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Unplaced programmes from 13 December to 19 December



Furchester: Monster Monster Day

The ‘almost’ world-class hotel run by a close-knit family of cheerfully chaotic monsters, The Furchesters, celebrates Monster Monster Day with furry decorations and monster holiday songs.

Legend says that Monster Monster, the friendliest, monsteriest monster of all, visits one hotel every year - the hotel that is the most friendly and ‘monstery’. Elmo hopes that Monster Monster will visit The Furchester but, as the deadline nears, this starts to look unlikely.

To cheer Elmo up Harvey P Dull dresses as Monster Monster and in doing so creates the friendly monstery feelings that means Monster Monster himself arrives to meet everyone.

Dinopaws - The Thing That Shone

Funny and charming animated series featuring three young, charismatic dinopaw pals named Gwen, Bob and Tony whose boundless sense of curiosity always leads them on exciting and wondrous adventures. In this festive episode winter has set in and the heroes can’t remember when they last saw the sun, so venture on a quest to find light and warmth.

Gwen is certain that she saw something shine in the sky but no one else saw it. Bob and Tony follow Gwen, collecting many other Dinopaws on the way but every time they crest another hill, the thing that shone seems even further away and it’s getting colder and darker.

They all squeeze into a cave to shelter, once inside they discover that being together keeps them warm and makes them happy. Togetherness will get them through this darkest winter – the gang break into song and are filled with love and inner light. Gwen found the thing that shone – it was within them all along.

Let's Play - Christmas Elf

Let’s Play returns for a special festive episode inspiring pre-schoolers to explore the magic of play through dressing up and role play.

Rebecca steps through the Magic Curtain and arrives at the North Pole on Christmas Eve. Has she got what it takes to be a Christmas Elf? Can she find the missing reindeers and help Father Christmas deliver presents on his busiest night of the year?

Q Pootle 5

Q Pootle 5 and the friendly residents of planet Okidoki celebrate Christmas with a never before seen episode.

It’s Christmas time on Okidoki and all is calm as Q Pootle 5 and his friends prepare for the happiest time of the year. All is bright too, with the new festive lights festooned across the shack, ready for Groobie’s pantomime. But, when a mayday call interrupts the rehearsal, the friends suddenly find themselves in an epic adventure in which the very future of Christmas is at stake!

Hey Duggee - The Tinsel Badge

The premiere of a brand new pre-school show about an energetic big brown dog who runs Squirrel Club lands on CBeebies with a festive bang this Christmas.

With Alexander Armstrong as narrator, the show is based around the Squirrel Clubhouse - a place where kids take part in all kinds of activities, have adventures and earn squirrel badges for their accomplishments. A little like Cubs or Beavers, Duggee acts as a cross between a nursery school teacher and a Brown Owl.

The Squirrels consist of Tag the sweet-natured rhino with thick skin– which is just as well as he is quite clumsy and often bumps into things, Betty the intelligent and imaginative Octopus, Roly the hyper-active hippo who is wildly enthusiastic about everything, Happy the small, happy – obviously! – Crocodile who loves splashing in any body of water and Norrie the chatty, giggly and super-fast mouse!

In this Christmas episode Duggee is wrapping presents to go under the tree. He asks the Squirrels if they want to help decorate the clubhouse for Christmas. Of course they do! But they don’t just want to decorate the clubhouse; they want to decorate EVERYTHING - including Duggee and Enid the cat! Out comes the tinsel, baubles and chains, then some more tinsel, and lights to go everywhere. What a lovely Christmassy clubhouse! To top it off the Squirrels have got Christmas presents for everyone…but where has Enid gone?

Sarah And Duck - Seacow Snow Trail

Sarah is a seven-year-old girl with big eyes and a green hat, who lives with a quacky, flappy Duck. Together they embark on simple but exciting adventures, discovering the world in their own quirky and imaginative way.

In this festive episode Sarah and Duck have received some Christmas presents and are keen to find out who delivered them. Judging by the trail left in the snow, Sarah thinks it must be the Christmas Seacow, while John suspects the Winter Walrus. Will a trip to the zoo reveal who is the mysterious gift giver?

Topsy And Tim - Christmas Eve

It’s Christmas Eve and Topsy and Tim are decorating the tree with Mummy and Dad and Grandma.

Dad puts on some Christmas music and the twins dance around the living room before going upstairs to wrap their present for Dad - an umbrella - which they secretly put under the tree. Dad has a surprise for the twins – a light-up Father Christmas which is in the porch for the whole street to see. He then asks them to wrap up their present to Mummy. Topsy and Tim are amused to see it’s an umbrella!

