Silent Witness: Coup de Grace

Thursday 9 January to Friday 10 January



Nikki’s professionalism is brought into question during the case of convicted killer David Bennetto, who was jailed for the murder of two gay teenagers. Meanwhile, in the midst of a media storm, Thomas battles to save The Lyell Centre’s reputation.

Nikki delivers ground-breaking testimony in the high-profile appeal court case of David Bennetto, a convicted killer who’s spent the last six years behind bars for the murder of two gay teenagers. But bitter DI Rachel Klein remains unconvinced that she caused a miscarriage of justice and cannot hide her contempt, especially when another young man is found dead bearing the same hallmarks of the previous murders. Meanwhile, Nikki’s professionalism is brought into question due to her increasingly close relationship with lawyer Greg Walker, while Jack and Clarissa uncover the true identity of murder victim Byron Lee.

Emilia Fox plays Dr Nikki Alexander, David Caves plays Jack Hodgson, Richard Lintern plays Dr Thomas Chamberlain, Liz Carr plays Clarissa Mullery, Tobias Menzies plays Greg Walker, Michael Socha plays David Bennetto, Chanel Cresswell plays Jill Bond, George Russo plays Mark Bond, Lorraine Ashbourne plays DI Rachel Klein, Aaron McCusker plays DI Adam Kemp, Michael Gould plays Peter Masham, Laurence Belcher plays Robbin Masham, Charles Furness plays Charlie Masham, Steve Toussaint plays Richard Parkwood and Jonny Freeman plays Callum Jordan.