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Saturday 27 December



Lewis Hamilton: Duel of the Silver Arrows 2014

Suzi Perry and expert analysts Eddie Jordan and David Coulthard reflect on the 2014 Formula 1 season and the thrilling battle between title rivals and Mercedes team-mates Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg.

The year also saw an encouraging return to form for the Williams team, but it proved a disappointing campaign for four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel, who was outshone by his Red Bull team-mate Daniel Ricciardo.

Bruce's Hall Of Fame

Much loved national television icon, the legendary Sir Bruce Forsyth, fronts his brand new show Bruce's Hall of Fame. Sir Bruce will take to the stage alongside some of the UK’s best loved entertainers at the world-famous London Palladium to celebrate the artists who inspired their careers.

Joining Sir Bruce in paying tribute to their inspirations are EastEnders actress Jessie Wallace, comedian and actor Jason Manford, English tenor and actor Alfie Boe and Death In Paradise's Ben Miller - who joins Bruce to recreate the famous decorator sketch originally featuring Norman Wisdom. Also on the bill is leading impressionist Jon Culshaw who celebrates Mike Yarwood and jazz-pop singer-songwriter Jamie Cullum tells us why he loves Tony Bennett, before performing his own version of Make Someone Happy.

Bruce's Hall Of Fame puts a modern twist on the most famous acts of all time. It's a chance for today's stars to pay homage to their heroes and find out what it's like to perform as their showbiz legends would have done.



Top Gear Patagonia Special

The Top Gear Christmas Specials are famous for two things: putting cars through immensely tough challenges, and not being ready in time for Christmas.

This year though, not only will it be transmitting at roughly the right time, it also features the most gruelling car exploits yet, as the boys take three V8 sports cars on a 1600 mile trek through Patagonia.

The usual habitat for a Porsche 928, a Lotus Esprit and a Ford Mustang is the civilised world of tarmac, but in the hands of Jeremy, Richard and James, these three sports bred machines face swamps, deserts, forests, beaches and ski slopes as they try to get to the southernmost city in the world, in order to stage an epic game of car football against Argentina.

Along the way there are broken bones, epic backdrops, mechanical calamities and cows, plus a climax that wasn't exactly the one that was expected.

Sunday 28 December



Last Tango In Halifax

Derek Jacobi and Anne Reid return for the third series of the BAFTA Award-winning series Last Tango in Halifax as love struck septuagenarians Alan and Celia.

Following her BAFTA win for Best Supporting Actress, Sarah Lancashire also returns for series three as uncompromising Caroline and Nicola Walker is back as troubled Gillian, following rave reviews at the Young Vic’s A View from the Bridge.

We join the first episode of the heart-warming series on Valentine’s Day, at a date between Gillian and Gary, a handsome man from Halifax. But as the evening draws on, things aren’t quite what they seem with charming, dazzling Gary.

Following on from last series’ Christmas wedding ceremony, Alan and Celia discuss going on a honeymoon adventure to New Zealand to visit Alan’s brother Ted. Their happiness is short-lived however when someone turns up from Alan’s past with devastating consequences.

In a happy turn of events, Caroline proposes to a heavily pregnant Kate. Although Celia seems happy for them, predictably she can’t help but comment on the fact that their baby will grow up without a father. Meanwhile a distressed John arrives at Caroline’s house after Judith has a miscarriage.

Alan is played by Derek Jacobi, Celia by Anne Reid, Caroline by Sarah Lancashire, Gillian by Nicola Walker, Gary by Rupert Graves, John by Tony Gardner and Kate by Nina Sosanya.



Vic & Bob's House Of Fools

Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer are unlocking the door to their critically acclaimed sitcom once again.

It's Christmas Eve Vic (Jim Moir) and Beef (Matt Berry) can't wait to get the party started. However, Bob's celebrations are cut short when the special present he organised for his sulky son Erik (Daniel Simonsen) is unexpectedly engulfed in flames.

To find a suitable replacement they join Julie (Morgana Robinson) and Bosh (Dan Skinner) on an underground boat journey to none other than pop icon Phil Collins' mansion.

A final surprise awaits them all when Santa (special guest star Reece Sheersmith) appears on the scene to save the day.

Monday 29 December




With secrets and lies exposed, will the Walford residents ever be the same again?

Mapp And Lucia

It is mid-summer in Tilling and Miss Elizabeth Mapp (Miranda Richardson), the town’s resident schemer and woman of great self-importance, is anticipating a special guest.

