanssen’s actions, will she follow through with Serena’s instructions or will she side with Hanssen? And will Hanssen stay in Sweden or will he return to Holby?

Michael puts Luc on a short leash following the events of last week, but with Serena sniffing around, will Michael be able to protect Luc’s future at Holby? Luc is haunted by events from the past: despite Michael and Sacha’s best efforts, he seems to be heading off the rails. Will he be able to face his fears and get back on track?

Serena is played by Catherine Russell, Jac is played by Rosie Marcel, Hanssen is played by Guy Henry, Michael is played by Hari Dhillon, Luc is played by Joseph Millson and Sacha is played by Bob Barrett.

Death In Paradise

The quintessentially English detective Richard Poole is back, returning with his investigative team to solve more murder mysteries on the idyllic Caribbean island of Saint Marie, in a brand new series of Death In Paradise.

DI Poole’s learning to cope with the tropical climate and laid-back atmosphere of Saint Marie, but every day still presents a challenge for the traditional detective. When the owner of a former sugar plantation, Roger Seymour, is discovered with a machete in his back, Poole and his team have a seemingly impossible case to solve.

Despite countless suspects, the team struggle to pinpoint the murderer, as they all have seemingly cast iron alibis – and many were together when the murder took place. Was it a disgruntled worker with a grudge? Was Roger’s alcoholic ex-wife, Nicole in an alliance with his adopted nephew, Harry? Or does Roger’s new, and much younger, girlfriend have something to hide?

The team soon realise that the history of the plantation is just as key to completing the puzzle, but with the island celebrating the festival of love, Erzulie, Saint Marie seems to be bringing out the unexpected in everyone – not least Richard and Camille...

DI Richard Poole is played by Ben Miller, Camille Bordey by Sara Martins, Dwayne Myers by Danny John-Jules, Fidel Best by Gary Carr, Commissioner Selwyn Patterson by Don Warrington, Roger Seymour by James Cosmo, Harry Seymour by Tom Ward, Nicole Seymour by Stephanie Beacham and Kim Neville by Estella Daniels.




Laura (Scarlett Alice Johnson) and Jamie (Sean Michael Verey) are struggling to cope with the everyday challenges of raising their baby, so the last thing they need is a big family event. But the Christening is looming and they’re nowhere near ready for it.

Mike (Dylan Edwards) is desperate to prove himself worthy of being a Godfather, much to atheist Beth’s (Yasmin Paige) irritation. But Mike’s got stiff competition from Jamie’s cousin Conall, a trainee priest.

Keith (Ben Crompton), under pressure from Sandra (Bronagh Gallagher), is forced to take temping work at the toy shop to help pay for the Christening. But Keith finds it hard to cope when he discovers his new supervisor is his son.

All is not well with Laura’s family either. Janet (Anna Chancellor) is trying to put a halt to the Christening, which she feels will bring public shame to the family. Part of Laura would like the whole Christening to go away too, but Jamie, under pressure from his family, is saying they can’t back out.

Alan (Angus Deayton) is still recovering from his head injury, and Janet wants to go back to work, although she’s not mentioning this to Alan.

As the visiting relatives arrive, squabble and then criticise, Jamie and Laura are really feeling the pressure - and they haven’t even managed to agree on a name yet.

Wednesday 9 January




From dense forests , to snow-capped peaks, steamy swamps to endless savannah, East Africa is a haven for life, supporting a higher density of large mammals than anywhere else on Earth. It’s also a land of unpredictable extremes where, in order to survive, creatures must adapt to the environment.

In an incredible TV first, the Africa team travels to the rocky outcrops of the Serengeti, in Tanzania, to film a tiny lizard as it risks its life to eat flies from a sleepy lion’s face. The nesting habits of the four-foot-tall shoebill - one of the most bizarre-looking birds in Africa - is also filmed for the first time. The giant bird has two chicks but, due to extreme sibling rivalry, only one will survive.

On the sun-parched plains of Amboseli, the extreme weather conditions take their toll – a baby elephant dies in the drought and its mother leaves the herd to stay with her offspring until the end.