The twins then prepare a carrot for Rudolph and a mince pie for Father Christmas and hang up their stockings before bed. They sneak a look out of the bedroom window for Father Christmas and enjoy a magical surprise.

Octonauts - Great Arctic Adventure

A special wintery episode of the animated adventure series sees the Octopod go in for repairs giving the Octonauts the opportunity to take a vacation.

Peso accompanies Barnacles to help his sister and her new polar cubs learn to navigate the harsh conditions of the frozen arctic.

Tree Fu Tom - The Sprite Before Christmas

The festive season has arrived in Treetopolis but Tom and Twigs’ over excitement threaten to spoil the celebrations.

Tom arrives to find everyone preparing to celebrate Winterfest, the Treetopolis version of Christmas. In his excitement to tell Tom about the festival, Twigs leads Tom to a beautiful party scene decorated with all the trappings of the season. In their haste to explore it, they accidentally destroy it. Will they be able to restore everything in time before the Winterfest celebratory party begins?

Tree Fu Tom follows the adventures of Tom, a young boy who uses magic action-movements to transform into a tiny but mighty, magical super-hero. In Treetopolis Tom meets his fantastical friends and becomes embroiled in action-packed adventures which lead to trouble and impending disaster. But with the help of the audience performing Tree Fu moves, Tom creates spectacular Big World Magic and saves the day.

CBeebies Christmas Show - Peter Pan

The centrepiece of the CBeebies Christmas schedule sees JM Barrie’s classic tale adapted for stage to tell the story of ‘the boy who wouldn’t grow up’ and the adventures of the Darling children in Neverland as they battle with Captain Hook.

Peter Pan and Tinker Bell visit the home of the Darling family, taking the children on an adventure to Neverland. There they meet the Lost Boys & Girls and Captain Hook, who each want Wendy as their Mother. Staged at The Lowry, Salford, with a cast packed with CBeebies stars, the blend of music, laughter and high-flying adventure is a treat for the whole family.

Woolly And Tig - Christmas Magic

The charming live action adventure programme about a little girl and her cuddly toy spider, Woolly, returns for a special festive episode.

Tig is visiting her Granddad for Christmas but she can’t sleep. She worries that there is no snow for Santa’s sleigh, that the house hasn’t got a chimney, and how will Santa even know she is staying with Granddad?

Kate And Mim Mim - A Christmas Wish

Snowy weather in Mimiloo threatens to ruin Christmas in this special festive double length episode of the animated series which follows the imaginative adventures of feisty five-year-old Kate and her toy bunny Mim-Mim.

It’s a stormy Christmas Eve, and Kate is nervous that her dad won’t make it home in time for Christmas. Kate's mum suggests that she make a special Christmas wish. Kate twirls off to Mimiloo where she excitedly tells her friends about Christmas and they all decide to send letters to Father Christmas, using Tack's letter launcher.

Kate has to make a difficult decision about her own Christmas wish to ensure that all her friends' wishes reach Father Christmas in time. Suddenly an unexpected blizzard hits Mimiloo, stopping their letters and ruining their Christmas tree and its bright light. Will Santa be able to find all the friends in Mimiloo, and will Kate’s dad make it home in time for Christmas?

My Pet And Me

A special Christmas episode of the series that helps children learn what it really means to have a pet sees presenter Ferne take a festive trip to visit Alexandra and her reindeer.

They look at the special food the reindeer eat and how good they are at keeping warm in winter. Then Ferne and Alexandra make their very own set of antlers and have a Christmas ride on sleighs pulled by the reindeer.

Saturday 13 December




As the dust settles, the gang find themselves dispersed around the ancient necropolis.

They soon realize they are not alone... the space is crawling with a magical army of the undead. The race is on to find Jason (Jack Donnelly) before he falls prey to the flesh eating monsters.

Elsewhere in the cave system, as Jason battles for his life, he finds an unlikely ally in the mysterious Medea (Amy Manson). But can he really trust her?


The team deal with an incident at the cathedral and Lofty helps a patient who thinks he’s Jesus.

Zoe catches Max spying on her and Dylan at the houseboat and is forced to confront him about their relationship.

Grace is waiting in the hospital all day and ends up clashing with Connie, leaving Zoe with a difficult decision to make.

Ash finally comes to terms with his feelings, while Honey finally reveals her big secret – what will the team at the ED make of her revelation?