As per accepted tradition in Tilling, Mapp is leasing her beautiful Queen Anne House to Mrs Emmeline Lucas (known to her friends as Lucia) (Anna Chancellor) for the summer months. Mapp is only too keen to proudly boast about her new tenant and the town residents are suitably enamoured by the apparently cultured newcomer.

However, on this occasion Mapp’s bitten off far more than she can chew. Lucia is the resident Queen of her home town; vain, selfish, imperious and, in short, a glorious snob. Now recently widowed, she sees Tilling as the perfect opportunity to end her grieving and reintegrate herself into society once more, all the while ably assisted by her devoted best friend, Georgie Pillson (Steve Pemberton).

Whilst Mapp hopes to ‘run’ Lucia and mete her out to her fellow Tillingites, Lucia is completely her own woman and will retaliate by charming and bullying her way into their lives. Mapp’s position at the heart of Tilling’s social circle is under threat, not only has she been forced to downgrade to best friend Diva’s (Felicity Montagu) substantially smaller cottage but now she seems to be losing control of the masses.

The residents of Tilling can only watch as Mapp faces off against Lucia in an ever spiralling warfare that spans garden produce, bridge and a fund-raising fete. Tilling cannot possibly contain these two women, let battle commence and the worst woman win!



The Snow Wolf Family And Me

Wildlife cameraman, Gordon Buchanan, is trying to get closer to wild wolves than anyone has before.

He wants to test the wolf’s bad reputation as a ferocious predator and travels to the Canadian arctic where the white arctic wolves have never seen people. Now he’s returning in Autumn to follow his pack and its three pups. By witnessing their struggle to survive and ultimately being accepted by a wolf family Gordon reveals the incredible family values and nature of this feared predator.

Tuesday 30 December




A familiar face returns to Albert Square.

Emma continues to grow suspicious of her friends and neighbours.

Emma is played by Anna Acton.

Mapp And Lucia

Mapp (Miranda Richardson) is still reeling from Lucia’s (Anna Chancellor) victory at the summer fete and is left to watch disconsolately as the town residents flock to Lucia’s little dinner parties across the street. Meanwhile all of Tilling are hard at work on their entries for the Summer Art Exhibition, one of the highlights of the Tilling social calendar.

When Lucia and Georgie (Steve Pemberton) lay out their intentions to submit their sketches Mapp snaps and begins an underhand counteroffensive to keep them out. It’s a clever move but subterfuge rarely lies hidden for long in a place like Tilling. Lucia can see Mapp’s little game and is more than happy to play her at it.

Faced with a very public shaming Mapp is forced to back down. She returns to Wasters emotionally bruised, an outsider in her own town with nothing but marrow jam for company. That is until she receives a totally unexpected and rather exotic guest whose introduction to Tilling may be just enough to put Mapp back on top. Whether she likes it or not Lucia’s got a full scale war on her hands, she’ll have to sink to Mapp’s level if she wants to keep her crown.

Meanwhile Georgie receives a mysterious delivery of luggage, golf clubs and a rather gruff and troublesome dog. Something’s afoot and there’s many a raised eyebrow as he takes a rather startling new interest in golf.



The Snow Wolf Family And Me

In this series, wildlife cameraman Gordon Buchanan attempts to get closer to wild wolves than anyone has ever been before.

Overcoming his initial fears, Gordon has incredibly close encounters as he gains the trust of a wild wolf pack, including mum Luna and her three young pups as they emerge from their den. As Gordon gets closer to his wolf family he learns what it takes for them to survive and rear pups over the brief Arctic summer, in one of the harshest places on Earth.

Charlie Brooker’s 2014 Wipe

Charlie Brooker returns for his annual round-up of the year, which as usual was depressingly devoid of good cheer. Whether it's news, film, telly or Twitter, expect the pointless absurdity of life to get the full Brooker treatment.

Charlie will look back on a relentlessly grim year where the cheeriest stories were people throwing ice over themselves, couples consciously uncoupling and an installation of poppies marking the untimely death of millions of young men.

Wednesday 31 December



Top Of The Pops New Year’s Eve Special

This New Year’s Eve sees the return of Top of The Pops for a special hour-long celebration of 2014’s greatest hits and brightest chart stars.

