Andrew Marr’s Great Scots: The Writers Who Shaped A Nation

Confirmed for BBC Two on 16 August at 9.15pm to 10.15pm

Ep 1/3

Saturday 16 August



As Scotland stands on the brink of a momentous decision, Andrew Marr explores the writers who have reflected, defined and challenged Scottish national identity over the last 300 years - beginning with an unlikely literary hero, James Boswell.

A man torn between his patriotic duty at home and his desire for fame and adventure elsewhere, it is Boswell’s colourful life and work that captures so vividly the uneasy relationship between England and Scotland in the century that followed the act of union.

Andrew has loved Boswell ever since his mother gave him a copy of his diaries when he was just a boy. It’s not hard to see why the tales of a young, ambitious Scot dazzled by the bright lights of London captured his imagination. In this opening episode, Andrew will retrace Boswell’s journey from his privileged but austere childhood in Ayrshire, to the vibrant streets of London and on to the epic wilderness of the Western Isles.

Notes To Editors

The director is John Hodgson, the series producer is Matthew Springford and the executive producer is Jonty Claypole.