CAST: Lee Mead (Lofty); Sunetra Sarker (Zoe); Will Beck (Dylan); Jamie Davis (Max); Amanda Mealing (Connie); Patrick Robinson (Ash); Chelsee Healey (Honey); Emily Carey (Grace); Adele Silva (Holly); William Simons (Santa); Oliver Ryan (Jesus); Alastair Blair (Marty).



Tomorrow’s Worlds: The Unearthly History Of Science Fiction

Dominic Sandbrook concludes his exploration of the most innovative and imaginative of all genres, considering Science Fiction's most alluring theme – time travel.

Having the power to change the past or see the future is a deep-seated human fantasy, and writers and film-makers have embraced its possibilities for many years. From HG Wells's pioneering scientist in The Time Machine, to Doc and Marty McFly in Back to the Future and Doctor Who's very own Time Lord, audiences have been presented with a host of colourful time travellers and their time machines. But is there always a price to be paid for meddling with the timeline?

Among the contributors are David Tennant, Karen Gillan and Steven Moffat (Doctor Who), actor Christopher Lloyd and screenwriter Bob Gale (Back to the Future), actor Scott Bakula (Quantum Leap) and novelist Audrey Niffenegger (The Time Traveller’s Wife).

A BBC Arts production. The Producer is Robert Murphy. Series Producers are John Das, Ben Southwell, and the Executive Producer is Michael Poole.

Sunday 14 December



Sports Personality Of The Year 2014

After another fantastic year in British sport, Gary Lineker, Clare Balding and Gabby Logan present the 2014 BBC Sports Personality Of The Year, live from Glasgow's Hydro Arena.

This star-studded event features some of the greatest names in world sport and ends with the presentation of the famous trophy, with the winner chosen by viewers on the night.

There are 10 contenders for the main award and picking a winner will be tricky. Glasgow hosted a memorable Commonwealth Games with golden glory for many home nations’ competitors. In other sports, Rory McIlroy won two of golf’s majors, Lewis Hamilton became Britain’s record Grand Prix winner and Lizzy Yarnold struck Winter Olympics gold.

Seven other awards will be presented, made up of Team and Coach Of The Year, Young and Overseas Sports Personality, Unsung Hero, Lifetime Achievement and the Helen Rollason award, given for inspirational achievement in the face of adversity.

Monday 15 December



Canterbury Cathedral - Pennies From Heaven

With unparalleled access to Canterbury Cathedral over the course of a year, this series takes audiences inside the community that is the beating heart of the Anglican Communion. Today and throughout the 1400 years since St Augustine founded the Christian community in Canterbury, those who run it live on site. As well as a place of worship, it is a place of hospitality - a world class destination for a million modern pilgrims every year, with and an international reputation to uphold.

In the run-up to Easter the Cathedral and its congregation reach out in charity. Follow Canon Clare Edwards (the Cathedral’s Canon Pastor) as she co-ordinates Lenten fundraising lunches and helps at a local night shelter for the city’s homeless.

However, the Cathedral is in desperate need of charity itself. The vast roof is leaking badly and huge areas of this magnificent building need urgent attention. Canon Treasurer Nick Papadopulos has the task of applying to the Heritage Lottery Fund for a staggering £12 million.

Apprentice gardener, Josh is overseeing the construction of a life-sized Easter garden outside the Cathedral and Precentor Matthew Rushton - who has been charged with the task of putting together music and services – prepares to greet thousands of Holy Week worshippers. The Archbishop visits Food Banks supported by the Church elsewhere in the Canterbury Diocese, before delivering the traditional Easter Sermon at the climax of a week of dramatic services and celebrations in the Cathedral.

But these treasured traditions can only continue as long as a roof remains over the ancient stones … will Canon Nick get the phone call he has been praying for?



Russell Brand: End The Drugs War

"The war on drugs isn’t working: drug addiction should be treated as a health issue rather than a criminal one."

These are the views of Russell Brand, as he sets out on a personal journey for BBC Three which sees him speak to addicts, care workers and politicians in the UK and overseas, as he explores potential alternatives to the UK government’s policy on drugs.

From visiting a legalised drug consumption room in Berne, Switzerland, to attending a U.N. drugs conference in Vienna, Russell probes the different perspectives of other nations’ approach to drugs in search of evidence that there could be a different approach to current UK government policy. He meets people who challenge his views and in an interview with Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg Russell gets the opportunity to put his point of view to the heart of government.



A Very Strange Hill Christmas

Mitchell, Becky and Templeton uncover some seasonally festive mysteries and outrageous phenomena in this special Christmas episode of the award-winning animated comedy series.