Eye To Eye goes behind the scenes with an expedition to the summit of the Ruwenzori Mountains. And the heart-rending reality of filming the dying baby elephant is explained.



Spies Of Warsaw

It is 1937, and Colonel Jean-Francois Mercier, a highly decorated soldier from the First World War, is the military attaché stationed in Warsaw, Poland while the shadow of Hitler’s Nazi regime looms over mainland Europe.

Mercier is grossly suspicious of the German military’s intentions, but he must juggle his formal duties at stifling diplomatic functions with the often death-defying realities of espionage.

With intelligence from his German informant Edvard Uhl, Mercier sets out on a stealth mission with his trusted accomplice Marek, where they discover that the Nazis are ensuring any future invasion of Poland can take place effectively and with little resistance. Mercier almost gets caught and killed during the mission, narrowly escaping, and thereby facing the wrath of French bureaucrat Jourdain, who is anxious to avoid the further heightening of diplomatic tension.

Amid the threat of a second world war, Mercier is also vying for the affections of Parisian lawyer Anna Skarbek, currently in an empty-shell relationship with Russian Émigré and political journalist Maxim. As Mercier and Anna’s relationship develops, it is clear that she must choose between both men. But will Mercier’s feelings for Anna jeopardise his mission and can she be trusted?

With David Tennant as Jean-Francois Mercier, Janet Montgomery as Anna Skarbek, Marcin Dorocinski as Antoni Pakulski, Piotr Baumann as Maxim Mostov, Ludger Pistor as Edvard Uhl, Miroslaw Zbrojewicz as Marek, Burn Gorman as Jourdain, Alan Corduner as Viktor Rozen, Linda Bassett as Malka Rozen and Ann Eleonora Jørgensen as Olga Musser.

Thursday 10 January




Max is exasperated with Tanya for her recent plan. However, he decides to sort out his current situation once and for all but will his idea go to plan?

When Kat fails to show up at The Vic for the first day of her new job, Alfie goes to talk to her but when Roxy finds out where he had gone Alfie has to choose where his loyalties lie.

Max is played by Jake Wood, Tanya by Jo Joyner, Kat by Jessie Wallace, Alfie by Shane Richie and Roxy by Rita Simons.

Waterloo Road

It’s all about the money this week when Phoenix and Harley win the lottery, but their good fortune is overshadowed by the arrival of their father, Nelson. Nikki is forced to question her actions towards Scout, and Michael finds a friend in Christine when he gets news about his court case.

All Phoenix and Harley want to do is spend, spend, spend, but Nelson’s arrival casts a shadow and causes division. Phoenix reckons Nelson’s only interested in their winnings and feels vindicated when their father reveals his business is in financial trouble.

Angry at his father’s deception, Phoenix wants nothing to do with Nelson, but Harley, and then Lorraine, suggest it might be a good idea to invest some of their lottery win into the family business. But, Phoenix has one condition – he wants an apprenticeship in the firm. With the blessing of his brother Harley and the school, Phoenix prepares to bid an emotional farewell to Waterloo Road.

Elsewhere, Nikki suspects Scout has stolen her car and handbag and sets about punishing the pupil. However, Scout discovers Barry is the real culprit and threatens to expose him, but master manipulator Barry suggests another course of action to wronged Scout.

Meanwhile, guilt-ridden Connor can’t bear to look Imogen in the eye and she believes it’s because of her scars. As Connor struggles with his terrible secret, Christine tries to intervene but he’s wracked with remorse over what he’s done to the girl he loves.

There’s division in the staffroom after Michael gets unexpected news about his impending court case. Feeling isolated, Michael confides in Christine, bringing the pair closer together.

Chalky can’t contain his excitement he’s fostering Kevin. But it soon becomes clear Chalky will need to tread carefully if he’s to win Kevin’s trust.

Phoenix is played by Kaya Moore, Harley by Kane Tomlinson-Weaver, Nelson by John Thomson, Nikki by Heather Peace, Scout by Katie McGlynn, Michael by Alec Newman, Christine by Laurie Brett, Lorraine by Daniela Denby-Ashe, Barry by Carl Au, Connor by Shane O’Meara, Imogen by Kirstie Steele, Chalky by Mark Benton and Kevin by Tommy Lawrence Knight.

