Lives In A Landscape: The Lodger

Ep 1/4

Wednesday 11 December



Alan Dein returns with more extraordinary stories of ordinary life in Britain.

In The Lodger, he meets a mother and her daughter in Downham Market, Norfolk. Since her husband upped sticks and left, she had been renting out her rooms. 

They currently have two men residing, but a newcomer to the house is about to turn up. How will he fare in this often noisy house of song and dance in sleepy East Anglia? And how will the five of them get on as the Christmas season sets everyone on edge?

Also in this series: The Auction - sale of the century, Yorkshire style, and Christmas at 'Sandringham' - a popular seaside hotel puts up the streamers and doles out puddings by the Santa-sackful... but are the guests having fun? 

Presenter/ Alan Dein, Producer/ Sarah Bowen and Simon Elmes for the BBC

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