Mitchell is desperate to finish school for the Christmas holidays and is delighted when he discovers a school board rule that states the school should close if it falls below a certain temperature. He heads straight for the school boiler but sabotages it a bit too successfully as Strange Hill High freezes over, locking everyone inside!

Determined to make the best of the situation, the ever-confident Becky wants to make the school feel more like Christmas and sets out to decorate it with some old Lost and Found decorations. Little does Becky know what evil Christmas characters will emerge to ruin Christmas at Strange Hill High!

Strange Hill High features the vocal talents of Ben Smith, Emma Kennedy, Richard Ayoade, John Thomson and Caroline Aherne.

Sam And Mark's Big Christmas Wind-Up

Sam Nixon and Mark Rhodes bring a special Christmas episode of Big Friday Wind-Up to CBBC. The episode will have all the usual hidden camera pranks, special guests and surprises all with a festive twist!

Sam and Mark are delighted to welcome Union J to the show. They will be performing their latest single You Got It All in the studio. There will be a hidden camera surprise from The Vamps and Officially Amazing’s Ben Shires will set up a record-breaking challenge.

Elsewhere, there’s studio wind-ups, surprises from CBBC's Katie Thistleton, Naomi Wilkinson and Barney Harwood and lots more in this Christmas cracker of an episode.



Time For School

The observational documentary series that follows the lives of reception children at two contrasting primary schools captures the lead up until Christmas and the end of the school term in three brand new festive episodes.

It’s time for the spectacular school Nativity play at Lowick and Holy Island C of E First School in Monday’s episode. Abbie and Libby rehearse their parts together, but will Mitchell’s headdress stay on for the big performance?

At Mere Green School the children are also preparing for the end of term in Tuesday’s episode. Will they remember their words in the Nativity play before they get to party and enjoy the Christmas break?

On Wednesday it’s back over to Lowick Primary School where Pandra has a furry surprise for her classmates, Mitchell delivers the school Christmas cards and Davey makes a pine cone skier before everyone remembers their happy times at their first term starting school.

Tuesday 16 December



The Missing

The truth about Oliver’s disappearance finally comes to light, as the action moves between 2006 and 2014.

What does the future hold in store for Tony, Emily, Julien and Mark after all this time? Can any of their relationships ever be whole again?

Tony is played by James Nesbitt, Emily by Frances O’Connor, Julien by Tcheky Karyo and Oliver by Oliver Hunt.



Brian Pern: A Life In Rock

Comedy actor and award-winning documentary filmmaker Rhys Thomas and fellow Fast Show comic Simon Day combine once again in the rock doc parody.

This year is the tenth anniversary of the twentieth anniversary of the fifth anniversary of the first anniversary of the non-release of his unheard debut solo album, Brian Pern’s Musical Version Of The Day Of The Triffids. To celebrate, Brian plans to stage the entire album live from the peak of Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa with a host of special guests.

Brian Pern has allowed the BBC unlimited access backstage to this ground breaking show which not only reveals the technical challenges of performing live music - but the physical strains many rock stars of Brian’s generation are facing as they enter their winter years.

Starring Simon Day, Michael Kitchen, Lucy Montgomery, Al Murray, Paul Whitehouse, Nigel Havers and Tony Way.

Special guest stars Sir Roger Moore, Sir Tim Rice, Mark King, Paul Young, Annie Nightingale, Tom Davis, Alan Yentob, Matthew Wright, Kevin Eldon, Adjoa Andoh, Dan Snow and Alex Jones.

Brian Pern: A Life in Rock is made by BBC Comedy Productions for BBC Two. It is directed and produced by Rhys Thomas and the executive producer is Richard Webb.



The Secrets Of Quantum Physics

Professor Jim Al-Khalili returns to BBC Four with a new thought provoking 2-part series delving into the bizarre scientific principles that underpin the universe.

Episode 2, Let There Be Life, asks if the weird rules of quantum physics can solve some of the greatest mysteries in biology. Professor Al-Khalili sees if the amazing ability birds have to navigate the globe can be explained by mind-boggling quantum processes in their eyes.

He finds out if our sense of smell depends on strange quantum vibrations and if plants exploit the fact that sub-atomic particles can be many places at once to capture energy from the sun. The film ends its mind-expanding journey with the question of what role quantum physics could play on the evolution of life.



A Christmas Panic

Christmas is coming in the CBBC animation which follows the hilarious escapades of an unusual family of toys.