Waterloo Road is a Shed Production for BBC One through BBC Scotland.

Silent Witness: Change

Forensic pathologists Dr Nikki Alexander (Emilia Fox) and Professor Leo Dalton (William Gaminara) return to BBC One for another series of Silent Witness, with the welcome arrival of Forensic Scientist Jack Hodgson (David Caves).

Straight-talking and disarmingly quick-witted, Jack is one of the youngest Forensic Scientists in the country. What he lacks in experience, he more than makes up for in talent and dedication.

Joining David in the new series is Liz Carr as Forensic Lab Scientist Clarissa Mullery. Having enjoyed a successful working relationship together and been crucial in Jack's career progression, he has persuaded Clarissa to join him at the Lyell Centre.

In the opening episode, John Briggs, a wealthy, ageing confectionery company owner, is found dead in his London hotel suite. Nikki joins forces with Jack to prove to sceptical DI Gold that it’s murder, not death by natural causes.

Several suited sharks circle as it transpires Briggs was losing a desperate fight to prevent the sale of his ailing company to investors. And Michael Trenter, his PR man, is unable to conceal Briggs’ murky private life from the baying press, devaluing the family brand by the hour. Meanwhile, Geraldine, Briggs’ estranged daughter, is a fish out of water as she’s left control of the company in her father’s will.

Leo is left in no doubt about how to secure the Lyell Centre’s future – by employing Jack Hodgson to head up a new forensics department. And just as the new team are cemented, crucial evidence from a discovered body gives them a shocking lead on the killer’s motive.

Emilia Fox plays Dr Nikki Alexander, William Gaminara plays Professor Leo Dalton, David Caves plays Jack Hodgson, Liz Carr plays Forensic Lab Scientist Clarissa Mullery, Priyanga Burford plays DS Seetha Gold, Robert Lonsdale plays DC Gus Cook, Sharon Small plays Geraldine Briggs, Anna Madeley plays Annette Kelly, Derek Riddell plays Michael Trenter, Anna Brewster plays Deanna Collier, Rob Dixon plays Phillip Briggs, Tim Pigott-Smith plays John Briggs, Louis Emerick plays Kenny Barber, Christopher Hunter plays Peter Hornsby, Erik Madsen plays Emmett Scwartzman

Friday 11 January




Zainab is alarmed when she reads the contents of Ayesha's letters and she immediately sends Masood out on a mission to find out who she has her sights on.

Denise is determined to make things up with Kim but just when things look to be back on track for the warring sisters, Ray arrives with a bombshell.

Elsewhere, Abi is fed up with being nice all the time and she decides to tell her family exactly what she thinks of them all.

Zainab is played by Nina Wadia, Masood by Nitin Ganatra, Denise by Diane Parish, Kim by Tameka Empson, Ray by Chucky Venn and Abi by Lorna Fitzgerald.



The Dumping Ground

Feeling pushed out when her dad Steve’s heavily pregnant girlfriend Shannay moves into their flat, Lily goes back to The Dumping Ground, declaring that she’s moving back. Steve tries to convince her to come home but tensions rise, and Lily blows her top. When Shannay goes into early labour, Lily fears the worst; if anything happens to the baby, it will all be down to her.

Brand new CBBC drama series The Dumping Ground is a fast-paced mix of social drama and comedy, taking the audience back into the heart of the fictional care home previously featured in the hugely popular Tracy Beaker Returns.

Now that Tracy has left, some brand new faces enter the Dumping Ground and stir things up, as one by one they meet the show’s familiar, well-loved characters. The fresh ensemble-style show will see surprising new friendships formed, as characters are forced to lean on each other in challenging times.

At the start of the series, the Dumping Ground descends into anarchy when Mike goes on holiday and Gina ends up in hospital after an accident with a grenade. The Young People struggle to cope and start to turn on each other after taking the decision to try and fend for themselves.

With the Young People at the very heart of the drama in every episode, this series will appeal to fans of Tracy Beaker Returns and new viewers alike.

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