Super Senses: The Secret Power Of Animals

Confirmed for BBC Two on 19 August at 9.00pm to 10.00pm

Ep 1/3

Tuesday 19 August



Humans have a range of senses that are truly incredible - but compared to the animal world we only see, hear and smell a tiny fraction of what is out there. There is a completely hidden world that animals across the globe can experience.

In a breathtaking new series for BBC Two, biologist Patrick Aryee and physicist Dr Helen Czerski explore this world, one beyond the limits of human perception, to reveal extraordinary and surprising animal senses. Taking science out of the lab and to some of the most exotic locations on Earth, they conduct experiments and demonstrations with a variety of spectacular species from the animal world, including cheetahs, baboons, killer bees, elephants, owls, wolverines, giant sharks and tiny golden moles.

The first episode explores the extraordinary sense of sight in the animal world, through the spectrum of light human eyes can see – and beyond to a world they can’t. Helen and Patrick reveal how caribou - wild reindeer of Alaska - use ultraviolet light to avoid their predators; they discover how their ability to see in slow motion allows dragonflies to make a kill in the blink of a human eye, and how a snake can see in the pitch black - without using its eyes.