15 Minute Drama: The Diary Of Samuel Pepys

Ep 1-5/5

Monday 9 December to Friday 13 December



Kris Marshall returns as Samuel Pepys in the ninth series of The Diary of Samuel Pepys.

In this programme, Samuel starts the year observing people gambling with dice at the Groom Porter's but doesn't venture a wager himself. Then his cousin, Anthony Joyce, asks to borrow £350 to rebuild his house after the Great Fire, but before Samuel can decide, Anthony tries to take his own life by jumping in a pond. He survives initially but succumbs to a fever. Samuel helps his widow by persuading the king not to take all her goods, as is the custom in the case of suicide.

With Kris Marshall as Samuel Pepys, Katherine Jakeways as Elizabeth Pepys, John Biddle as Will, Aimee-Ffion Edwards as Debs, Eiry Thomas as Mrs Joyce, Ewan Bailey as James, Duke of York and Matthew Gravelle as Prince Rupert. Adapted for radio by Hattie Naylor. Historical consultant, Liza Picard.

Producer/ Kate McAll for the BBC

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