Joanna Lumley Meets

Confirmed for BBC One on 28 March at 10.35pm to 11.35pm

Friday 28 March



In a new documentary for BBC One, Joanna Lumley travels to California to be immersed in the world of international music star will i am. The Black Eyed Peas founder and Voice UK coach invites Joanna to his home in LA, where she spends time getting to know the man behind the celebrity persona.

Intrigued to know what inspires and drives him, Joanna spends four days getting to know the real will – a man who has really connected with the British public and uses his talent for everything from advising presidents to promoting good causes.

Joanna heads to will’s home turf – spending time at his mansion in Hollywood hills, dining with his friends and family and talking to his mother, a huge influence in will’s life. They return to will’s childhood home, the social housing projects of Boyle Heights in East Los Angeles, and visit his old elementary school where the course of his life was changed forever by an inspirational teacher. Joanna also joins will in the studio as he creates a piece of music in her honour – and catches up with him on the London leg of his first solo tour.

"I have long been fascinated by and leapt at the chance of meeting him and finding out more about his extraordinary life and achievements,” said Joanna. “He was everything I had hoped he would be, and more: charming, articulate, a whirlwind of ambition and talent, as sweet as pie and as dandy as a peacock. The film we made together is truly a rare thing, a side of the public hasn't seen yet, with interviews with friends, family and colleagues, and affording a glimpse into the life of the musician, entrepreneur and philanthropist that has made a household name and a megastar."