WW1 Uncut: Origins Rap Battle

Available on BBC iPlayer from 19 June 2014

Thursday 19 June

Time to be confirmed

Who’s to blame for World War One? You decide, as an unhinged Kaiser Bill, a supercilious George V and a cocky Gavrilo Princip all feature - among others - in WW1 Uncut’s own highly distinctive take on one of the most complicated questions in modern history.

As we reach the 100-year anniversary of the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand on the streets of Sarajevo, historians will continue to argue over how and why it proved to be the catalyst for world war. As an alternative to the mainstream debate, WW1 Uncut presents an original music track that distils into four minutes of some of the individuals and their respective weaknesses, hang-ups, rivalries and egos that led to chaos and carnage in Europe. This is Origins: Rap Battle, WW1 Uncut style.