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Unplaced programmes from 3 May to 9 May



Strange Hill High

It’s the Strange Hill High Science Fair and Templeton thinks he is on to a winner with his potato-powered rocket. However, it spectacularly backfires and ends up blowing up the playground and uncovering a mysterious flying saucer!

Before Abercrombie can throw Templeton in detention, a full-blown alien invasion arrives at the school. What’s weird is that all the aliens look suspiciously like Templeton! What do the aliens really have planned for Templeton and the other students at Strange Hill?

Strange Hill High features the vocal talents of Ben Smith, Emma Kennedy, Richard Ayoade, John Thomson and Caroline Aherne.

Saturday 3 May



The Guess List

Rob Brydon takes centre stage as the host of The Guess List, the new entertainment series crammed with big laughs and famous faces.

Each show pits two members of the public against one another as they compete for an exclusive tailor-made prize. With questions based on modern life and relationships, they’ll need some expert advice. Thankfully, five celebrity guests are at hand to lend their support as Rob draws up a Guess List of answers.

Thanks to Rob’s razor-sharp wit, everybody’s held to account and no one’s allowed to take themselves too seriously.

Famous faces tonight include David Walliams, Tess Daly, Kian Egan, Kate Silverton and Ronnie Corbett.

12 Yard Productions. Executive Producers: Andy Culpin, Michael Mannes and Paul McGettigan.



Generation War

Greta (Katharina Schüttler) has been sent by her SS lover Dorn to entertain the troops on the eastern front and, in furthest Russia, meets Wilhelm (Volker Bruch), Friedhelm (Tom Schilling) and Charlotte (Miriam Stein), two years after their last encounter.

But the war has changed the friends. It is on the eve of the largest German tank offensive: close to the Russian city of Kursk 'Operation Citadel' is supposed to shift the balance of power in the east in favour of the Wehrmacht again. Out of arrogance, Greta misses her flight back to Germany, and in Charlotte's field hospital for the first time experiences the horrors of war close up.

At the same time, Viktor is on a train being transported to a concentration camp in Poland, along with many fellow sufferers. He manages to escape. Together with Polish girl Alina, he flees into the forests. A Polish farmer discovers them and wants to betray them to the Germans, but his son warns them, and leads them to a group of Polish partisans.

Wilhelm's unit is annihilated in the battle for Kursk and the two brothers are separated. Friedhelm, believing his brother to have died, is the only one to escape the senseless fight. Badly wounded, he is taken to Charlotte's field hospital, and her application alone saves him.

What neither Friedhelm nor Charlotte could imagine - Wilhelm has managed to survive, too. He had left the battlefield, confused and wounded, and found shelter in an abandoned lodge, where finally the field gendarmerie runs him down and arrests him for desertion.

In German with English subtitles

Directed by Philipp Kadelbach

Sunday 4 May



The Crimson Field

Grace finds herself threatened by Colonel Ballard, an aggressively rude and war-scarred commander of a Sikh regiment, while Joan still waits anxiously for news from her fiancé.

It seems Colonel Ballard would rather be with his men than at rest within the calm sanctuary of the wards, yet when Grace reveals knowledge of Punjabi and an upbringing in India, the Colonel is temporarily calmed. As Grace tries to discover what’s made him so heated, another soldier, Private Gorman, seems focused on riling him further. Will Grace be able to unlock Ballard’s secret before Gorman provokes him into a very dangerous game?

Flora decides the volunteers should put on some entertainment to raise spirits, but as the pressure mounts, so do Flora’s nerves. Meanwhile, Joan is still waiting for news from her fiancé and Jaco calls her to an illicit meeting, sparking a series of events which draws Joan into danger, risking her profession and potentially her life...



World Snooker Championships: The Final

Last year, Ronnie O’Sullivan captured his fifth World Championship title with victory over Barry Hawkins.

This afternoon, the 2014 final gets underway with the first eight frames being played this afternoon. Hazel Irvine introduces live coverage from the Crucible over the next two days of action.

Commentary and guest appearances from Steve Davis, Ken Doherty, John Parrott, Stephen Hendry, Dennis Taylor, Willie Thorne and John Virgo.

Coverage continues from 7pm to 11pm on BBC Two and, on Monday 2pm to 6pm and from 7pm on BBC Two.



