The Seven Wonders Of The Commonwealth

Confirmed for BBC One on 20 July at 9.10pm to 10.10pm

Sunday 20 July



From a forest in the ocean to one of the driest, most sparsely populated deserts in the world, this one-off documentary completes a memorable journey through some of the extraordinary natural beauty spots of the Commonwealth.

Clare Balding, Dan Snow, Denise Lewis, Anita Rani and Reggie Yates travel the globe uncovering the natural wonders of seven Commonwealth countries. 

Dan Snow travels to Milford Sound in New Zealand, where he kayaks alongside bottlenose dolphins. He then visits the world’s largest mangrove forest in Bangladesh where he meets the ‘the honey hunters’. The hives are not only guarded by bees but by the man-eating Royal Bengal Tigers, making harvesting extremely dangerous.

Anita Rani visits the oldest, driest desert on earth, the Namib in Africa, where temperatures can reach 50°C. In Papua New Guinea Anita encounters the incredible Raggiana bird and experiences tribal life.

Reggie Yates journeys to the largest uninhabited island in the Solomons, surrounded by pristine coral reefs. He also encounters the skulls of cannibal Rovianan chiefs and the remains of their enemies which are still kept on one sacred island.

Denise Lewis experiences the most spectacular waterfall on earth, the Victoria Falls on the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe. At 1700m wide and 100m high it is twice the size of the Niagara falls.

Back in Scotland Clare Balding follows in the footsteps of Felix Mendelssohn, who was inspired by the volcanic Fingal’s Cave of Staffa.