Hosts Reggie Yates and Fearne Cotton get the New Year’s Eve celebrations underway, reviewing the year in pop with a line-up of the year’s biggest acts including Ed Sheeran, The Script, Jess Glynne, Clean Bandit, George Ezra, The Vamps, Charli XCX, Ella Henderson, Labrinth, Professor Green feat. Tori Kelly and La Roux. The show will also feature the final number one of 2014!

Radio 1 Publicity

Mapp And Lucia

Lucia (Anna Chancellor) decides to take Tilling’s cultural welfare in hand and begins a regular series of musical evenings – ‘un po di musica’ as she calls it. Lucia’s apparent culture still has the Tillingites flocking to her banner but the odd yawn and tiny moan suggests some may be starting to tire of her high-handedness. Mapp (Miranda Richardson) watches with interest, keen to encourage a revolt. She’s convinced that Lucia is a fraud since learning that she traced her sketch for the art exhibition and is determined to prove it.

Mapp begins her campaign by suggesting Diva (Felicity Montagu) and Evie (Poppy Miller) skip Lucia’s next ‘po di mu’ but when she discovers that Mr Wyse’s sister, the Contessa de Faraglione (Frances Barber), is about to visit it presents an even more delicious revenge. Such a fluent speaker of la bella lingua will, of course, show up completely Lucia and Georgie’s (Steve Pemberton) shaky, ill learnt conversational Italian. Lucia’s in a fix and it will take all her ingenuity and patience to keep Mapp at bay. The summer is nearly at an end and it’s no longer who’ll win the battle but rather who will win the war!

Meanwhile, Miss Mapp and Diva are engaged in their own skirmish, this time over the season’s latest fashions. Georgie is inconsolable on learning that Foljambe (Jenny Platt) has made plans and the rest of Tilling is trying ever so hard to quell their excitement as news arrives that the Prince of Wales is to pass through the station. As Lucia proclaims, it is not the done thing to notice royalty, but can the Tillingites really bear not to witness their town’s big moment?



Tigers About The House – What Happened Next

Sumatran tiger cubs Spot and Stripe are now approaching a year old, and living at Australia Zoo in Queensland under the care of their surrogate dad, British tiger expert Giles Clark.

Giles must guide the brothers to adulthood in a few weeks’ time, and deal with the teenage rebellion that ensues. To add to Giles’ responsibilities Spot is almost blind, and Giles must help him adjust to life at the zoo.

Spot and Stripe have been raising awareness about the plight of critically endangered tigers in Sumatra, and the Clark family make a big decision to safeguard the cub’s wild cousins – It’s time to hit the road!

Giles’s wife Kerri and 9 year old son Kynan join Giles on a road trip through Indonesia, getting up close and personal with the jungle’s iconic species; from orang-utans, to elephants, to tigers. It’s a million miles away from the suburbs they’re used to, but they’re determined to make a difference.

In Sumatra they join rescued elephants patrolling the national parks protecting tigers, and the habitat in which they live.

They decide to leave a lasting legacy, and build an enclosure so the Elephants are able to fully socialise for the first time.

Mock The Week Christmas Special

Dara O Briain and the team serve up their traditional festive feast of fun in a laughter-packed Christmas special.

Joined by the likes of Ed Byrne, Sara Pascoe and Josh Widdicombe, the regulars test out Christmas products, reminisce about yuletide visits to A & E, a long living goldfish and harps. There's also the customary out-takes reel, a seasonal Scenes We'd Like To See and Hugh Dennis voicing a royal newsreel.



FA Cup's 50 Greatest Moments

Former England captain Rio Ferdinand and pop star Olly Murs count down the FA Cup's 50 Greatest Moments.

A look back at the most celebrated, most shocking, most memorable moments from the greatest domestic Cup competition in the world. With contributions from Cup heroes Thierry Henry, Ryan Giggs, Steven Gerrard, Michael Owen, Vinnie Jones, Gary Lineker, Ruud Gullit; plus football fans Gabby Logan, Helen Skelton, comedian Russell Brand, pop stars 1D’s Louis Tomlinson, Wretch 32 and Eliza Doolittle.

Thursday 1 January



Roald Dahl’s Esio Trot

Mr Hoppy (Dustin Hoffman) lives a quiet retiree's life, tending to his balcony garden, pottering to the shops and back and secretly being passionately, hopelessly in love with his downstairs neighbour, Mrs Silver (Judi Dench).

From their first meeting in a cramped lift he was utterly captivated by her sparkle and warmth, and he regularly fails to tell her this during their neighbourly chats over the balcony.