In The Flesh

We’re reunited with Kieren Walker in the now seemingly PDS-friendly world of Roarton. Our hero is keeping his head down, working soul-destroying shifts in the Legion pub and squirrelling money into his ‘escape fund.’ Only problem is, he can’t escape himself.

In the wider world, tensions are re-igniting. The radical Pro-Living Party, Victus, is gaining government seats, prompting a backlash of PDS extremism connected to the Undead Liberation Army. Kieren is worried sick when Victus MP Maxine Martin enters the village, ostensibly offering her condolences in the wake of a brutal ULA tram attack. She can barely conceal her disappointment at what she sees in the Legion: PDS Sufferers and the Living happily rubbing shoulders. Not to mention Kieren himself behind the bar., She recoils in disgust from his cold touch. When Maxine violently clashes with Vicar Oddie, it seems Kieren was right to worry... danger from the outside world is encroaching.

Kieren’s overjoyed by the return of his BDFF (best dead friend forever), the irrepressible Amy Dyer – but his delight is cut short by a tense encounter with Amy’s opinionated ‘beau’, ULA member Simon. Kieren warns them both not to rock the boat in Roarton. However, they have other plans in mind, choosing to enter the Legion barefaced and wearing the clothes they were buried in. When they reveal the prejudice and hatred still bubbling under the surface in Roarton – not least from Gary Kendal - Kieren knows he needs to leave the village. Now.

Monday 5 May




David makes a shocking discovery. How will he react?

After making an upsetting realisation, Cora goes to extreme measures.

Bianca and Sonia are united as they are forced to face their fears.

David is played by Michael French, Cora by Ann Mitchell, Bianca by Patsy Palmer and Sonia by Natalie Cassidy.

When Corden Met Barlow

James Corden and Gary Barlow head out on a road trip for this BBC One documentary, as James gets up close and personal with the man behind the music of his youth and discusses Gary’s meteoric pop comeback.

Gary Barlow has had one of the most incredible stories in pop history. We follow Gary’s near-25-year career, from how his career began, the Take That phenomenon, the wilderness years as the industry he loves cast him aside, and the darker times which have inspired his lyrics.

James Corden has been a Take That fan since his teens; now he gets to spend quality time with one of his heroes as they visit key places in Gary's career - from the Working Men's Club where Gary first performed, to the nightclub where Take That first auditioned. Corden tags along as Gary surprises one of his own fans on their wedding day and even joins in band rehearsals.

Featuring contributions from Elton John, Chris Evans, Robbie Williams, Gary’s mother and members of the press and music industry, this documentary sees one of the nation’s best-loved musicians shed light on the real story of his remarkable career.



The Wonder Of Bees

In the final film of the series, Martha Kearney enjoys the English countryside at its best, offers her honey to the public at a village fair and succeeds finally in harvesting the true wildflower honey she set out to achieve.

At the height of summer the owners of the meadow have invited the public to an open day to celebrate this unique bit of countryside. The pressure is on Martha to get the honey ready in time.

With such a late spring the meadow flowers are late opening and the bees are still foraging on a neighbouring farmer’s crops when the day arrives.

Martha visits Cornwall’s Tregothnan Estate to discover the secret of the highly prized manuka honey and returns to Suffolk with plans for a final harvest of wildflower honey.

By now the meadow is in its prime. When Martha sends her honey to be tested it is proved to be true wildflower honey. It only remains to prepare the bees for the winter and reflect on a rewarding and fascinating season of beekeeping.

Tuesday 6 May




Determined to uncover the truth, Lauren takes matters into her own hands.

Shirley and Tosh declare war with each other, but who will come out victorious?

Dexter makes a move on Nancy but does she want the same things?

Lauren is played by Jacqueline Jossa, Shirley by Linda Henry, Tosh by Rebecca Scroggs, Dexter by Khali Best and Nancy by Maddy Hill.

Happy Valley

Nevison, in a state of disbelief after his sinister phone call from Ashley, confides in Kevin about Ann’s kidnapping and the details of the ransom demands. It’s more serious than Kevin thought and he soon realises the enormity of the situation he’s created.

Unsure how he’s going to arrange the capital needed, Nevison asks Kevin to find the money within the company and not breathe a word to anyone. Troubling him even more, how is he going to break the devastating news to his sick wife, Helen?