Chief and Cowboy are eagerly looking forward to putting up the tree, eating Christmas dinner and opening all the presents. But overexcited by organising the celebration, they fight and destroy a Yule Log that Horse was putting the final touches to.

Horse decides to cancel Christmas in anger. Can Chief and Cowboy get back in Horse’s good books and more importantly reinstate the Christmas celebrations?

Wednesday 17 December



Waterloo Road

Justin’s temper erupts with extremely serious consequences, meanwhile Sue is nursing a broken heart. A familiar face makes a surprise appearance at the school dance with some interesting information about the school.

Unable to deal with the breakdown of his and Tiffany’s relationship, Justin erupts into a fit of uncontrollable rage that sets off a chain of events that will change the whole family’s lives forever.

Hector pushes Sue to move forward with their relationship but is left in the cold when she makes it clear that she needs some space.

George Windsor makes an unannounced appearance at the school dance with some important information about the future of Waterloo Road.

Justin is played by Max Bowden, Sue by Vanessa Hehir, Simon by Richard Mylan, Tiffany by Sammy Oliver, Allie by Nicola Stephenson, Vaughan by Neil Pearson, Hector by Leon Ockenden, Sue by Vanessa Hehir and George by Angus Deayton.

Waterloo Road is a Shed Production for BBC One through BBC Scotland.

Network and Scottish Publicity: Lee Beattie & Eva Cook, Wire Media



Secrets Of The Castle

Beyond The Castle Walls: In the fifth and final episode, Ruth, Peter and Tom look at the castle’s place in the wider medieval world. 13th century Europe was a busy, developing, connected place, where work, trade, pilgrimages and Crusades gave people the opportunity to travel across the continent and beyond.

Peter visits Vezeley Abbey – where Richard The Lionheart set off on the Third Crusade – to examine first hand some the influences that were shaping the stone architecture of the period. Back at Guedelon he helps build an ornate entrance to the chapel inspired by ideas from distant lands.

Ruth looks at Pilgrimage, the means by which anyone, regardless of class, age or gender, could travel afar.

Tom works on a new door for the castle kitchen, vital for protecting all the valuable spices kept inside (some worth more than gold!), and Ruth makes an exotic treat from eastern luxuries. She also explores the textiles trade, colouring silk with expensive hand-made dyes, making gold thread, and bringing them together to create immaculate embroidery, one of the few tradecrafts where women were the boss.

The team come together to help construct one of the castle’s most ambitious projects to date, the spectacular limestone window for the chapel. Three months of work are at stake as the key-stone is painstakingly lifted into place.



Millie Inbetween Christmas Special

CBBC’s comedy about complicated family lives continues as Millie and Lauren prepare for their first Christmas since their parents’ separation.

For Millie, Christmas brings the chance for a fresh start, the first Christmas without all those awful family arguments. She persuades everyone to leave their past Christmases behind, and invent new traditions for the new family. Some people struggle with it – especially Lauren, who wants everything to be like her rose-tinted memories – and Millie realises her grand plan is creating as much conflict as it resolves. But eventually, they all start to realise what it is they really value – and that Christmas traditions needn’t all be bad ones.

Millie Inbetween is made by The Foundation for CBBC.

Our School

The documentary series follows a group of young people as they make the transition between primary and secondary school.

In the final episode, it is the end of term at Our School and time for the Christmas festivities to begin. There is an end of term talent show and Year Seven go out in style with a party and show everyone their moves on the dance floor. For the young students, it has been a life changing few weeks starting secondary school and what better way to celebrate than an epic disco with all their new friends.

Our School is produced by Twofour for CBBC

The Next Step

Last episode in the current series of CBBC’s reality-style children’s drama which follows the lives of a group of dancers as they attempt to win the regional dance championships.

The Next Step studio is up against Elite Studios as the final two groups to perform at Regionals, and the winner takes all. When Michelle and Eldon work hard on the duet to perfect it, Emily can’t help but see the sparks but gives it all in the final performance.

Starring Alexandra Beaton (Emily), Victoria Baldesarra (Michelle), Brittany Raymond (Riley), Trevor Tordjman (James), Isaac Lupien (Eldon), Brennan Clost (Daniel) and Lamar Johnson (West) as the A-Troupe dancers.

Thursday 18 December



The Fall

Gibson’s (Gillian Anderson) investigation leads her to Spector’s (Jamie Dornan's) lair, but there is no sign of Rose Stagg.

Increasingly desperate to find Rose (Valene Kane), Gibson instructs her team to step up the interviews with Katie (Aisling Franciosi), Sally Ann (Bronagh Waugh) and Paul Spector.

