World War One At Home

Broadcast across every English Local Radio station

Monday 24 February to Friday 28 February



On the Home Front the hardships of World War One were interspersed with uplifting accounts of great bravery, tales of industrial endeavour and everyday stories of how sport, as well as family and home life, were transformed.

The BBC’s landmark UK-wide project, World War One At Home, tells around 1400 powerful, fascinating and moving stories over the coming years across local, regional and national radio as well as on television and online.

World War One At Home features a breadth of stories from right across the UK, Ireland and Channel Islands, including the 'canary babies' who were born yellow because of their mothers’ work in an Oxfordshire shell factory; thousands of mules filling the streets of Minehead en-route from the Americas to Europe and on to the Front Line, prototype tanks in the streets of Lincoln and accounts of the makeshift refugee centres for thousands of fleeing Belgium nationals in Earls Court and Alexandra Palace, London.

Across the country, World War One At Home explores how the global conflict impacted on places in the UK, places right on our doorsteps. The stories reveal how the effects of war rippled down every street, from major cities to rural villages.

The BBC has worked in partnership with Imperial War Museums and others to research and produce these incredible stories, sourcing pictures and archive material to bring these extraordinary scenes to life.

The 1400 stories from the World War One at Home project are being broadcast in phases; the second phase will begin in Spring 2014.

Hundreds of stories are available at from 24 February.


Picture credit: Imperial War Museum