Catherine cautiously tells her sister that she’s convinced she spotted Tommy Lee Royce in a local Chinese. Clare knows Catherine’s still hurting and doesn’t want her to get fixated on him again. There wasn’t enough evidence to convict Tommy of Becky’s rape, but Catherine is determined to punish him for the death of her beloved daughter. Adding to her woes, things with Catherine and her son Daniel become strained as he invites the family round for dinner, all apart from young Ryan. Why does the family want nothing to do with him?

Meanwhile, in the basement of Ashley’s derelict house, an utterly terrified Ann is slumped on a chair after being beaten, bound and gagged. Kidnappers Tommy and Lewis are at loggerheads over Tommy’s brutal and cruel treatment of poor Ann. Tommy storms out in anger, but is soon stopped in his tracks as he spots a copper outside. With Catherine tipped off about his whereabouts, will the game be up for the bungled plot?

Miller’s Mountain

Miller’s Mountain is a new studio sitcom set around the antics of Jimmy Miller and his ragtag family of Mountain Rescue volunteers.

When the naïve and enthusiastic Conor reports for his first day as a volunteer, Jimmy, the shambolic old rescue hand, takes it upon himself to teach Conor the ways of the hills.

Conor’s education begins in the 'Busted Femur' pub where he’s introduced to no-nonsense barmaid Jules and fellow mountain rescuer Bill, who spends every living hour looking after his dogs, resulting in somewhat questionable social skills. And as if that's not enough to contend with, Conor later meets Bernie, the mountain rescue team's head of operations, a woman who's happy to the point of delirium in her work.

When the actual mountain rescuing begins, things go from bad to worse, to even worse than that.

Jimmy Miller is played by Jimmy Chisholm, Conor by Kevin Guthrie, Jules by Sharon Rooney, Bill by David Ireland, Bernie by Kathryn Howden. Also starring Sheila Reid and Jonathan Watson. Miller’s Mountain is a one-off comedy for BBC One written by Donald McLeary and is part of the Comedy Playhouse season alongside Over To Bill and Monks.



Later... Live With Jools Holland

Jools will be joined in the studio this week by...

Egbert Nathaniel Dawkins III, or to give him his showbiz name, Aloe Blacc. The chart-topping, dollar-needing soul star will be on hand to perform a couple of songs from his latest album Lift Your Spirit, including his recent No.1 The Man.

A welcome return for London-based great-haired, musical voyaging fivesome The Horrors, who will be playing tracks from their new, fourth album Luminous.

From Cincinnati, Greg Dulli and his legendary Afghan Whigs, who reformed after a 12-year break in 2012, are back with a brand new album - their first for 14 years - Do To The Beast, from which they'll be laying down some numbers.

And Swedish quartet Little Dragon will also be returning to the studio, to perform songs from their latest album Nabuma Rubberband, which they claim is inspired by 'Janet Jackson slow jams'.

More TBC

The Later... website will feature archive performances

For updates, follow @BBCLater

Director: Janet Fraser Crook

Series Producer: Alison Howe

Executive Producer: Mark Cooper



Eurovision Song Contest 2014 - Semi Final One

Scott Mills and Laura Whitmore are your guides to the first semi-final of the 59th Eurovision Song Contest, live from Copenhagen, Denmark.

Tonight, 16 countries will compete for the first 10 places in Saturday night’s grand finale. These countries are Armenia, Latvia, Estonia, Sweden, Iceland, Albania, Russia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Belgium, Moldova, San Marino, Portugal, Netherlands, Montenegro, and Hungary.

As one of the 'Big Six' countries, the United Kingdom gains automatic qualification to the grand final alongside Spain, Germany, France, Italy and the host nation, Denmark, and does not compete in the semi-finals. The United Kingdom can vote for countries in the second semi-final, but not this one.

Thursday 8 May




Lauren puts herself in a dangerous situation, despite Peter’s protestations.

As the two become closer, Dot is surprised by an unexpected proposal from Charlie.

Trying to protect his family’s interests, Les hatches a plan.

Lauren is played by Jacqueline Jossa, Peter by Ben Hardy, Dot by June Brown, Charlie by Declan Bennett and Les by Roger Sloman.



Eurovision Song Contest 2014 - Semi Final Two

Scott Mills and Laura Whitmore return as your guides to the second semi-final of the 59th Eurovision Song Contest, live from Copenhagen, Denmark.