However, it is only when Spector makes a final play to remain in control that Gibson is offered any sort of answers. As Gibson and Spector finally come face-to-face, both have a chance to look in the eyes of their nemesis, and both have their own battles to win.



Puppy Love

With her marriage on the rocks, having had to pack up her home to cope with subsidence in her home and dealing with difficult Polish builders demanding money, Naomi (Vicki Pepperdine) isn’t having an easy time of it, and things are made even worse when Charlie, her Labrador Retriever goes missing.

Meanwhile, Nana V (Joanna Scanlan) is visited by a fire safety officer, Damon Peachey (Gerard McCarthy), with whom she shares an online past, and both Tony (Simon Fisher-Becker) and herself find themselves intrigued by the idea of a fire starting in the caravan, and the subsequent insurance claim. But, it comes as a shock to them when Nana V’s family and No Name’s new pups are put into danger when a microwave unwittingly explodes.

Desperate for help in finding her dog, Naomi enlists the canine expertise of Nana V to help her track Charlie down, and the two women form an unexpected bond, growing closer in adversity.



Blue Peter: It's Christmas

Christmas has arrived at Blue Peter and presenters Barney, Lindsey and Radzi (pictured) will be welcoming lots of Blue Peter viewers to celebrate in the studio with them.

Lindsey helps creates a lantern at a huge festival of light and prepares Iggy the puppy for her first Christmas.

Meanwhile, there will also be a world record attempt, a spectacular live performance and the traditional carols around the tree.

Friday 19 December



Citizen Khan

It’s Christmas Eve, 10 months after Shazia and Amjad’s wedding. Mr Khan is feeling extremely festive – he’s even got a new Christmas suit.

And what’s more, this year, he’s been given the honour of placing the star on top of the Sparkhill inter-faith Christmas Tree. But when the whole family gathers at the Khan house to head out to the ceremony, it turns out that Shazia has other plans, and a frantic chain of events is set in motion, in what can only be described as The Greatest Pakistani Christmas Story Ever Told.

This episode features guest appearances from Robert Wilfort, Neil Edmond, Eric Potts and Dev Sagoo.



Canterbury Cathedral - Pilgrims and Progress

With unparalleled access to Canterbury Cathedral over the course of a year, this series takes audiences inside the community that is the beating heart of the Anglican Communion. Today and throughout the 1400 years since St Augustine founded the Christian community in Canterbury, those who run it live on site. As well as a place of worship, it is a place of hospitality - a world class destination for a million modern pilgrims every year, with and an international reputation to uphold.

The final instalment, following a year in the life of this remarkable Cathedral community has a very international feel. It is summer and Canterbury welcomes hundreds of thousands of pilgrims – from scores of school children to Bishops, students and war veterans.

One group of pilgrims in particular, made up of young priests from all over the global Anglican Communion, are invited to Canterbury Cathedral – the spiritual ‘mother ship’. Follow one of the delegates, Hannock Ngoma, as he travels from his home parish in Malawi to visit Canterbury Cathedral for the first time, where he spends three weeks with his ‘brothers and sisters’ from four continents. Although united by a common bond to Canterbury, the delegates all come with fiercely different views on theology and ethics – getting along is by no means easy in the worldwide Anglican family.

Light relief is provided by the Cathedral adult choristers – the lay clerks. Research uncovers that their 18th century predecessors belonged to a long forgotten ‘Catch Club’, singing just as much in the taverns as they did in the Cathedral. The discovery of the Catch Club’s rather racy repertoire is too much to resist and they plan a concert in the library.

The Cathedral’s female clergy, Canon Clare and Archdeacon Sheila, lead a service celebrating 20 years of ordained women and we travel to York for the final Synod vote on women bishops.

Meanwhile, back at the Cathedral, the busy summer climaxes in a poignant mood. Visits Manager, Chris Pascall, reveals the personal stories behind some of the Cathedral’s many war memorials and the Cathedral remembers the fallen in a very special vigil, 100 years on from the beginning of the Great War.



Sam And Mark's Sport Showdown Christmas Special

Hosted by popular duo Sam Nixon and Mark Rhodes, Sam & Mark’s Sport Showdown starts their Christmas celebrations with a special yuletide episode.

The Christmas Special brings festive fun and games with Sam and Mark in the Showdown Arena.

Two families, The Awesome Foursome and The Ultimates go head to head in a number of sport based challenges and ultimately compete for Showdown gold.

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