When he finds she is distraught that her beloved tortoise, Alfie, doesn’t appear to be growing, Mr Hoppy spots a chance to make his true love happy, and maybe even get closer to her in the process.

When Mr Pringle (Richard Cordery), another neighbour, sets his more lascivious sights on Mrs Silver, Mr Hoppy’s world crumbles. Stoically, he continues with his cunning plan to make Alfie miraculously grow and finally wins his way into Mrs Silver’s heart – only to find he had been there all the while.


Despite secrets & lies, happiness & new beginnings, New Year gets off to an explosive start for all the wrong reasons for a few of the residents.

Mrs Brown's Boys

After a spate of burglaries in the local area, Agnes is determined to make sure she doesn’t fall victim to the recent crime wave. Not only has she fitted a reinforced steel bolt to her back door, but she’s asked Buster Brady to install a state-of-the-art alarm system. If only Buster didn’t get all his gear off the back of a van.

When Dermot’s hopes are dashed after the bank refuses him a loan to set up his own promotions business, Agnes is determined to rescue her son’s dreams. However, the only way she can think of to get her hands on the ten thousand euros he needs is to win the local Poker tournament. But will she ever be able to beat her arch nemesis and reigning Poker champion Hilliary Nicholson?

Cathy is feeling broody and decides to pursue unconventional means to get pregnant. Agnes is left reeling at Cathy’s announcement but a lovelorn Buster spots an opportunity.



Tigers About The House – What Happened Next

In this two-part follow up, we catch up with Spot and Stripe as they approach their first birthday and impending adulthood. With teenage rebellion building, surrogate dad and tiger expert Giles Clark has his hands full guiding them from adolescence into the realm of ‘big’ tigers, while Spot faces uncertainty about his eyesight and his relationship with Stripe.

With tigers facing extinction in the wild, the Clark family make a big decision in an effort to safeguard Spot and Stripe’s wild cousins - it’s time to hit the road!

Giles’s wife Kerri and nine year-old son Kynan join him on the road trip of a lifetime through Indonesia, where they see first-hand the challenges facing tigers in their natural home in the rain forests of Sumatra. The family gets up close and personal with some of the jungle’s most iconic species, from orangutans and elephants to tigers.

Giles and his family have to get back to Australia Zoo so Giles can continue his hands-on relationship with the cubs, but not before he donates two new vehicles to the tiger protection unit, vehicles paid for by Spot and Stripe’s activity at the zoo. And Giles’s ambition doesn’t end there. He vows to set up a wild tiger rehabilitation unit in Sumatra with the ambition to release wild tigers maimed by snares and injured by persecution back to the wild.


Beecham House is abuzz. The rumour circling the halls is that the home for retired musicians is soon to play host to a new resident.

Word is, it's a star. For Reginald Paget (Tom Courtenay), Wilfred Bond (Billy Connolly) and Cecily Robson (Pauline Collins) this sort of talk is par for the course at the gossipy home. But they're in for a special shock when the new arrival turns out to be none other than their former singing partner, Jean Horton (Maggie Smith).

Her subsequent career as a star soloist, and the ego that accompanied it, split up their long friendship and ended her marriage to Reggie, who takes the news of her arrival particularly hard. Can the passage of time heal old wounds? And will the famous quartet be able to patch up their differences in time for Beecham House's gala concert?

Friday 2 January




After the events of New Year’s Day, will things ever be the same again?

The Musketeers

The Musketeers return with more sword-fighting action and thrilling adventures.

The Musketeers are sent to retrieve the Comte de Rochefort, the Cardinal’s man in Madrid who has escaped from a Spanish Prison. Rochefort brings news that the chief author of France’s military strategy against Spain, General De Foix, has been captured.

The Musketeers must join forces with Rochefort to rescue De Foix before this critical information falls into the wrong hands, but can Rochefort be trusted, and will the Musketeers succeed against the traps laid for them?

CAST: Luke Pasqualino is D’Artagnan, Tom Burke is Athos, Howard Charles is Porthos, Santiago Cabrera is Aramis, Hugo Speer is Captain Treville, Ryan Gage is King Louis, Alexandra Dowling is Queen Anne, Maimie McCoy is Milady, Tamla Kari is Constance, Marc Warren is Comte de Rochefort, Dominic Mafham is General De Foix, Olivia Llewellyn is Lucie De Foix, Bo Poraj is Jacques-Michel Bonacieux and Andy Lucas is Alvarez.

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