Tonight, they will take a look at UK singer Molly’s week in Copenhagen, before 15 countries will compete for 10 further places in Saturday night’s grand finale. These countries are Malta, Israel, Norway, Georgia, Poland, Austria, Lithuania, Finland, Ireland, Belarus, Macedonia, Switzerland, Greece, Slovenia, and Romania.

As one of the 'Big Six' countries, the United Kingdom gains automatic entry to the grand final alongside Spain, Germany, France, Italy and the host nation, Denmark, and does not compete in the semi-finals. However the United Kingdom can vote for other countries in this semi-final.

Jonah From Tonga

Chris Lilley’s brand-new series Jonah From Tonga takes us on an adventurous journey into the life of 14-year-old rebellious schoolboy Jonah Takalua, his family, friends and the crew of teachers and counsellors who are exhaustively trying to help him channel his seemingly limitless energy into bigger and brighter things.

Last seen being expelled from Summer Heights High, Jonah has been banished to Tonga to live with his uncle after misbehaviour at school, and is causing more trouble than ever. His father, Rocky, and Aunty Grace take him back to Sydney, Australia to start a new life at a Catholic High School.

Six weeks later, and Jonah is the leader of his new Year 9 gang 'Fobba-liscious' who defend their turf against their enemies 'The Rangas' and Jonah’s arch nemesis Graydon, the School Captain. The boys attend Lazarus House for learning difficulty students run by Mr Joseph, a vocational-based programme where he uses violence and unorthodox methods to control the class.

Jonah and 'Fobba-liscious' allegedly dominate the school as they partake in break dancing, graffiti and flirting with teachers. After school, Jonah reveals he’s been in trouble with the law and loiters with local Polynesian gang 'The Soldierz'. But at home, despite the loss of his mother at a young age, Jonah’s supportive family believe his future looks bright.



The First Georgians: The German Kings Who Made Britain

Lucy Worsley’s inside story of Britain’s imported German dynasty, made with extensive access to the Royal Collection, reaches the reign of George II.

Lucy shows how he had to adapt to a growing ‘middling rank’ in society no longer content with being downtrodden subjects. Affairs of state were being openly discussed in coffee houses, while the king and his ministers were mocked in satirical prints and theatres.

And George II was an easy target – grumpy, and frequently absent in Hanover. To his British subjects he became The King Who Wasn’t There. But his wife, the enlightened Caroline, popularized a medical breakthrough against smallpox. It was their son, though, Frederick Prince of Wales, who really understood this new world – he had the popular touch monarchy would need in order to survive into the modern era.

Friday 9 May




Fatboy stumbles across some suspicious activity, but is he jumping to conclusions?

An unsettled David is put in a tricky situation, as Liam watches on.

After failing to comfort Peter, Lola takes surprising action.

Fatboy is played by Ricky Norwood, David by Michael French, Liam by James Forde, Peter by Ben Hardy and Lola by Danielle Harold.



The Minster

An exclusive look behind the scenes at York Minster is the focus of this new three-part documentary series.

A small team from the BBC filmed at the Minster most of last year, capturing the unsung heroes whose work ensures one of Britain's great historic buildings is kept open and vibrant for all to enjoy.

Executive producer Nicola Addyman says: "This documentary series goes right to the heart of York Minster during a year when it is in the middle of a huge restoration project and follows the people that make it tick, from the specialist stonemasons and glaziers to the choristers and choirmasters of the York Minster Choir as well as the vergers and the officers of the Minster’s own police force.

"This will be a hugely enjoyable series and will help people realise the massive amount of work - and love - that goes on behind the scenes to keep such a wonderful building alive for the whole country, if not the world, to enjoy."

In the first episode we meet Superintendent of Works, Rebecca Thompson, whose job it is to help guide the Minster’s crack team of stone carvers and masons through one of their biggest projects of the decade.

Head verger Alex Carberry is faced with climbing his own personal Everest which involves draping a huge white cloth over a massive wooden crucifix suspended 40 feet above the Minster floor in preparation for Easter.

The Trip To Italy

Two men, six meals in six different places on a road trip around Italy. Piemonte, Liguria, Tuscany, Rome, Amalfi and ending in Capri.

The final episode of the series sees Steve and Rob joined by Steve’s son Joe and his assistant Emma. They sail from Naples to Capri where they have lunch at Il Riccio.

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